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What is a kolonoskopiya and why it needs to be done?

Almost all of us from the birth received as a gift invaluable gift - health. While the organism works normally, people not really - that reflect what treasure they possess. However life introduces the amendments: constant stresses, a sleep debt, irregular food, the worsening ecological situation - all these factors negatively influence our health. And there comes such moment when the organism begins to protest against the barbarous treatment of him. If not to listen to the first calls, then then it is necessary to pay dearly for it very much.

I will not be unfounded and I will give examples from life of the family. My parents endured the Siege of Leningrad, not the best time in life of our country fell to their share: war hunger, post-war ruin, uncomfortable life in the multiinhabited communal flat, economy on food - here not the full list of what defined their vital environment. By fifty years my mother had big “bunch“ of various diseases among which there were also problems with a gastrointestinal tract. She never saw doctors, relying on Russian “perhaps will carry by“. However did not carry by. Several years later it began to lose sharply weight, intestines pains developed. To it all - was necessary to visit the doctor, the diagnosis was unfavourable: rectum cancer. Operation after which metastasises went was performed, and in 6 months she died at the age of 57 years.

I never thought of the fact that if in a family someone died from cancer, then lineal descendants have a high probability to find the same disease in itself. Many years later I began to feel any unpleasant feelings in my gastrointestinal tract. By that moment I already lived in the USA, and somehow I told the husband about the family heredity. He clutched at the head and rushed to call the proctologist. When I came to the doctor, he in detail asked me on all details including about family diseases of my parents. Having learned that my mother died from cancer a rectum, he asked when last time I did a kolonoskopiya. I answered that I never did it. Eyebrows of the doctor became “lodge“, and he appointed to me date of this procedure.

Kolonoskopiya is a visual inspection of a thick gut by means of very flexible endoscope supplied with the computer chip, a light-emitting diode, a video camera and tools capable to make a biopsy to remove a polyp, to give an injection etc. Kolonoskopiya is preceded by preliminary preparation which purpose consists in the maximum cleaning of intestines by means of laxative solution of electrolyte. This preparation did not seem to me too tiresome, the only inconvenience - it takes several hours, and it is necessary to be constantly about a toilet.

Next day early in the morning the husband brought me to hospital where the doctor had to carry out a kolonoskopiya. I was registered in surgical office, showed the identity card and the health insurance. I was handed a pager and told that I can walk around and when everything is ready, they will transmit a signal to a pager. Really, minutes through the 15th pager hooted that it is time to go. I was led to the big hall on which perimeter cabins with curtains were located. To one of such cabins I was brought, there was a bed on which the shirt lay. The sister explained that I have to change clothes in hospital “ďđčęčä“ and when I am ready, it is necessary to open a curtain. Then I settled in a bed, the sister brought a heated blanket and covered me. It is necessary to notice that on the street there was a hot June, and business happened in the State of Arizona. The sister got talkative, she vividly fitted a dropper, thrust oxygen tubes in nostrils, fixed on a finger the sensor for measurement of pressure.

Farther in tubes and wires I was brought to the operating room where connected to several monitors. At last, my doctor appeared, we exchanged greetings with him, and further I remember nothing. Possibly, me entered anesthesia. When I woke up, everything already ended, to me helped to put on, put in a wheel chair. I remember that all the time tried to shirk this chair as the lady of respectable years had to carry me to the husband to the hall of expectation. To me it was inconvenient that the elderly woman will carry the young aunt. The husband was already handed the conclusion of the doctor and color photos from my thick gut.

It turned out that by means of a kolonoskopiya found in me colitis (an inflammation of separate sites of an internal cover of a large intestine), divertikulez (gryzhepodobny protrusions of a mucous membrane outside out of limits of an intestinal wall) and two polyps which were removed during procedure. The doctor gave the instruction to what diet to me to adhere. The main emphasis needed to be put on the vegetable food containing many fibers. It promotes good motility of intestines and prevents development of many diseases of a thick gut.

The doctor explained that medicinal treatment of polyps of a thick gut is useless. Any polyp found at a kolonoskopiya has to be removed and investigated under a microscope. Later, having rummaged in special literature, I found that at patients the colon cancer happens to polyps much more often than at people without polyps therefore timely removal of small, “harmless“ polyps of a thick gut is the main measure of prevention of cancer of intestines. I can only add that histologic research of my polyps showed that they are good-quality. It was offered to me to repeat kolonoskopichesky inspection in 3 years.

Recently I had the next kolonoskopiya. Inflammatory process of intestines disappeared, divertikulez was found again, but already in much smaller degree, and two next small polyps were removed. The doctor rendered a verdict that I can make the following kolonoskopiya in five years. It is my small victory!

So in what cases it is necessary to do a kolonoskopiya?

If the suspicion that in a thick gut the malignancy

of   develops is; If found earlier polyps which can be predecessors of an oncological disease

of When monitoring colitis - inflammatory process of an internal cover of a large intestine

of At a divertikuleza of walls of intestines as protrusions (or pockets) are an infection source from - for the kalovy mass

of accumulating in them At bleedings in a rectum which can be caused by the different reasons

of At belly-aches and any discomfort, connected with loss of the weight

At chronic ponosa or locks or change of a consistence of a chair.

I wish to all readers excellent health, however do not forget to show consideration for yourself and watch all changes happening in your organism. Timely inspection will help you to avoid big problems in the future.