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Laziness - defect or mother of an ingenuity?

However - laziness - are fated to move it us forward, forcing to look for ways of an idleness that it is even more anything to do.

And process of this movement differently as progress you will not call as only very lazy people are dawned by brilliant ideas - how to perform inevitable work quicker and with the smallest labor costs. Ingeniously, isn`t that so?

So for what inventions were created? For simplification of work of the person. And what we received thanks to the tendency to laziness? All mechanisms, cars and devices which accompany us everywhere, beginning from the bicycle, the elevator, the car, finishing with food processors, the washing machine, the vacuum cleaner and scissors. Such inventions allow us in time saved with their help to derive more pleasure from life and to relax.

Laziness is a peculiar protest against the exhausting, monotonous, day by day repeating work oppressing us. As a pretext for any effort of “lenelyubivets“ serves his ineradicable tendency next time to avoid this effort. Even a simple cosiness in the house - result of aspiration to be too lazy. So, for example, curtains lovely to heart well hide dirty windows, to expensive memory souvenirs mask dust and distract a look of the foreign observer from it. However, this reception works until dust does not become more noticeable than souvenirs.

Perhaps, it is not the most important aspect of our laziness, but listening in the fairy tale childhood, I think, each of us noticed pleasant aspiration to be too lazy at the main characters more than once. As there is a wish to receive a treasured spell “by magic“, to catch a goldfish and without effort to grant three of her desires with her help, to find a magic tablecloth, a flying carpet, boots - fast walkers, to make friends with the fad - a gorbunok, the tsarevna - a frog (I ask to notice, it also worked for others) or to catch the best friends of animation Vanya - two of a chest identical from a face!

You will not believe, but laziness has under itself a strong reason!

In recent years researches about advantage of laziness are conducted. It became clear that it is not pernicious, and even on the contrary - promotes aging delay, compensates stresses. Professors notice that early rise for the person is an essential stress which consequences accompany it throughout the day. More usefully - having woken up, to spend in a bed a little more time, than we usually do it.

Also it is considered that strong physical activities, especially for people of middle and advanced age, are harmful. It is better to be limited to moderate physical exercises and foot walks. Because long jogs select energy which is necessary for more necessary purposes. Fans of the strengthened physical activities can get early loss of memory and premature aging.

Therefore recommend a half of free time to have a rest and to be lazy a little. That your body did not wear out ahead of time.

So are lazy on health and do not abuse yourself every time when laziness - the mother gets the best of everyday affairs - it is peculiar to us!

Life is good if to live slowly.