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Psychological zavisimos

of Vikpediya: Psychological dependence on the partner (one person from another) - this partial or full submission of will of one person to another, most often - in any private aspects, but not in general. This phenomenon often is considered in fiction, however owing to features of the western mentality is usually ignored in literature psychological, or is considered only in the most extreme manifestations. A form of artificially caused temporary psychological dependence is hypnosis.

Psychologists claim that psychological dependence on other person, women are more subject. And, it is natural. Girls are brought up as future mothers. Preservation of marriage for the sake of children, becomes a paramount task, sometimes sense of all their life for many women. It is not surprising that such woman becomes psychologically dependent on the husband: “To do everything possible to hold the husband in a family, for the sake of children!“

In the childhood, I was under strong influence of my father. His opinion on me, not always was flatter. Internally, I did not agree with the father, trying to prove that I not such as he speaks about me and think. On desire to prove to someone that the person made about me incorrect opinion, I catch myself still. It is also psychological dependence on opinion of others about itself.

Whether it is so important that people think of you even if the closest? Important, whom actually you are.

My illness - psychological dependence on the father, turned further into psychological dependence on the husband. Sharp change of the attitude towards me: time of courtings, and after marriage, strongly wounded my heart. One more man trying to prove to me that I am bad! And it is the closest and native men.

There were periods when I is valid, became such as spoke about me. I lowered hands and mentally agreed with them: “Yes, I such, useless, good-for-nothing“.

It is possible to accuse my men, stronger, than I? In their carelessness, callousness, in unwillingness to understand how painfully they will wound.

But what it will give? That understood you, it is necessary to try to understand another.

Subconsciously feeling in me threat of their independence, and my desire to be stuck to them in everything, up to full dissolution in them, before my disappearance I, my native men, tried to be fenced off to give me the chance to remain itself.

“Also there will be two - one flesh“. These words from the Bible, can be apprehended by the woman inclined to psychological dependence literally. The man and the woman, becoming one flesh, nevertheless, do not cease to remain various persons. Everyone with the requirements, unique identity. Never lose the identity, dear women!