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How to receive a horoscope, without leaving the house? Pluses and minuses of the correspondence horoscopes

We began to live in absentia. In absentia we study, in absentia we get acquainted, in absentia we pray. Let`s not speak, it is bad or not is a feature of the modern world. And still in absentia we can order and receive the individual horoscope: by phone, by e-mail, Skype or ICQ. Of course, each of these correspondence astrological consultations has advantages and restrictions which we will consider in this article.

I focus your attention that it is about individual (personal) horoscope which is under construction on the basis of your unique data - dates of birth, time of the birth, the city of the birth . All that is called “horoscope“, but is based only on date of birth, on zodiac sign and the other simplified data, that is not! It is important.

the Individual horoscope for SMS

That it and how much is : you enter your data on the birth into a special form on the website, send paid SMS to short number, and in exchange on e-mail receive interpretation of your individual horoscope.

What is used : the computer program analyzing a number of the elementary astrological indicators of the card (position of planets in signs, aspects between planets, sometimes - position of planets and managers in houses).


- low cost in comparison with other correspondence consultations;

- large volume of the text: 5 - 10 pages;

- saving of time - it is not necessary to look for the astrologer, to inquire about it, to look for a free window in graphics for a meeting;

- speed of execution of the order - usually the horoscope comes to e-mail within an hour;

- the birth chart is attached to the order.


- the text not complete, with a mass of divergences and contradictions; it is norm since the computer, unfortunately, (meanwhile?) cannot synthesize, allocate main and minor in a horoscope, it gives in a row all options of interpretation of situation;

- there is no opportunity to ask the additional, specifying questions;

- mistakes in definition of a grid of houses, i.e. in the creation of a horoscope are frequent;

- limited quantity of subjects of horoscopes;

- lack of the answer to your muchashchy question concrete long ago even at abundance of information.

Recommendations : it is possible to use such services for acquaintance with astrology at the level slightly above “zodiac signs“. You will see the individual horoscope, will count in it the number of planets (not one), quantity of the expressed zodiac signs (not one), learn that in astrology not only the concept zodiac sign, but also aspects, and houses etc. of

Due to the disparate in the text is used, read interpretation attentively and, of course, do not trust everything written. If similar statements (“tendency to ruptures of the relations“, “the instruction on divorce“, “instability in the sphere of love“) meet not less than 3 times, chance that it - about you, it is very big.

By the way, fine and free alternative to such horoscopes services of creation of personal horoscopes online and free astrological programs serve.

the Individual horoscope by phone

That it and how much is : this communication with the astrologer in real time. When to you “burns“, you call on “the hot line“ which are widely advertized now both on television, and on the Internet. At the same time payment (often essential) is in each spoken minute of time, the account for services usually is entered in your telephone receipts.

What astrological technicians are used : from - for limitations of time horarny cards - horoscopes of “birth“ of a question, i.e. your call are generally used. Horar is rather effective technique, but, as well as any other, demands the serious analysis, specification of a real situation, i.e. again - an extra time. And as the client asks a simple question, wants to receive concrete and, the main thing, a prompt reply, astrologers on such projects usually resort to small cunning, “simple people“ of the unknown: knowing time of the work and the list of questions with which people usually call them, they leave a number of horarny cards which analyze in advance, write down conclusions. And then, when you call with a typical question (whether “I will win court?“, whether “This person deceives me?“, whether “She loves me?“), in fact, the answer is already ready, and the astrologer needs only to specify some details.

Pluses :

- the astrologer is available practically at any time,

- to you does not need to spend time on “to agree - to meet“, you call - ask a question and at once receive the answer;

- in major companies of similar sense you will hardly run on the frank charlatan since the management very attentively traces statistics of each expert up to listening of calls. After 1 - 2 complaints from the clients who are badly working dismiss. Other question - whether you will get on the real astrologer? More precisely whether receive the answer to the question by means of astrology? It is possible that the astrologer will answer your question by means of Taro or runes (you - that do not see either it, or his tools);

- there is an opportunity to ask additional questions.

Minuses :

- you do not receive the full developed analysis of a personal horoscope, interpretation of the card on average takes from several hours to 1 working day (depends on the studied subject, qualification of the astrologer). Think of quality of the obtained information: here the astrologer cannot quietly weigh card parameters, consider additional points, check horoscope accuracy. If suddenly decide on interpretation of an individual horoscope, its cost for you will make (at the rate of a call lasting 60 minutes) about 4 thousand rubles or 900 hryvnias;

- the birth chart is not attached.

Recommendations . It is worth calling when there are “hot“ questions: Whether “It is worth buying this car? Whether will return today? Whether the contract will be signed tomorrow?“ etc. The astrologer on the hot line is a tablet of aspirin / analginum, he will not resolve your old problems and issues, but will kill “pain“ here and now, will prompt a right direction for actions.

the Individual horoscope at the astrologer

That it and how much is : you find nice to you the astrologer (through friends, search engines, astrological forums etc.), contact him, resolve all organizational issues (payment, exact data on the birth, check of a horoscope etc.) you agree about date, time and “meeting place“. In the designated time through Skype / e-mail / ICQ you receive interpretation of the individual horoscope.

What is used : the astrologer manually or by means of the computer program builds your horoscope, checks it, if necessary carries out specification of time of the birth (rectification), analyzes the card on the questions interesting you and prepares for you the report - interpretation of a horoscope in written (document Word) or in a sound look (audiofile).

Pluses :

- you communicate with the “living“ astrologer;

- there is an opportunity to ask any additional questions about a consultation subject;

- you receive drawing of a horoscope and its author`s interpretation;

- you can consult practically on any subject of which this expert is competent;

- you receive an exact horoscope if your horoscope is checked on last events, and specification of time of the birth is in case of need carried out.

Minuses :

- the chance of hit of the charlatan is big;

- it is necessary to allocate an extra time for consultation - if consultation passes through ICQ / Skype;

- perhaps, time for search of the necessary information for rectification - date of injuries, moving, promotions etc. is required of

of the Recommendation . Before in absentia to address the astrologer who to you was recommended by friends or you found him in a subsoil of a world wide web, get acquainted with him in absentia: take a look at its website, read articles and then in the course of communication be not afraid to ask questions.

Anyway internal communication with the professional will not be replaced by neither telephone conversation, nor computer interpretation, nor a call via Skype. Just absolutely other level of an exchange of energy - for those who understand that it means. Therefore resort to the correspondence services only in case in your city and in nearby settlements of the real astrologers not to find in the afternoon with fire. And, the main thing, do not wait for miracles and magic transformations from astrological consultation in what look it would not take place.

Astrology only gives additional unique information on you and your destiny, but all miracles in own life are made personally by you. do not forget about it!