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Two Russia

to Sege I on the yacht somewhere to the south of Marseille. Usual chatter with the girlfriend. And suddenly that asks:

- Lola, you heard about these awful fires in Russia?

Lola is I. Generally me a mammon Elizabeth called by the foolish name 25 years ago. And chances after that it is successful to marry was not any. But I, thanks a mammon and the father, possessed model appearance. Became instead of Lisa Lola, and flying on airline “Moscow-Paris“, very much even successfully on this line flew. The husband - the magnate, is not present the house eternally. And all in the way. The house in Avignon, the yacht in Marseille. All Bydryaevka in whom I was once Elizabeth is whipping the cat with envy now. And here such foolish question from the girlfriend who thrust to drive by the sea.

- No, and that?

- How that? All country on fire!

- And Bydryaevka? Oh God. Our small lock constructed on the suburb of the village to spite of fellow countrymen. - It is necessary to call the managing director urgently. - Hallo, hallo. It you, Ivan? Urgently report what there happens at us.

And this block begins to bear full rubbish.

- Russia all in a smoke. The other day Kriusha and Rebusinessmen burned down. Putin arrived in Top to Verey which too that. Locals tried to suspend the Nizhny Novgorod governor for the causal place. Our fifth days rural already on suppression.

- Idiot! I about the estate ask you, but not about some Kriusha. How there mine mopsik?

- Lola Spiridonovna …

- Three times the idiot! I forbade to call me on a middle name. Quickly report, how are you.

- The pug is live and healthy. The estate is still whole. Here Kriusha burned down, and there at me the aunt lived …

Ya hung up in a fit of temper. That at us for the country. Default, fires. The decent person cannot also have a rest quietly.

In the evening the husband called.

- Lolochka, you only do not worry, but our state of emergency. Yours mopsik drowned.

- How drowned?

- You understand, today the riding fire went to Bydryaevka. Well, it is such big fire going with a speed your BMW. I agreed with familiar children from the Ministry of Emergency Situations and they sent Bie - 200. It, Lolochka, such big samoletik for suppression of the fires. And you represent, all houses in Bydryaevke burned down absolutely, and these courageous guys defended our nest. But mopsik yours drowned. As soon as on it from the sky of 40 tons of water thumped. The French pugs were not calculated on such loading. And still …

- That else?

- You remember, you planted roses and chrysanthemums. And so, they do not exist any more. If at neighbors today everything burned down, then at us everything drowned. Now around the house one continuous bog. And a roof …

- That a roof? - I almost already squealed in a tube.

- The roof failed. The odd fellow the architect, could not calculate loading - only 40 tons at once and such consequences. All house now in water. And your art gallery. Especially Picasso suffered. Now it can be given out quietly for “A black square“ of Malevich. And your BMW …

Ya was already silent in a tube and only snuffled.

- It drifted on the road directly under wheels of some BMP. It is such military all-terrain vehicle, a swallow. Very big. You understand, the Russian BMP is a little more than BMW German. And it crushed it soft-boiled. Soft-boiled, it imagine testicles which you eat in the mornings. And the pool with krokodilchik. You remember our little, green favourites. And so, Lola. Krokodilchiki hundred flew meters by air. And them managed to photograph a film crew of Bee - Bee - Xi, so at the wrong time here come to be. Now all educated Europe, probably, watches a plot about the crocodiles flying during the fires in Russia. So, the darling, have a rest in French riviera so far. Here in Russia you have nothing to catch. Ciao, your loving sweetie.

He hung up, and I listening to short beeps everything tried to imagine the crocodiles flying by air.

And to tears it was a pity for Bydryaevka in whom I once was Elizabeth Spiridonovna. And the counterfeit Picasso bought on the Arbat. And my darling of krasnenkiya of BMW. But here one called very much even the nice oil oligarch and suggested to make cruise on its yacht to Sicily tomorrow. Life proceeded. Itself should order a new French pug. And at all not to leave it it is more in Russia. To the country of risky accommodation.