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And why to save? Nobody will begin to save

just like that. For the sake of interest. Therefore before deciding to keep the family budget, you have to understand why you will save? What aims you pursue it? The purpose is an important component of maintaining the family budget. Without having such purpose, you so reach nothing!

Not to know why to save - the same as to go shopping without knowing what to buy. Present how you wander between regiments to and fro. Sometimes you should come back since. You will find out that you passed by something important. Having come home you remember that you did not buy something very necessary. As a result YOU are not satisfied and upset. In the family budget the same. If you do not know why you need to save, do not receive results necessary to you.

Sometimes lack of the answer to a question why it is caused to save wrong beliefs about economy. Many people, purposeless, look for financial satisfaction with useless and destructive methods. Take the next credit (overpaying to percent so 50) for a trip to the sea or new complete kitchen. Or live just like that. Satisfy the slightest whims with the big salary, without postponing anything for the future. And when the source of the income is lost, “teeth on a regiment lay down“. You do not trust? Look around! You will find several such people.

So, all - why you will save? Only you can answer this question. What is valuable to one person can be not important for another. To answer this question, it is necessary to set it to itself! Paradox? Can be … BUT it is also the beginning of economy of the family budget.

The aspiration to give prestigious education to the child can be your purpose. Or to save up to itself a passive source of the income, living for percent from the money invested by you. And there can be you want the apartment or the car?

In principle there are no correct answers to a question why to save. Even your answers can change eventually. Or to remain a reference point for the rest of life. Yes and not important so far you know it to what party to move. And it is not so important to set the rigid purposes and to adhere to them how to know the direction.

Now when you have a purpose, it is good to follow it. Give yourself the obligation. It designates to devote itself to achievement of this purpose.

And the purpose has to be concrete. To be expressed in figures or concrete desire. Will not approach to aim: to be financially secure. And to save up 400000 rubles quite normally. Badly - to save up for the car. And perfectly to buy Audi TT for X000000 of rubles.

I am not afraid to repeat and finally. The first step under the authority of the family budget - to answer a question: “Why to me to save?“ Set a specific goal for yourself and forward!