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Equestrian sport - with what to begin?

Equestrian sport bewitch. Equestrian sport throws down a challenge - will be able or not, will cross or will remain behind line of fear and an instinct of self-preservation?

For the beginning rider the most difficult - not only to learn the correct landing and management of a horse. The most important is to learn to control own emotions, being in a saddle. A horse - not the car with an automatic transmission, and the same living being, as we, with feelings, feelings. To it happens terribly as well as to the rider sitting on an animal too, and this animal not always gives in to control.

In spite of the fact that many beginners treat horses with admiration and fear to give to a horse an inconvenience or pain, a horse - fine, but nevertheless an animal who cannot allow to operate the rider. On the other hand, the understanding of a horse is reached not by use of a whip at all. The horse needs to be able to be felt.

Ability to keep self-control even then when the horse carries away aside, does not want to stop, turns into gallop, tries to pull out reins, as if checking the rider, is developed not at once. The slightest fear and uncertainty - and the horse will feel that on her the person ready to make concessions sits, so it is possible to chew a grass, to run away in the field, to go to a stable, not to obey an occasion and to have fun over the rider.

Not each rider has an innate sense of a horse.

It is important to learn not to be afraid of a horse. Sitting in a saddle, it is necessary to concentrate on the movements. If the horse bears aside - to pull the corresponding occasion until she does not go on the necessary path. It is not necessary to pull an occasion against the stop, bringing to a horse pain. Rather just surely and strong to hold an occasion for some time, without pulling hands, without panicing and without trying to come off a horse.

Very often people come to a stable only to take a horse, to sweep once and to leave. However communication with a horse is very important for development of self-confidence during driving. The horse can be cleaned, to her it is possible to come to a stall and to treat with apples, carrots or sugar. Before getting onto a horse, with her it is necessary to greet, stroke. Everyone - with the character, with the features, as well as each of us. At one too sensitive lips, and they cannot pull an occasion strongly; others, on the contrary, need to pull an occasion slightly stronger. From the first occupation it is very difficult to understand sufficiently a horse, at least several days for this purpose are required.

Fear of falling - one of the most widespread fears. When falling it is impossible to roll down head over heels from a horse. It is important not to panic, take out legs from stirrups and, having grouped, to jump off aside. Most of people fall from a horse in spite of the fact that can keep on her - the fear works. Panic - the worst adviser, and it should be avoided.

If on an arena several horses, it is necessary to observe a distance - at least 2 - 3 meters.

Most of pupils seek to learn everything at once. But any sport is a laborious work and regular trainings. Do not try to master something, without being self-assured, being in nervous, emotionally unstable state.

Equestrian sport - the best way to understand itself. Riding time is better than any training on development of leadership skills and skills of management helps to cope with the emotions, at the same time deriving enormous pleasure from communication with the nature and horses.