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Why minor girls have sex?

are In the history known the periods when women were tremblingly loved, devoted them sonnets, knights of the Middle Ages made feats for the sake of great ladies. At the beginning of the XX century poets in the verses and poems sang of the woman. At the center the relations between the man and the woman the love was put.

In the modern world where money makes the mare go, the young girl often try to use in the mercenary interests. Aim to pick just blossomed beautiful flower, to crumple it, to crush and throw out. There is a powerful promotion of sex, someone very much is interested in it, on young maiden bodies he earns enormous money.

And the skilled girlfriends who early lost virginity and sexually anxious boys - age-mates deride, push the inexperienced girl quicker to leave the innocence. Aged uncles with hard purses tempt, deceive the girl, and then throw out as superfluous.

Girls, in our hard time nobody will think, will take care of you as you can take care of yourself!

In old times there was a tradition that the girl stored the virginity till a marriage. There was in this tradition a lot of stupidity, excesses, the girl who lost innocence could bring to suicide. But there was in it also a lot of wisdom.

It is necessary to store, take care not for some special only man. Nonsenses! Yes there are no such men! It is necessary to take care for himself, for the physical and spiritual health, for the future healthy children.

You do not hurry to leave the virginity. The girlhood is only an instant in the woman`s life. You will always be a woman, and here the girl - it is never more. Enjoy this instant, use it. What would not be told, but also in our commercial time men love, at heart respect and, eventually, marry inaccessible girls who do not allow to turn themselves into “rag“ over which then all “walk“.

In life of the woman there is a lot of unpleasant: the female diseases unnecessary pregnancy, abortions, deception, changes etc. In the first proximity, except pregnancy, it is possible to catch whole “bunch“ of diseases: syphilis, AIDS and other.

Your age-mates, young men, in the period of a growing are sexually anxious. And it is normal at their age. And here why at early age girls have sex? Many of you do not feel either pleasure, or satisfaction. All this will come to you later, sometimes after the child`s birth. So conceived and the nature took care of you.

Recently for increase of demographic level in our country the birth of children is propagandized. But believe, for the Russian woman unplanned pregnancy which happens quite often - was always a grief. For the very young, inexperienced girl - it is a grief doubly. The fear, shame prevent it to make the necessary decision. There is nobody to consult, to share, to terribly tell parents. The girl remains alone with the trouble. Abortion, the subsequent complication and diseases - can forever deprive of her pleasure of motherhood.

Our sexually anxious boys are not taught culture of sex. The following belongs to one of concepts of culture of sex: the man declining the girl to proximity has to take care of consequences unnecessary him and her. Not to run then from responsibility, illegitimate children, the alimony, etc.

to Parents should pay more attention to sex education of sons that future man had no similar troubles.

Men do not like to be protected. About undesirable pregnancy, the woman should care for the children who were born from such pregnancy only. Men often behave by the principle: “Uttered a crow, and there though do not dawn“.

Here also reflect, girls whether sex is necessary to you at early age?.

The female share will not leave you anywhere. Everything is good in its season.