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What does August smell of? Dynkoy!

the Melon - as the wife: when it good, the best of all vegetables, and when bad - the worst.

the Spanish proverb

Augustus - the depth of summer, heat, and does not smell in the fall yet. And of what smells? In the summer, heat, colors. Augustus smells of abundance of life. It is a bouquet of flower aromas - a sweet pea, kosmeya, petunias, asters. And all - such flower fragrance has only esthetic character. The most tasty smell of August, the most sweet and attractive is a smell of a dynka.

The melon appears on counters from the middle of July and does not leave them to the first cold weather. By practical consideration it is revealed that the maximum number of ripe melons are necessary for the end of August. The most sure sign of ripeness is a unique magnificent aroma. When the melon did not reach standard, aroma very thin yet, slightly noticeable which it is heard if to come very close to a yellow fruit. The ripe, juicy melon smells sweet so that through other number of the market you feel where sell melons.

It is possible to call this melon aroma for our district aroma of August. We regale on this sugar fruit only at this time. Each of us manages to be bought during the season a melon of all few times or less - it is expensive. And in India, Central Asia the melon is the main food of poor people, a national product. Any resident of the “melon“ countries, going to other corner of the globe, it is lucky with itself as a gift national pride - a melon. Only in the countries which are considered as the melon homeland it is accepted to eat this sweet fruit together with other products, for example, with flat cakes and drinks. At us and in other European countries where a melon - the delicacy, is a separate dish. It is considered that it a heavy product for zheludochno - an intestinal path. Therefore it is the best of all to use a melon, without washing down with anything and without jamming.

Began to smell melons, as well as taste - on the fan. It is very pleasant to much. Melon - a divine fruit. So the Egyptian Pharaohs considered and on holidays presented it to gods. Clay tablets of shumer demonstrate that the melon was considered at them as perfect creation of the creator. In India there is a legend according to which, God created at the same time a melon and the woman. Therefore Indians draw parallels between melon aroma and female appeal.

But, it appears, not any melon odorous. It depends on a grade. In Central Asia a specific variety of melons contains about 400 grades. In Europe grow up a grade the Cantaloupe , it does not smell at all and it is even used boiled. On counters sometimes it is possible to see green melons, an ellipsoidal form, they firm, do not smell also in them not enough sweet. It is an autumn melon Zard .

In Russia grow up only several grades of melons. Most often on counters the Collective farmer comes across to . There are several versions of an origin of this grade.

Official version . The selector V. Balyasny bought in the Rostov market a melon, round as a ball, and yellow as orange. It was very odorous and sweet. Together with other scientists it began to work on removal of such grade.

Informal version . Maxim Gorky tried a melon once, and it so was pleasant to him that it nicknamed her “collective farmer“. Stalin heard about this name. So there was a melon - the Collective farmer.

Why began to smell melons which, except the melon, and cannot be compared to anything, it is so attractive for the person? The science explains it so: the centers of a brain which are responsible for sense of smell and pleasure are very close and are connected. Sweet of a melon and its smell forms a uniform associative sheaf at the person. That is why, when we feel aroma of a melon in the market, in an anticipation of a sweet slice, we lose the head and we do purchase.

Chemists learned to receive artificially aroma of a melon, with a melon smell let out shampoos, spirits, bath foams to cause emotional lift in the person. But the keen sense of smell will not mix the true warm aroma of a melon with any chemistry. Enjoy taste of a melon and inhale aroma of August.