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Training in Great Britain? Not dream, but reality!

Oxford, Cambridge, London School of Economics - not far dream as many consider, and the most real reality.

The educational system of Great Britain really is famous for the high level of teaching and so high cost. As a rule, payment of training for foreign students is many times higher, than for citizens of the EU.

Training in the well-known London School of Economics and Political Science in a magistracy can manage in the sum about 15 thousand pounds a year. Plus on accommodation within London, by estimates of the British Embassy, - at least 800 pounds a month. What to do?

To give on a grant. There are two main ways to find a grant for training in Great Britain. The first: to initially look for the funds and the organizations giving grants for training in Great Britain and to adapt to their selection criteria. For example, well-known Chevening program of the British consulate. It covers the cost of annual training and residence in Great Britain. To get this grant, it is necessary to arrive on master program which would concern the following subjects:

1. the Right and reform of legal system with focus on the legislation of the EU;

2. Development of public sector for the purpose of approach to the international and European standards;

3. Implementation of the international programs in the sphere of human rights;

4. Fight against climate change;

5. Prevention and solution of the international conflicts;

6. Strengthening of civil society, democratic structures, freedom of mass media, rule of law and fight against corruption.

Moreover, according to recommendations of the British consulate, you have to be from 25 to 35 years old, and you have to have an experience in one of the specified spheres.

Selection criteria are difficult, a competition big, there pass units.

On own experience of search of a grant for training, I finally came to other way. Students, but this way seldom think of it more often than something another, leads to success.

The main steps which the student has to undertake before to look for money for a trip to Great Britain are to decide on the direction of the training or research. If you are not glad to write about the European standards - do not write, all the same it will not turn out. Look for that to you to liking. All life dreamed to like the western philosophy - look for programs in philosophy, since the childhood showed talent for political sciences - find faculty of the international relations.

Initially you should not think of a grant. The only thing that has to concern you, is in what specialty you will be able to realize completely yourself that it will be really interesting to you on what subject you already have practices. It is a major factor of success as at selection of students in the western higher education institutions priority criterion is the motivation to training which at once is investigated according to your motivational letter.

Having decided on university and specialty, we submit the application for training. As a rule, in the majority of the western higher education institutions, including in LSE, Cambridge and Oxford University, submitting the application for training, it is possible to fill a form on receiving a grant at once. And them in each of universities rather large number. Including for citizens of the CIS countries.

Having chosen several higher education institutions in the different countries and having submitted applications for grants within universities, it is much easier to receive the desirable, than passing difficult stages of selection of the British consulate or other similar organizations.