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How the cow of Chicago burned and what she America taught to?

Not for nothing the well-known parade of cows bypassed Chicago - with cows at us the special relations: not for all cows interrupted on the well-known Chicago slaughters O`Leary`s cow, and for carelessness of citizens revenged the city. Just imagine - a third of the city standing as Venice on water, the fire pinched it for three days! Well-known Great Chicago fire of 1871 … It changed the careless image of all country thanks to a restless cow.

In our corner of the world my favourite seasons are absent: spring and falls. The winter sharply jumps suddenly at summer and vice versa. And the summer lasts from spring to late fall. Also hot was also that windy night with 8 for October 9, 1971 when the unruly cow careless O`Leary, left after evening milking the burning flat dish in the cowshed, kicked a bucket with a flat dish and set fire to a sarayushka. Fire quickly went to devour everything around, and the arrived firefighters were inconvenient to deal with a riding flame.

Our city call on the father Gorodom Vetrov (it is accepted to give nicknames to the cities, states in the USA: To the Nye - York call the city of Big Apple, the State of California - Staff of the fires). The Chicago wind - piece angry. Three days he sent mad people and cattle on the blazing quarters, so far, at last, the rain which began on October 10 did not calm a flame. Nobody fought fire - there is a line behind which the number of fires passes the Great fire into concept.

Gorodom then was small and reminded nothing modern Chicago. Burned out a third of a square of the city. From 300 thousand people homeless there were 90 thousand: consider, nearly a third too. From 200 to 300 people died - who then could count precisely … And here we know the extent of damage precisely - 222 million those still, sound American dollars!

There were in the history of the USA fires which claimed more than the human lives, but this fire in Chicago of 1871 is considered on destruction force the largest fiery disaster of the USA surpassing the fire of Moscow of 1812. The great Chicago fire … “Rustled with

, the fire Moscow burned“ it is sung in the Russian national song. Americans of songs about the Chicago fire did not put (though in Dreiser`s “Financier“ it is described rather in detail), but “put“ on for the rest of the life fire-prevention code and live on it to this day sacredly and persistently.

Already on October 10, in day of the end of the fire, to coast of Chicago barges with the necessary help came: all country was thrown up in response to the Chicago trouble. Settlements and farms became empty - people in thousands moved to build up the city. And so it turned out that this fire and lifted the city on that step of greatness among other cities of the country on which it costs now.

In the right place and in due time the mayor then very correct person Joseph Medip got. You know how happens after a big alarm: be enough the station - bags depart! It did not allow to build up the city anyhow! Two years the population knocked about in temporary barracks, threatening to give licking to the mayor, but stubborn Joe held the ground - to build according to the grandiose plan, to build for ages and up! What only all country did not blame a netoropyga, but restoration of Chicago (thanks to obstinacy of obsessed people!) went by the master plan and at rates, unprecedented for America.

It is New - York remained the three-storyed pudge, and Chicago already sparkled skyscrapers of marvelous beauty. Yes such that all in 22 years after the Great fire of Chicago was “treated“ by the whole world with the International exhibition which was attended by 21 million guests! Gorodom embodied all the most modern, the best. Including the best that can exist in fight against fiery elements.

(That is interesting, in the same fatal October days from the field fires several cities on the coast of Lake Michigan at the same time lit up: in 600 kilometers the city of Peshtigo with adjacent settlements, the city of Holland, the big settlement of Manisti was burned with Chicago. The victims in Peshtigo was much more - to 2000 people! But even such sad figure grew dim before the destructive force of the Chicago fire. Scientists considered that the fires resulted from falling of the remains of a comet of Beliya - simultaneous ignitions on different coast of the lake directly suggested this idea. But, alas, any comets - a heat and wind).

And cows - that any was not - the city myth. The devil only knows, why O`Leary`s house lit up. At least, in the claim of the successor O`Leary, the cow and her hostess were rehabilitated. However nevertheless the Chicago fire academy for edification of the city was built on the place of the burned-down house of rehabilitants! Just in case …

In Russia was told: the fire is worse than the thief - the thief though something and will leave, and the fire - nothing. And then, at the beginning of restoration of Chicago, came to a conclusion too that it is necessary to accept the smaller evil. All structures of the old postfire city are spoiled external suspended pig-iron (for ages!) ladders directly on facades of buildings. Not very esthetically looks, but quietly is. Any structure was not accepted by the city if that ladder was absent!

Having burned on milk, the city authorities and on water blew: you know why in Chicago not to be parked? We take quarter or as it at our names are - the block. 15 feet from each party of the block a yellow strip on a border exactly on dimensions of the fire truck. A penalty - 100 dollars. In the center of each party of each block a fire hydrant plus on 15 feet of a yellow strip on both sides of a hydrant exactly for two fire trucks. If it is necessary to them, our firefighters, all of them cars heavy machinery razvalyat suppressions for the sake of in a few minutes, but for incorrectly parked you the fact that never receive an insurance, but also will incur serious punishment. And now take the average city block and consider how many there that parking space remained … Heavy with the parking in the city, but the favourite city can sleep peacefully.

Safety in buildings - the whole science. On each floor plans of evacuation, fire extinguishers. Through the house there is a spacious fire-escape, and in big domishcha and not one, but a set.

In apartments here such not esthetic spot three blyamba shine on a ceiling: a red blyamba - a fire intercom, the first white blyamba - the counter of carbon monoxide, and the second - temperature, with a siren. It is opposite to look at a ceiling, it is opposite to listen to a siren - before sensitive equipment that on my included oven howls. Let, I will suffer. In a corridor in general as in prison of Sing - Sing you feel yourself - the same blyamba plus surveillance cameras. Yes what in a corridor - all city is videomonitorit by 24/7. Does not add an esthetics.

Begin to frighten by the fires from young nails - every month in yaselka, detsadika firefighters work with kids regarding fire safety, ways of evacuation. And let - once bitten twice shy. In hospitals of the country even in intensive care units the deafening siren - check of the equipment is distributed! The medical staff just pines with fire doctrines - there is no time to work! No, do not allow us to forget the Great Chicago fire.

A heat and the fire - one root of the word. In the city the cooling centers in buildings of public appointment are equipped. Hotels are already accustomed in cases of an unprecedented heat (and at us 40 - not a limit, but we never measure temperature in temperatures - humidity in the country, between two oceans floating, adds the charm to zharishche: it is transferred as 55 - 60).

But about personal cooling, as well as about heating, everyone cares for himself: accounts for electricity make a third of cost of a monthly mortgage now. Cars, besides, guzzle fuel in the summer on kondishena. Well what to do - nobody is obliged to you by a fan at a muzzle to wave! (Here light in my new house was cut down, and all conditioners ryukhnutsya. In half an hour already under the house there were buses - “sobering-up stations“ - residents proceeded in the conditioned buses while they vozyukatsya with repair there. Ponavezli there Pepsi pizzas - too entertainment …).

And now, the reader, not me, but to yourself answer - there is a room pozharotushitel at your place? Whether something lies at you in a car glove compartment on a fire case? Whether costs at you near at hand at a plate at least couple of kilogram of salt usual? Whether you teach the child to turn on God forbid the light if gas began to smell, not to fill in with water if korotnut conducting, not to climb in the elevator if in the house burns? Do you have NZ a backpack for a family, copies of all documents in the reliable place outdoors? Whether your children know how, it is simple popiskav on a rag, it is possible to save the life from asthma in a smoke? How the same urine to appease a burn? Sorri … is happy

Ya if you answered in the affirmative. It is easy to deceive me. But at me two gas masks are reserved in NZ backpack, all the most valuable in bank boxing, kitchen decorates a minicylinder with foam (updated every year! - they remind and send), on a ceiling three ugly blyamba, the car there is no place to park, to the domain the terrible ladder from the southern facade spoils, sirens shout, firefighters the we howl terrible to the city do not allow to sleep … And about the fire I as each resident of our city some historically - genetic memory of a burn hot milk, I remember.

I a lot of bitter heard in days of a heavy heat and the fires in Russia. The authorities to reproach - so just sing the full lyrics “Rustled with it - the fire Moscow burned“. Just for present it is written! (For lazy in the comment I will lay out - sing it!) But before to nod, let`s not to wait for rynda by nature: buy the - money is small! Begin with yourself. And always you remember - the thief and though something will leave.

People, be vigilant! I love you …