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Gooseberry: than it is useful, and whether always?

at all not casually call the Gooseberry vegetable treasure because in it many the most valuable components very important for health, and so, and for human life are concealed. Let`s try to call them at least shortly.

In - the first, at berries there are ascorbic acid (and it is more of it, than in cherry and raspberry), carotene and a set macro - and minerals. In them collect besides biologically active connections - antotsiana and flavana. Antotsiana are powerful antioxidants which - for a minute - regulate normal activity of an organism. Flavana possess antibacterial property. It, certainly, in the summary.

However, in different grades their contents differs. For example, in phaeochrous antotsian are more than two times more, than in others. But in light a lot of vitamin E which increases immunity allows to facilitate Alzheimer`s disease etc. And you know that the hundred-gram portion of a gooseberry contains 200 mg of potassium, 75 mg of phosphorus, 30 mg of calcium and 0,5 mg of iron?

But what is meant by these figures? They look dry, only when we will not begin to compare contents to other fruits. And as we will begin, so we will find out that, for example, gland in a gooseberry is more, than in apples and raspberry. And here that will be still interesting to women of a certain age: the gooseberry very much even well helps at the climacteric phenomena.

There is medical evidence of successful application of a gooseberry for prevention of a hypertension, obstruction of vessels blood clots and heart attacks. It is useful at gipovitaminoza, diseases of kidneys and a bladder. Gooseberry juice as experts testify, helps with mix with a small amount of honey at a throat inflammation, only and it is necessary: on a third of a glass in day before food.

Unless it is not attractive? Especially now, when from a heat pulls us to ice water which we reserve in the refrigerator, and then still we flavor with ice pieces? So why don`t it be medovo - berry, and? So simply: froze the pounded fruits with a honey spoon - and we prevent a neck both own, and family members.

But there is more to come. Fruits of a remarkable bush possess antineoplastic properties because contain serotonin (which, by the way, call a confidential code of happiness). Besides, help to strengthen blood vessels and even to remove (thanks to pectins) heavy metals and radionuclides.

Here in this place, perhaps, it is necessary though is slightly more detailed … The matter is that heavy metals are available everywhere where there are industrial production and transport. Where there is no it now? Here-. Therefore the risk of oncological diseases increases, heavy metals come to a human body from water, food and even from air. And the gooseberry, thus, is simply necessary for us, and especially to those who belong to so-called harmful professions.

But, building dithyrambs to “northern grapes“, it is impossible to forget that there are also contraindications. So, on a number of data, stones and a thin skin of berries can cause an aggravation of an enterokolit, as well as gastritis, stomach ulcer, a duodenum. About diabetes data are inconsistent. So it is necessary to use it in compliance with the available medical diagnoses.

Health to you!