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The seer Valery on service of the state or ekstrasensorny special troops of the Kremlin.

the Seer Valery on service of the state or ekstrasensorny special troops of the Kremlin.

of Clairvoyants, seers, sorcerers, psychics serving to the mighty of this world, was a set, even the most powerful and influential peace policy did not neglect them services.

Introduction. It is a little from the historical background. Russia.
it is Still remembered, in 1924 the management of OGPU involved in active cooperation of professor Alexander Barchenko - powerful telepathist and psychic.

its sphere was explicitly stated, paid it intelligence agencies. In five years on Lubyanka the special superconfidential unit which was engaged in selection 12 - 14 - summer boys at whom ekstrasensorny abilities were shown was founded. Long watched them, checked. The most gifted then were trained at People`s Commissariat for Internal Affairs intelligence schools according to the special program. The physiologist Leonid Vasilyev, the pupil of famous professor Chizhevsky was her author. It trained several tens intelligence agents having unique psychophysical potential. Those easily gained the confidence of the necessary people, subordinated them to the will and hired.

in the middle of 50 - x, after arrest of the curator of the occult program general Pavel Sudoplatov, turned researches and training in a special technique into conducting military investigation. From Lubyanka the secret laboratory on selection of children - psychics moved to so-called object N Main Intelligence Directorate (MID) of the General Staff of the Ministry of Defence. Giving the former German ambassador von Schulenburga in Astafyev was so ciphered. - psychics employees of a body No. 10003 were engaged in training of intelligence agents. According to statements of some sources, there, various occult experiments continued up to the beginning 80 - x years. And then to art of extrasensory perception of the most gifted people continued to train on courses at “ to a tower “ (the former Higher school of KGB), in “ conservatories “ (Voyenno - the GRU diplomatic academy of the General Staff), on other various special courses. As you understand

, given about their graduates - secret behind seven seals.

Is, however, the avaricious information about clairvoyants in whose predictions the authorities in the USSR very were interested. Already it is known that Stalin repeatedly asked Wolf Messinga about the course of World War II. The Messing precisely predicted development of fight for Stalingrad, destiny of operation near Kursk, date of falling of Berlin, time and the place of disembarkation of allies in Europe and many other events. And not his fault that these forecasts were used inadequately or them just neglected.

during Khruschev`s board psychics and parapsychologists even officially were on the staff of the Kremlin protection. The assessment of safety of trips « was one of their duties; most “. Clairvoyants periodically went to so-called advanced training courses to India, yogas came to Moscow for exchange of experience.

At Brezhnev existed also official group of clairvoyants as a part of

of six sensitiv which was headed by the corresponding member of Academy of Sciences of the USSR

A. G. Spiridonov. Its group expressed concern about safety of the secretary general when he went to meet astronauts. On it attempt which took place at the Red Square prepared. But the route of the movement of the car of Brezhnev was changed, the car with astronauts underwent firing.

B 90 - x years of the last century as a part of the St. Petersburg scientific research institute voyenno - naval forces

worked special laboratory of kosmoastroprognoz which was directed by the captain 1 - go a rank Alexander Buzinov. Its scientific research institute incorporated the predictive center in which some especially effective clairvoyants and psychics from all Russia were brought together.

trained Personnel of the center voyenno - strategic forecasts, regional and

world; quarterly these forecasts went to the Russian General Staff. And the predictions concerning only Russia, - monthly. In a month plane crash in Irkutsk, events in Dagestan and Chechnya, acts of terrorism of shahids - suicide bombers were predicted. But almost all these forecasts were comprehended by destiny of enlightenments of mythical Cassandra - they were turned a deaf ear by the highest Russian leaders.

till last days of his board was available For Boris Yeltsin the personal predictor too. It was somebody Georgy Rogozin. It is unknown whether the Russian president at the solution of the state questions consulted with it, but if it was talked of departure out of borders only of the Moscow region, then these trips were surely coordinated, without speaking about more remote distances.

Besides, the chief security guard of Yeltsin general Alexander Korzhakov came

into personal contact with the powerful clairvoyant Ivan Fomin which, as a rule, precisely predicted all negative events concerning the president. In particular, he warned about a possibility of incident with Yeltsin`s car on Gorky Street. But Korzhakov did not believe it.

After collapse of the USSR all practices on use of psychics, it is necessary only to guess where got to. Psychics from intelligence agencies, bigger part moved in the people and began to be engaged in private practice, someone, conducting individual reception, and especially gifted held mass sessions. It is necessary to tell that the birth of it a phenomenon as mass sessions of hypnosis and healing, were born in a subsoil of the relevant departments too and aimed not only to investigate and develop ways of management of mass consciousness. The main objective was - removal of social tension in rough 90th years, it is possible to tell that such specialists in holding mass sessions of healing and hypnosis undertook functions abolished partecheek. Remember the 90th years, almost in everyone it is not enough - malsk the big city it is obligatory every month, as a rule, in the biggest hall of Recreation center or philharmonic hall, the psychic or someone like Maria Stefanie, Rada, Vesta and other went on tour. Moreover, the entrance on similar actions, as a rule an entrance was free that attracted not hundreds and thousands of the viewers, sessions were sometimes held several times in day that everyone could get on them. I remember even a case in Veliky Novgorod in 90 years where the Seer Valery &ndash acted; Valery Rozanov, in a recreation center “Acron“ (the recreation center hall is calculated on 1000 places). That though somehow to organize and order crowds of persons interested to visit meetings with the Seer Valery, the authorities had to attract horse militia. On the example of this Kremlin psychic Providts Valery - Valery Rozanov, sketchy information on whom can be found in mass media we and we will try to understand this phenomenon.

According to different data, he was born whether in Leningrad, whether in Ryazan at the end of 60 years. In 18 years, it was called up for Military service where served as itself writes, without hiding, on the website in troops of KGB. What he was engaged in the most part there is covered with a veil of secrecy, however it is known that its abilities could not but draw attention and not be used by KGB, traces of its service conduct Riga where in the management of KGB across Baltic, and also Kaliningrad was located. In the same years he was recognized as the best analyst of KGB how it is possible to reach it to the 20th summer guy? Probably, only owing to some special abilities. In a year before it was directed to so-called Kiev courses KBG “Carnation“. As far as we know the famous scientist &ndash was a founder of these courses; psychic, Vronsky. Which v1955 to year, was involved in cooperation with the Ministry of Internal Affairs, worked in a supersecret laboratory of KGB, gave exact forecasts of the future events in the country and abroad. And since 1960 to collapse of the USSR he lived in the Star city, predicting dates of successful starts, making horoscopes of astronauts. Sergey Alekseevich Vronsky died in January, 1998. About what learn on these courses - it is unknown.

Further, allegedly after the end of conscription service in the ranks of KGB. Valery Razorenov - Rozanov comes back to Ryazan in 1987. But in 90 years we can already see it as the psychic on the largest scenes of a recreation center of Leningrad and area, V. Novgoroda, Pskov and practically all cities North - the western region and the central Russia. It was visible it is that the region which to it (to Valery Razorenov - Seer Valery), it was entrusted to supervise intelligence agencies. In the same years through Alyona of Buck working for the famous singer Mikhail Zvezdinsky, Valery got acquainted with Mikhail Zvezdinsky. Through whom entered a circle of ruling elite of that time. It is authentically known, he was repeatedly invited by Mikhail Zvezdinsky in government sanatorium in Barvikha where he got acquainted with the president Kabardino - Balkaria, Valery Kokorev and other influential misters.

Most often at that time Valery was in Leningrad where got acquainted with Valery Nazdrachev, so to speak the general of magic special troops of Russia. In Leningrad at that time was, and can is, the strongest laboratory after use and to research of a psychotronics created by KGB and GRU in Soviet period, certain NPO Jupiter.

B same 90th years Valery Razorenov - Rozanov ended short-term courses of KGB in the Leningrad Okhta (“ 401 - I am » school;) also in VShK KGB (at faculty - “ object “ Jurmala “ in Moscow area in the Zvenigorod district).

Causes respect that at so intense schedule of study and work as the public psychic, found time to adopt skill at the western colleagues, namely at the legendary Canadian - Marylin Atkinson, having finished several courses on the most powerful to techniques of management of consciousness &ndash today; To the NLP and Eriksonovsky hypnosis. It is necessary to tell that Marylin Atkinson, until recently too densely cooperated with intelligence agencies of the state, and also CIA and FBI.

Last years Seer Valery - Valery Rozanov - Razorenov. Probably passed to room work. With success using the preparation and gift, is engaged in clairvoyance, does love spells, corrects destinies, and in fact management of consciousness all too see. ru Wrote several books, including in a co-authorship with great (without irony) DeLay of Enikeeva, became the doctor of psychology. But here completely to depart from KGB - FSB, probably not in forces (the whole best years passed in invisible work THERE) and therefore sometimes we see as analytical notes, techniques &ndash leak to the Web of his (Valery); the countries urged to improve safety. whether

to us did not manage to track there is a related communication between Providts Valery - Valery Rozanov and his full the namesake Valery Rozanov - the director of Management of Foreign Intelligence of Russia, but it is thought casual coincidence does not happen.

how easily former intelligence agent Vladimir Putin forced to believe

in himself most of Russians, it was familiar with the talented pupil of psychics from secret laboratories of intelligence agencies. Now from investigation the mass of special methods of pumping out of the necessary information and management of people gradually comes to policy. Generals and colonels of intelligence agencies hold the top posts in an environment of the new president. On the instructions of Security Council the Institute of psychology of the Russian Academy of Sciences developed the concept “ Bases of a state policy it is information - psychological safety “.

According to some data, under the auspices of the Kremlin is already created and the center of parapsychology and extrasensory perception which is directed by the academician Alexander Zarayev whether Valery Rozanov &ndash will take in it the worthy place works; Razorenov, we can be when - also we learn that.

By the way, unmistakably specified the American nostradamusa (and specify

today) where bin Laden disappears, they insisted in 2002 - 2003 that Saddam Hussein has no nuclear weapon and means of war of mass defeat, you should not go to Iraq! Well, well, modern Cassandra`s option repeated and this time.