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Friendship, concept. And actually?

“Friendship, in general whether are necessary this concept? Once again to understand that the friend could be a traitor? Probably it is necessary, besides how to deliver, the friendship learns also to forgive.“ Also let`s understand this small quote. First what is friendship? The person all the same of what age is familiar with this one of love signs to itself to the person. We are ill what the majority has that person dear to it, having come to which he can will share a grief, pleasure, to ask for suggestions, to support him and it is better to make the pleasure more than. First of all that the friendship is based: on trust. And what then friendship if the person cannot share the emotions? The love as well as friendship demands mutual understanding, on this that base of the relations is based. The friendship forms our character (fidelity, support, compassion) Friendship first of all communication. The person transferring the emotions to other personality, he will be surely open for people. “Without friends, it is impossible to live and without love it is impossible.“ Cases are frequent when person who has many friends it is gone easier on life. Easier all pleasures of life are perceived. And is to the lonely person heavy, it is a hard way which is convenient only to some. And it is better to go of course on life with those friends with whom you consider it necessary. And it is impossible to do to have friends for “tick“ at all. Our communication and an environment is important for ourselves. What the person to you would become the most loved one, namely the best friend, your relations have to pass through everything that is possible. Treachery, lie. Not everyone manages to jump on “maximum“ at once. And judging by own experience friendship without having passed through all these “tests“ it is not friendship. We due to understand first of all, we are how necessary each other. To feel your proximity. And the most ideal way is a check time. The true friend if you consider as that, I never repeat never will betray. Will not leave at a difficult moment, irrespective of vital circumstances. It it is also worth drawing a conclusion. The friend will understand. Will forgive. And will teach you to it. And to forgive very valuable prosperity. It is necessary to forgive easily, and quickly, nezadumyvasya. In other words you will not be in debt. To be able to be on friendly terms it is given not to all people. But after all people need this proximity. Without it alas, in any way. But time now it that the friendship went under influence of banknotes. Cases are known that the friendship is bought. And thus: a certain person predlat himself as himself the temporary friend on a call. Of course for a certain payment. And considerable and. That who is more interested in such service contacts it. Also appoints a venue of meetings. That builds the requirements. And off it went... The friend so-called carries out all whims of the client. And that derives pleasure from signs to attention to the person. It is a certain psychological discharge. Which lets know that you are not lonely as it seems to you. There is an opinion that it will soon be brought under the chapter, paid friendship.

As well as with whom to be on friendly terms to solve of course to you. Good luck!