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Gooseberry: whether it is possible to cook from it soup? And as!

Exist several recipes of soup with a gooseberry, but on a heat it is better to speak about cold, isn`t it? Then we will look through recipes.

Soup from a gooseberry with fish

It for fans of original dishes. The gulf of berry boiled water (only navsy 200 g on 2 l of water), we bring to boiling and in 5 minutes we switch off. While liquid cools down, we boil 300 g of fish, couple of potatoes and one egg. Small we cut several stalks of green onions, as much parsley and fennel, one average cucumber chopped on cubes. Now we add potatoes (too cubes) and shabby egg.

We filter kryzhovenny broth, we part with it the prepared gas station, and also we add fish and sour cream (4 tablespoons). However, it can be put also in portion plates. We salt to taste. Well it is still sensitive sugar to add, but too it is exclusive to own taste.

Soup from a gooseberry


For those who like to tinker in kitchen, without reckoning with labor costs, it is possible to offer the following. We fill in half a kilo of an immature gooseberry with two liters of boiled water and razvarivay, and then we wipe through a sieve. We add 200 g of sugar to the received gruel and properly we mix.

After that we pound 100 g of sour cream with 1 h a spoon of flour and we boil mix, and then we add to a gooseberry. We pound two yolks with a butter tablespoon, having added a little vanillin. Accurately stirring slowly, we send to soup. The last stroke - to prepare toasts, and it is possible to give to a table.

However, there is also other option, more simply. We cook syrup at the rate of 100 g of sugar on 1 l of water. We add mix from 100 g of sour cream and 2 tablespoons of flour, and also 250 g of a gooseberry. We boil a couple of minutes, we remove from fire, we cool. It is necessary to add 100 more g of sour cream, and soup is absolutely ready. Soup from a gooseberry from spaghetti

It is quite simple

. Having boiled 100 g of spaghetti in two liters of water, we add a glass of sugar, 2,5 glasses of a gooseberry and a little cinnamon, literally on a teaspoon tip. When berries are softened, it means that soup is almost ready, it was only necessary to cool it.

Soup from a gooseberry with semolina trickled pastries

It - on the fan. Preparation of a dish assumes two stages. The first consists in processing of berries: 200 g of a gooseberry are filled in with one liter of abrupt boiled water, we add 3 tablespoons of sugar and when weight begins to boil soft, we enter the starch (1 tablespoon) divorced in cold water.

The second stage consists as it is easy to guess, in preparation of trickled pastries while broth is cooled. We boil a half-glass of milk (a little bit water needs to be added there that did not “escape“), we pour 2 tablespoons of a semolina, a quarter of a teaspoon of salt and one teaspoon of sugar. Having boiled thoroughly, we cool and we add one shaken-up egg. Then by means of the same teaspoon we lower in turn trickled pastries in the boiling water and as emerge - we take out. Farther everything absolutely simply: we connect trickled pastries to kryzhovenny broth and cold it is tasted.

Soup from a gooseberry with raisin

Here too is required to

semolina, but at first it is necessary to boil a ripe gooseberry (200 g), having added to it grams 50 - 70 usual sugars and a half of a bag vanilla, and also a little bit salts - as they say, to taste then to put raisin (1 - 2 tablespoons) and accurately to pour a semolina (about 40 g), stirring slowly that it was not crumpled and to continue to cook a quarter of hour. Upon termination of process to add 10 - 15 g of butter and salt - to taste.

Soup from a gooseberry with walnuts

It - for gourmets. We take a glass of shredded walnuts, we will add to them 2 - 3 crushed bulbs and we will put to extinguish, having filled in with a half of a glass of water. When onions are softened, we pour in 5 glasses of boiled water where 1 tablespoon of flour and a half of a tablespoon of vinegar is previously divorced. Then we add chopped greens (parsley, fennel, cilantro), we bring to boiling, we salt, we remove from fire. Everything that it was necessary - to boil a gooseberry, to pound and to lower in broth. Yes! And, of course, to cool.

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also other soup recipes Are, but I did not try them, and therefore I will not risk to offer.

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