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What helps to save your money at visits of shop?

One more quite powerful tool of economy of money are the list of purchases. BUT most of people for some reason do not use this opportunity to save a two-three of banknotes. To make the list of purchases and to follow it in shop not so difficult.

“And why to me to make this list of purchases? I have enough money (time, brains) to do also without it“. - Skeptically adjusted reader will tell me.

“Let`s understand it!“ - I Will answer it.

In general lists of purchases happen two types.

In - the first, it is the so-called list of desires.

In - the second, the list of products necessary to you for today or the list of purchases to your wedding.

Running forward, both that and other list really helps to save your time, money, nerves and other vital resources. It is checked by life experience!!!

So, we will sort at first the list of purchases.

Drawing up the list of purchases happens useful, for example, on holidays. When on a table there is a wish to put many food. BUT for this purpose it is necessary to buy many products. And just, not to get confused, buy all necessary from the first trip to shop, and superfluous to leave on shelves of a counter.

For all occasions it is not possible to describe drawing up the list of purchases. For this purpose I should create the new blog on this subject. Therefore for an example I will tell how we with the spouse plan, celebration of New year (it is pleasant to me most of all :)) and we make the list of purchases for a holiday table.

1. Before all preparations we with the spouse sit down to a table and we write down in a clean sheet of paper of all guests what we want to invite to a holiday.

2. Then we, relying on flavoring addictions of guests, we make the list of the New Year`s menu. And of course we do not forget the list of entertainments! :)

3. Proceeding from the menu made by us, we paint what products to us are necessary for a holiday table and in what quantity. We put down the approximate prices of each of them.

4. We receive approximate financial expenses of celebration. If the turned-out figure seems to us too big, we watch where and what we can save on. For example, instead of cake it is possible to buy each guest till a portion of ice cream and to decorate it with a chocolate crumb or jam.

5. With the made list of products we go to wholesale shop behind purchases. Naturally we receive a discount for the bought volume of products.

6. We are not millionaires and therefore we divide the sum of the check of purchases into the number of the invited guests equally. The guests informed on it compensate to us our expenses. This we celebrate a holiday by sharing the cost.

By means of this list of purchases we manage to celebrate perfectly New year for small money. And after a holiday there are fine memoirs, a smell of champagne and tangerines … and money in a purse. :) I advise

to you too to use the list of purchases!