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What way of an epilation the most convenient? Shugaring!

All girls like to look after themselves, spending many hours in beauty shops. But more than it they love only sweets. In the Ancient East of the woman thought up how to combine these two pleasures: so there was a shugaring - one of ways of an epilation fashionable now. Mix for a shugaring (from English sugar - sugar) is, in fact, the most ordinary caramel which all of us so liked to cook in the childhood.

The Shugaring is very close to a wax epilation and an epilation phytopitch. But it has the mass of advantages before other ways of removal of hair:

1. 100% naturalness. Sweet mix will not be able to injure even the most sensitive skin. It contains no allergens and chemical additives that guarantees a healthy condition of skin after procedure.

2. Removal of the shortest hairs. Mix for a shugaring very sticky therefore you can use this way of an epilation even on hair 2 - 3 mm long. And it is very convenient in summertime: it is not necessary to grow hair for a wax epilation. Also the shugaring interferes with emergence of the grown hair, deleting the died-off cells of skin, thereby providing effect of scrubbing.

3. Mitigation of skin . Mix for a shugaring contains natural vitamins which soften and smooth skin. The lemon juice which is a part of mix helps to improve a condition of skin, to dry inflammations and to bleach pigmentary spots.

4. Without burns. Mix is applied on a body when it reached a condition of “toffee“ and cooled down up to the temperature when it can be taken in hand without serious consequences.

5. Long effect. From - for strong couplings with hair, sweet mix deletes them with a root, without tearing off. Therefore the effect of a shugaring lasts longer, than from an epilation wax and phytopitch.

6. Has no contraindications . Even the people having the allergy expanded with a capillary network and a varicosity can use this way of an epilation.

The recipe of mix is very simple and available to a shugaring. It will be required to you:

1 kg of sugar;

7 tablespoons of lemon juice;

8 tablespoons of water.

at will can be added to mix on 2 - 3 drops of essential oils of orange and grapefruit for anti-cellulite effect or a lavender and a tea tree for giving of mix of antiseptic properties. But you remember that after addition of oils mix is it is impossible.

the Way of preparation

Pour out sugar in an aluminum bowl with the handle or in a saucepan, add juice of a lemon and water. Carefully mix everything and put on strong fire. In 5 minutes it is necessary to reduce a flame, to cover mix and to cook on slow fire, stirring slowly with sugar each 3 - 4 minutes that it did not burn.

In 12 - 15 minutes sugar will begin to melt and bubble, but you do not stop stirring slowly. Soon mix will become light-brown color. Cover it and let`s it darken still. Ready mix have to be similar on color to dark cognac (but it should not be too dark and smell of the burned slightly sugar). All process will take about 40 - 50 minutes.

It is possible to check readiness, having dripped mix in water of room temperature. If the drop hardens, then mix is ready.

Pour caramel in the plastic container and put to the place without drafts. When the toffee cools down, it has to be rumpled rather easily in hands, without sticking and without breaking.

the Epilation

Pinch off a mix piece the size slightly more quail egg and begin to knead it in hands as plasticine. In 1 - 2 minutes mix will become almost white and very soft, then it can be applied on skin.

Roll from it a ball, apply to skin and, having pressed down, stretch a thumb in the direction against growth of hair. Then sharply tear off mix on growth of hair and strictly parallel to skin . If breakthrough is not parallel to skin, then on skin there can be small bruises, and hairs will just break. On each site of skin it is necessary to make this manipulation 2 - 3 times to remove all hairs. As soon as mix begins to stick to skin and hands, take a new ball.

It is possible to wash the mix which stuck to a body warm water or other piece of mix, having rolled it over stuck and having torn off.

Before and after


1. In 2 days prior to an epilation carry out procedure of exfoliation (peeling). By means of a bast from a loofah or a brush for a body well pound skin.

2. Before an epilation well wash up and steam out a body, so procedure will be more comfortable and almost painless.

3. Do not use before an epilation cream and a deodorant on sites where this procedure is planned. It can worsen coupling of mix with hair. If skin demands moistening, use lotion.


1. Avoid thermal effect in places of an epilation (a hot bathtub, sunshine) right after procedure.

2. Sweat can strengthen irritation. Therefore try not to overload an organism after an epilation.

3. In 2 - 3 days carry out procedure of exfoliation again. Repeat it each 2 - 3 days.

Councils beginning

In the first attempt of carrying out procedure can arise some difficulties which stop many ladies in further experiments with a shugaring. But we will open several secrets of this process which is developed with experience and will be useful to beginners.

1. Do not do a shugaring in a bathroom. Of course, it is convenient because there is opportunity at once to wash away the stuck mix. But in a heat bath mix will quickly melt, sticking to a body even more.

2. Preparation of mix depends on a plate. If you have an electric stove, then at once put mix on average power, but not on high, otherwise it can burn down until the plate cools down up to lower temperature.

3. Hair should not be long. The the hair is longer, the process of a shugaring is more sick. Optimum length of a hair - 3 - 5 mm. If hair too long, then tonsure them the machine or scissors to this length.

4. Do not break hair. the Fine hair in the course of an epilation can break. Sometimes it happens also to thick hair. To prevent it, roll with mix against growth of hair, and pull out on growth .

5. Use talc. If skin damp or fat from cream, then process of an epilation does not work well. Therefore carefully wipe skin a towel and powder with talc to clean excess moisture.

6. Stretch skin. In order that as it is possible to take better hair, stretch skin on an epiliruyemy site fingers of a free hand. It will increase effect of an epilation and will reduce pain.

7. Steam out. As well as at any epilation, before a shugaring it is necessary as it is possible to steam out skin better. A time will reveal, and hair will easier escape.

8. Nonideal mix. to Weld mix for a shugaring very not easy. If it turned out too liquid, then you should put it on fire and to boil a little more. If it quickly hardens at you in hands, then drip on it one drop of hot water and continue to knead. If mix was not softened, will boil it again and boil thoroughly a little, having added about 1 tablespoon of water.

9. Do not put mix in the refrigerator. If you put it to cool down in the refrigerator, then from sharp difference of temperatures on mix the crust is formed. In this case you should melt mix and again to cool at the room temperature.

The Shugaring is the most effective procedure for disposal of undesirable vegetation on a body. You can apply it on any site, up to eyebrows. It remarkably is suitable also for deep bikini.

This procedure is offered in many salons, but in house conditions it is not less effective and much more economic. Just weld caramel and enjoy smoothness of skin the whole month!