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How to save respiratory organs from a smoke?

the Central part of Russia burn. But wildfires are dangerous not only fire, but also a smoke. The smoke shrouded all Moscow and Moscow area. Mass media tell us every minute that concentration of carbon dioxide in air exceeded maximum concentration limit almost by 7 times. Every day there are more densely puffs on the street which tightens draft to rooms. Life and health more than 12 million people under the threat. Here also time to remember Fundamentals of Health and Safety came...

What to do to save respiratory organs from the poisonous connections of a smoke soaring in air? Let`s begin with what is undertaken for protection of respiratory organs.

The population of the city of Moscow and Moscow area bought up in drugstores paper bandages . Whether it is effective? Effectively for sales of products of production of paper bandages. For protection of respiratory organs against a smoke it is ineffectively and it is dangerous. Who does not remember epidemic of goat, bird and swine flu, I will repeat - it is possible to carry a paper bandage only 30 minutes then it becomes wet and becomes a nursery of microbes.

To be protected from a smoke - a smog in such global scales as now in Moscow, very hard. But some measures can be taken:

1 . To make own hands a universal bandage - vatno - gauze . It will not be such beautiful as is on sale in shop, but more practical. The bandage is made of 8 - 10 layers of a gauze. Such bandages carried in hospitals in 90 - e years. This bandage will cost cheaper, it is more better, it lasts for 3 hours. It is enough to reach for work and from work, it can be erased.

2 . To get a respirator for protection against organic vapors. The respirator costs from 100 rubles to …. Depends on quality of a respirator. It filters air, it is the most effective way for protection of respiratory organs. Its only shortcoming - in it sweats the person. In 40 - a-degree heat it is simply impossible to be in a respirator a long time. It is possible to sustain only 1,5 - 2 hours.

The gas mask does not make sense to put on at “sorties“ work. In - the first, not esthetically; in - the second, it is difficult to breathe; in - the third, the gas mask - disposable means, is calculated on passing a smoke zone, to remove and throw out. In the conditions of a multi-day smog in the city purchase of gas masks “will cost a pretty penny“, these are not paper ten-ruble masks.

It is necessary to be protected from a smoke not only on the street, but also at home.

How to protect the apartment from a smoke

Was lucky those who have in the apartment a conditioner , “battened down hatches“ in the apartment, included an okhlazhdayka, rescued the house from a smoke and a soot on the street. If there is no such happiness, then it is necessary “to build from make-shifts the filter“ for the air passed to the apartment. If in the apartment there are a lot of flowers - plants, then it is possible to close ventilation, windows and to include the fan . In this case it is guaranteed that no smoke will get into the room, plants will absorb all carbonic acid emitted by lungs.

If windows there is no wish to close everything - then we hang up on window leaves of a blind from a wet gauze in several layers, we make the same procedure with ventilation and a door. The smell of a soot and a smoke does not become heard. The only shortcoming - raises humidity indoors. In a heat and the increased humidity to an organism it is bad. Therefore if you hang up wet gauze curtains, it is better to turn on the fan.