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Tykva. What secrets “the gold storage“ has?

the Fat aunt Tykva in the Chinese national fairy tale and the good-natured old man godfather Tykva from Gianni Rodari`s fairy tale... In fairy tales pumpkin - the kind hero. And, probably, not for nothing. This vegetable has the mass of useful properties and bears a big charge of positive energy.

For a long time pumpkins - gorlyanka (lagenariya) are very popular in China. Mascots under Hou`s name - lu for attraction to the house of prosperity and good luck were made of them, and newlyweds them were given for future fertility.

According to the doctrine the fan - Shui which found great popularity and in the European countries today the mascot hu - lu is a symbol of health and longevity, it helps spouses to restore the grown cold relations if to arrange this mascot in the “correct“ sector. And located in prosperity sector, it makes to the house profit and financial success.

Besides the real pumpkins - a gorlyanok, there is a great number of her sisters made of green nephrite, glass, gold and silver, clay and crystal.

In Hugo`s countries - east Asia for a long time at the people of mon and Khmers (Cambodia) pumpkin was considered as sacred. According to ancient legends, from pumpkin there were these people.

Pumpkin and in Laos is esteemed. On an ancient legend of the people of Maun, a miracle - the bird warned about the future flood of the kind person and his family (a prototype of the Bible legend of Noah`s Ark). Both this kind and just person with a family took refuge in huge pumpkin to which the same bird pointed. After water subsided, pumpkin appeared at top of the high mountain. The people who survived after a flood put to the earth sunflower seeds from the pumpkin which rescued them, and pumpkins bred, and in them instead of seeds there were people who formed Maun`s people and the Khmer people.

In magic rituals in Cambodia, Laos, Thailand use pumpkin for protection against evil spirits, for attraction of wealth and at treatment of infertility to this day. In Thailand pumpkin call “faktong“ - that means “gold storage“.

There is a belief that if to put coins in the cleaned pumpkin and to put it at an entrance to the house, then to the house material prosperity is attracted.

Pumpkin and in traditional medicine is widely used. With its help diseases of intestines, urinogenital system and an anemia treat.

I since the childhood fed some especially tender feelings for pumpkin. And today at me, already adult, this, at first sight, not remarkable vegetable causes kind and positive thoughts. The picture from the children`s book recurs to the memory... The kind and fat aunt Tykva in oranzhevo - a striped dress.

As garden culture pumpkin is unpretentious, and its cheerful yellow florets are pleasing to the eye till the fall. Whether many know that pumpkin flowers are suitable in food too and are very useful? In Hugo - east Asia from flowers of pumpkin cook soup and salads, and also use pumpkin flowers for cosmetic masks.

For a long time in the different countries pumpkin found application in the most different types. And as well of vitamins in the cold winter. Pumpkin can long be stored as any other vegetable.

Made of pumpkin also vessels for storage of liquids, and even musical instruments! On many still lifes pumpkin takes a place of honor in the foreground. As a rule, such pictures are executed in warm golden colors and bear feeling of tranquility and good mood.

A few years ago absolutely unexpectedly for myself I learned about one wonderful property of pumpkin. I called this unusual phenomenon “tykvoterapiya“. No! This “therapy“ is not similar to one of well-known methods of treatment.

And treatment that it is difficult to call it, but the effect was undoubted and tremendous. But about it in the following article.