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Where to put “ushinsky with pestalotsets“?

This subject to me were prompted by a case which eyewitness was my old acquaintance, dear person whose words can be trusted. This year he was a member of the final commission our local pedagogical (the truth, now it is called a little differently, but the main, profile departments and remained pedagogical) institute. During final examination one of graduates dissatisfied with the low mark given her, and told the examiners: “E … la I am all your teacher`s college together with you!“. Yes, here so, directly on eyes, clear text. The depressing statement, but business even not that she absolutely definitely stated the relation to alma mater (sincerity, let and in such, extremely protest form - all this is not the worst trait of character of future teacher, an example for the next, younger generation same, do not bring My God, teachers). Much, in my opinion, the fact that having disaccustomed with the whole five years is more sad, this maiden did not gain even elementary knowledge of anatomy and human physiology: to carry out alleged sexual intercourse in that form which it declared it even at all her desire will not be able just owing to the anatomic features. This most, perhaps, will also be its (and, maybe, and already - and, as they say, on health!) and here she - alas, this the mother - the nature is not provided and therefore - the anatomist - the physiological reasons is impossible owing to above-stated.

could and not point at such pedagogical “sexual terrorists“ of attention if similar views on today`s system of pedagogical education from future “pestalozz and ushinsky“ were the single phenomena. But, alas, here for a long time does not smell of singularity. Actually our teacher`s colleges in a mass order let out anyone, from housing and communal services to officers of army and law enforcement agencies now, but only not full (I mean aspiration and abilities to this kind of activity) teachers. Partly it can be explained with the economic reasons: the demand in school teachers not the first year in “minus“, and those places where all of them are still necessary, is such holes, such backwoods from which graduates of “ped“ jump aside as devils from an incense (and correctly do. Times of the movie “First Teacher“ with the brilliant actress, and on life - the exemplary bitch Vera Maretskaya passed for a long time). At one time in high government spheres the question of considerable reduction of pedagogical higher education institutions was brought up. Well, the country does not need so many teachers, and very doubtful quality! (And doubtful it because “baking“ of future teachers is put on a stream, and the teacher is sh t at h N y y goods. However, the “factory“ tendency practices practically in all Russian liberal arts colleges now.) As a result resolved an issue “humanely“: renamed “peda“ in some absolutely depersonalized, and because absolutely unclear what profile “socially-gumanitary universities“ (what is it? With what they are eaten? Whom do they teach? Who is let out? “Socialists - humanists“? From them nearby and to socialists - revolutionaries. Here then prepare, the mother Russia, to “shocks“!). No, it seems, arrived very nobly: just decided to rename. Reception, of course, very crafty, but repeatedly checked - rolled, and for the reporting and in general safe: “for the term specified by you and according to your invaluable instructions liquidated so many teacher training colleges“. And how (shot, perhaps?), and where disappeared (did not thaw air!) - it is a question as unforgettable companion Gleb Egorovich spoke, the twenty fourth. Besides arrived extremely humanely: in those being “peda - nepeda“ weight to the people works - where in case of closing of institutes to put them? They in janitors or mechanics - bakers will not go (and janitors, what mechanics, what of them, - bakers!) . Besides the majority of them works at the places not the first year, took seat - were warmed thoroughly, the salary drips, everything is familiar, everything is habitual, and people very dear, not some pyan or tramps from whom it is possible just to wave away - as them, such dear, to take and deprive of all this, terribly vypestanny, long-term efforts of earned? Here also it turned out as in an old joke about a brothel which suddenly ceased to yield revenue, and its owner began to invent the most different ways, as if to return to an institution former prestige and popularity. He both made repair, and fresh got sheets, and provided discounts to regular customers - and all one: there are no people to an institution. Then he in despair addressed the cleaner which worked not one decade here: what, women of Man to do - that? And she answers it: it is necessary to make up not a facade, not to buy sheets, and or bl … to it to change, or to be closed because around similar to ours of brothels - as dirt. And here: it is necessary or be closed, or old “guard“ which also understands all uselessness of the work, to clean and put the new, not become numb in the to nobody yet now not necessary principles, prudent, pragmatic and cynical. Then put, maybe, and will move off dead center, and, perhaps, future graduates will openly not show the denseness in questions of anatomy and physiology so much. Though and there is open a question: whether such shifts will do our domestic pedagogics good? I answer: it is unlikely, but though hypocrisy in it will be reduced.

Postkriptum. I, remember, asked that my acquaintance: and how members of a selection committee reacted to such frankness of the graduate? Also heard quite expected answer: and in any way. Pretended that did not hear. Perhaps and actually all of them suffer from relative deafness, or perhaps too poorly understand questions of anatomy and physiology.