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Whether the truth that tomatoes treat cancer?

Are known that usual tomatoes are useful to health. They contain many antioxidants and other substances preventing damage of cages of a human body. One of such substances is the pigment the “lycopene“ giving to tomato red color. Likopen not only protects cages from destruction, but also reduces amount of “harmful“ cholesterol, reducing thereby risk warmly - vascular diseases.

And so, at inspection of a large number of men (several thousands) it turned out that at those from them who daily ate tomatoes or tomato sauce the risk of a prostate cancer decreased by 45%. The applications of tomatoes pleased with results against cancer, many experts around the world continue their studying. Also it turns out that the use of tomatoes, and also tomatoprodukt stops even such terrible illness as a brain cancer, and in certain cases - even cures it.

According to WHO data, the lycopene which is contained in tomatoes, and also in red pepper, pink grapefruits and water-melons is unique many diseases medicine and, first of all, from a prostate cancer, lungs and a stomach .

Amazing feature of tomatoes is that they keep useful properties not only in crude, but also in a boiled look (for example, in the form of tomato paste). The substance lycopene which is contained both in crude tomatoes, and in products from them plays also important role in prevention of cancer of pancreas, rectum, gullet, a mouth, mammary glands, and women also a neck have uterus . Now try to remove grades of tomatoes with the increased contents not only lycopene, but also such antioxidants as flavonola and a beta - carotene.

Earlier found the substances promoting treatment of cancer diseases of various character in blackberry. Therefore selectors removed a hybrid of tomatoes with blackberry dark-violet color which fruits contain, besides lycopene, an antotsianina - the substances curing a colon cancer . By the way, lycopene is better emitted from cages of tomatoes if salad to fill with vegetable oil, and here antotsianina - substances water-soluble, they get to blood without any culinary efforts. It is interesting that the lycopene emitted as medicine at reception had no same effect as crude tomatoes and sauce from them. Probably, as well as in case of other natural remedies, lycopene shows the medical action in a complex with other substances which are contained in tomatoes.

Amazing results received in Finland at research of genes of usual tomatoes (data are published in the scientific magazine in the Swedish which is in Finland one of official languages). It appears if to enter genes of tomatoes together with the preparation “azidothymidine“ directly into a cancer tumor, there is a fast reaction similar to explosion which destroys cancer cells. Meanwhile genes of tomatoes and azidothymidine apply in clinical practice only in Finland. Practice showed that though both ingredients do not cure cancer completely, but they stop or significantly slow down a course of disease. Probably, such results are received because doctors, first of all, undertook the started cases. And if to diagnose cancer in time, also full treatment is quite possible. But this business of future researches.

Here it what, appears, this usual and at the same time remarkable fruit tomato (generally it is berry). But all - izbav us, My God, from such misfortune as a cancer disease. Therefore eat in plenty tomatoes and tomatoprodukta (I, for example, very much love them), and then, maybe, this fate passes us.