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How to earn from the blog in LiveJournal?

Whatever were told by experts, but it is the best of all for beginner to begin to earn from “free“ blogs.

I hope, it is clear why? Material inputs zero, respectively higher than a coefficient of “return“... And then, when already learn - be untwisted, it is possible to think of own website and a paid hosting. So far it is more favorable to create the blog on free service.

Personally I recommend to begin with LiveJournal. com . One of the most popular “the blog - cars“, is more authoritative only, perhaps, BlogSpot guglovskiya - it is “loved“ by Google (well how not to love the child!) constantly pings also minutes through the 15th article can already appear in an index. However Yandex (competitor) very badly indexes blogs of Google.

It is possible to try, of course, in a counterbalance “a blogovsky cursor“ from Yandex - blogs Ya. ru (ya. ru), but it some hilenky and underdeveloped, users of a maloaktivna, not that in LJ therefore I strongly recommend LiveJournal. I will tell one more “counter“ connected with “LiveJournal“ and earnings on the blog a bit later. How to be registered in LJ, I will not explain, his interface became long ago Russian-speaking therefore you will understand... or earnings on the Internet not for you.

So, we got the blog... we begin to post actively subjects (to write to it). There was such situation on the Internet - kopipast (copied - inserted others news) already “does not drive“. It is necessary “to generate to own content“ or to retell news by the own words, stupid copying will not give a ride. To place more than the photos and drawings, other thoughts, then you will be fallen in love not only by potential readers, but also search engines.

If absolutely hardly with a creative - it is possible to place also others news - pictures - video, but it is obligatory to retell by the own words and to give the personal comment - an assessment. But do not forget about copyright, that is it is extremely desirable to specify the author if news others. If “the author is unknown“, then and so will descend...

It is better to write to the blog daily. At least 2 - 3 posts for a start, are too much - too it is bad, news and thought has to be “filtered“, but also days off cannot be done to itself - if it is boring for the reader, he “otpisht“ you, namely the Blog rating depends on the number of subscribers and visitors. And the rating is higher - the more abruptly it can be “monetized“. I hope, it is not necessary to explain...

Generally, we develop - we write a pomalenechka to the blog... it is in passing read someone else`s diaries and communities in LJ, “we are on friendly terms“ (frendy) and we comment on pleasant. It is necessary for what? I explain... Very often the one whom you “zafrendit“ will make you the friend too, that is you receive one more “subscriber“ to the blog, but also, your virtual “friend“ will be able to read posts of your blog from the friend - tapes which are built in his blog, and with each post you receive the new (external) reference to the blog from each “friend“. Well, and the external (entering) references influence tITs and the PR blog (two more parameters outright influencing a possibility of monetization of blogs). Now it is clear why for start I recommend LiveJournal? Only its cursor allows to increase so rather easily “puzomerka“ of tITs and PR to a young blozhik.

So, we post several weeks, your blog “gets fat“ (if during this time still there were also tITs updates - PR - even better, the blog not “nulyovy“). After your LJ - the blog obtained 20 pages, indexed the main search engines (Yandex and Google), it is possible to begin to earn from it. I recommend to begin with Blogun (service of advertizing in blogs). Be registered and add the blog to system. After viewing by moderators if everything is OK, it is claimed, and advertisers will be able to send you the applications for advertizing, and also you can send the offers. Later, probably, I will write the detailed guide to work and earnings on Bloguna for now I explain only in general.

Blogun (ru) is the exchange where bloggers and advertisers meet. Advertisers need the reference to the advanced website, and the blogger is obliged to express own impartial opinion on this project, sometimes negative responses are forbidden (smile). The technical part consists in placement in the post of a direct reference (the advertiser most often provides a code itself) and some own comment which is not copied from the advertized website. The comment is possible three types: the point-policeman (the reference with couple of offers of the surrounding text), and also short and full reviews. Requirements to posts and bloggers are usually in detail painted, will understand...

For young (still unauthoritative) blog it is necessary to begin with 15 rubles on point duty. I recommend to follow the rule: one post - one advertizing link, it is not necessary to be greedy even if some advertisers allow placement to three references. It is better to place them in different (separate) posts. It will be so better for all, and the blog will not look selling. And if you select still on point duty according to a post subject - it will even be useful for to your readers.

So, even the laziest is capable to earn a fifty-kopeck piece (50 rub) in day from one (free) blog in “LiveJournal“.

It is 1500 rubles a month, that is on a paid hosting and the domain we already earned, and there - that really more wide field for activity and earnings, and other money turns absolutely.