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How I manage to save on products? I want to tell

At once that, contrary to opinion of some people, the economy on food is not a zavarivaniye of one bag of tea on 8 times. And not eating of instant vermicelli with the sausage crumbled on a grater.

It is quite healthy economy without starvation, malnutrition and other tortures. Most likely, this article is devoted not to how to save on food, and how to save on purchase of food.

We with the wife thought up this method several years ago. It worked, still works, and will work further. We do not doubt its efficiency!

Before thinking of any economy on food, make here that. Make the menu of food for a week or any term convenient to you. Such menu, for example, considerably facilitated preparation of breakfasts, lunches and dinners to my wife. After its drawing up it is not necessary to puzzle more that it to prepare today. And it, in turn, saves it a lot of time, nerves and forces. Besides, having glanced in such menu, we can plan consumption of food by us on the necessary period. Let`s tell, for a week. And to buy all products necessary to us in wholesale shop at a discount. It is economy of money. Benefits of drawing up the menu are obvious!

Not to be unfounded, let me give an example our family menu on a week.

Monday: borsch, mashed potatoes with cutlets.

Tuesday: home-made noodles soup, buckwheat with chicken.

Wednesday: rassolnik, pilaf.

Thursday: cream soup with a liver, horns with sausages.

Friday: soup fish, potato fried.

Saturday: Country with Dumplings soup, pilaf with raisin and corn.

Sunday: any dish in our mutual consent.

Approximately so. It is quite natural that such menu can be changed of a week by a week. And of course, you will have, other menu. Depending on vashikhvkusovy preferences and existence of time for cooking. I have, say, a wife in a child care leave so far. And it has an opportunity and desire to cook various food.

Would like to tell still that it is essential to save your money various discounts with your shops will help (morning, evening, from the volume of the bought products, etc.) .

Well and, of course, meal of the house is cheaper , than lunches in cafe, bars and so forth

One more quite powerful tool of economy of money is the list of purchases . But most of people for some reason do not use this opportunity to save a two-three of banknotes. And to make the list of purchases and to follow it in shop not so difficult.

“Why to me to make this list? I have enough money (time, brains) to do also without it“, - skeptically adjusted reader will tell. Let`s look into it.

Drawing up the list of purchases happens very useful, for example, on holidays when on a table there is a wish to put many food, and for this purpose it is necessary to buy many products. Not to get confused, buy all necessary from the first trip to shop, and superfluous to leave on shelves of a counter, the list is necessary very opportunely.

Drawing up the list of purchases for all occasions cannot be described. For this purpose it is required to create the whole blog on this subject. Therefore for an example I will tell how we with the spouse plan celebration of New year (it is pleasant to me most of all) and we make the list of purchases for a holiday table.

1. Before all preparations we sit down to a table and we write down on a clean sheet of paper of all guests what we want to invite to a holiday.

2. Then, relying on flavoring addictions of guests, we make the list of the New Year`s menu. And, of course, we do not forget the list of entertainments!

3. Proceeding from the made menu, we paint what products are necessary for a holiday table and in what quantity. We put down the approximate prices of each of them.

4. we Receive approximate financial expenses of celebration. If the turned-out figure seems to us too big, we watch where and what we can save on. For example, instead of cake it is possible to buy each guest till a portion of ice cream and to decorate it with a chocolate crumb or jam.

5. With the made list of products we go to wholesale shop behind purchases. Naturally, we receive a discount for the bought volume.

6. We are not millionaires therefore we divide the sum of the check of purchases into the number of the invited guests, and they compensate to us expenses. That is we celebrate a holiday by sharing the cost.

By means of such list of purchases we manage to celebrate perfectly New year for small money. Well, and after a holiday there are fine memoirs, a smell of champagne, tangerines … and money in a purse...

I advise you too to take this advice!