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Whether strategy of sales on the Internet is necessary?

of Yandex.

As of March, 2010 the share of the search market of Russia looks as follows: Yandex - 62,8%, Google - 21,9%, Rambler - 3%, Mail. ru - 8,4%. Apparently from data the search engine of Yandex with a big separation is in the lead in the Russian market and this dynamics remains. Yandex today it not only a search box, it, first of all the analytical tool for market researches and the biggest on coverage of audience the advertizing platform in the RuNet.

Interest of advertisers in Yandex consists in its big and constantly growing audience. According to TNS for February, 2010 the average day audience of Yandex on weekdays made more than 13 million people.

If to construct the schedule of attendance on months, then it is possible to see how the number of audience of Yandex in comparison with indicators of semi-annual prescription promptly grows.

the Main four pages which are visited most often by users of Yandex it is the Main page, the page with search results, services of Yandex. Mail and Yandex. Cards. Besides additional services (A car, Mail, Cards etc.) Yandex it, first of all search engine which processes every day more than 100 million inquiries of users, showing them in results of the reference to other websites. The analysis of demand and identification of inquiries the users connected with the made goods and the rendered services, sales markets and advance becomes the key moment for advertisers and marketing specialists .

What is inquiry and demand on the Internet?

the Inquiry is the universal form caused by information need and formulated by the user at the time of search. To understand how the user forms and to form inquiries it can is necessary not only to know well specifics of the goods, but also to know what inquiries are most effective. From millions of inquiries entered in a search box it is accepted to allocate three main groups:

• Navigation;

• Information;

• Transaction.

Navigation - inquiries in which the user expresses need to find a certain object or group of objects in the Internet or out of its limits (the address, phone). For example, it is possible to refer inquiries to navigation inquiries “hotels in Moscow“ or “the official site of Honda“.

Information - inquiries in response to which the user wants to obtain certain information in the form of responses, recommendations or the instruction. It is possible to carry to queries “nokia 5800 responses“, “how to collect a sliding wardrobe“.

Transaction - inquiries, in which the user has a desire in purchase of goods or the order of service expressed in an obvious form for example at such inquiries as “to buy the washing machine“, “the order of lunches in office“, “the order of pizza“. Usually transaction inquiries are followed by the specifying words: to buy, I will buy, to sell, I will sell, purchase, sale, the price, the prices, cost, a price - a leaf, delivery, the order to order etc.

Depending on goals before the Internet - only certain groups of inquiries and all can be a resource for it the most significant at once. If the website - the only platform for sales, for example the Internet - the shop, the website purpose not additional stimulation of sales from environment online in offline, namely increase in sales on the website, i.e. involvement of users, already ready to purchase, on the Internet, here the most valuable are transaction inquiries. These inquiries are usually entered when the user read reviews of goods, consulted to acquaintances, inquired and is already directly ready to the purchase. The buyer needs to choose only the seller.

In certain cases also the part of queries will be valuable, for example on demand “ of nokia 5800 responses “ the user wants to read reviews of concrete model of the mobile phone and in case of existence of positive responses, perhaps, will make the decision on purchase of these goods. In this case the inquiry “ of nokia 5800 responses “ plays an inquiry role, the answer to which will warm up or will cool the user to purchase. Such type of inquiries is important, first of all, for image of the company of the producer of these goods, in our case for the company of Nokia and to a lesser extent for retail sellers (Euroset, Coherent).

Often inquiries can belong to different groups, for example in inquiry “ where to buy the laptop in Moscow “ the navigation and transaction component is.

Demand on the Internet is an indicator of interest of users in certain goods and services. All demand on the Internet for goods and services can be compared with popularity of the keywords describing these goods or services in the form of various combinations of inquiries to a search engine. By means of service of statistics from Yandex it is possible to recognize the number of displays of keywords in a month, both by Russia, and by certain regions, to analyse dynamics of growth, seasonal jumps of interest of users, and the most important to learn that users looked for also with certain goods and services what keywords used for this purpose. For example, part of audience “ of hyundai which were looking for on demand “ look for as well by the wrong inquiries “ of hunday “, “ of hyndai “, “ of hynday “ and by inquiries on Cyrillics “ of Hyundai “ and “ hunday “.

Importance of key inquiries.

B the research conducted in 2009 by the company of Yandex “ Search on the Internet: as as users look for“ it became clear that the average length of inquiry of users makes three words and the fact that the share of the not repeating inquiries consisting of four and more words constantly grows. It means that the average user began to form the needs for inquiries more accurately. This research serves as powerful argument in favor of the fact that the number of users who carry out search constantly decreases, using only one word in inquiry.

We will consider distribution of interests of users on the example of inquiry “ the TV “, instead of it it was possible to take safely for the analysis such inquiries as “to phones “, “ of a curtain “, “ ceilings “, “ of a door “ etc. All these inquiries consist of one word and possess the lowest degree of transparency of final action of the user.

the number of displays of the word “ TV “ makes

according to Yandex 995984 in a month. Figure really impressive at first sight, but whether so it actually? Feature of such large number of displays, displays, but not demand, is connected with the fact that service of statistics of Yandex summarizes all inquiries in which the word “ TV “ in various forms met and gives to the user summarized information on it. By means of the special language operators “quotes“ it is possible to learn how many displays there was only on demand “ a TV “ as a result we receive value equal 21563 displays in a month that than the total amount of all inquiries with the word “ TV “ is 46 times less.

In inquiry “ the TV “ as well as in other brief inquiries, contains different percent of transaction, navigation and information. All this is shown in a chain of inquiries with the word “ TV “ - “ where to buy the TV “ - “ to buy the TV of Samsung “ - “ to buy the TV of Samsung 32 “ - “ of Samsung 32b653 “ or “32b652 “ in each subsequent inquiry the user states to of Samsung the desire in purchase of the TV from a certain producer and with the necessary size of diagonal of the screen more and more accurately.

Also as well as in inquiry “TV“ in inquiries “ of Samsung 32b653 “ and “ of Samsung 32b652 “ is a different share of transaction, navigation and information, but advantage of these inquiries consists that the user accurately looks for a certain model of the TV and its readiness for final action, namely for purchase is much higher.

Ultimate goal?
can not always choose by

Without clear understanding of an ultimate goal a right point of start, to thereby increase expenses and time for achievement of the purpose and return of investments, finally without having met expectations from the Internet. Any action has to have a definite purpose - increase of sales of production, filling with the user of a form of the application on the website, increase in calls to office, viewing of several pages of the website, branding, increase of loyalty of audience etc. - also the owner of the website has to understand it!

For formation of strategy it is necessary to answer first of all a number of questions - on what price segment production (“laksher“, a premium - a class, average, low) what sales the company retail or wholesale (the producer, the supplier, the retailer) conducts, the main region of sales of products (Moscow, St. Petersburg), the main advantages of production and the company in comparison with competitors is calculated (free shipping, long time in the market, only positive responses, the international awards). All these data will help to understand better specifics of business of the company and to develop for it the most effective advertizing company on the Internet with use only of certain types of advertizing.

the Different purposes - different strategy!
we will pass

directly Now to figures since they directly show the cost of this or that strategy and are the most important indicator for the advertiser. Applying the automated services as independent sources, we recognize the approximate cost of advance in a top - 10 Yandex by our inquiry “TV“: webeffector. ru - 59 400 rubles, of seopult. ru - 29 000 rubles, of rookee. ru - 24 000 rubles we will also take still inquiries “to of Samsung 32b653 “ and “ of Samsung 32b652 “ for additional comparison. We receive the approximate average cost of advance of inquiry “TV“ in the range of 38 000 rubles . Not below this cost advance of this inquiry in average SEO - the company will begin, most likely the cost of advance of the website will be much more and terms of advance will begin from 4 - x months, but everything of course depends on the website and on SEO - the company.

The average cost of advance of inquiries “ of Samsung 32b653 “ and “ of Samsung 32b652 “ and to them similar fluctuates at the level of 200 - 400 rubles with average quantity at the level of 300 displays in a month. We learn what approximately the number of displays “ of Samsung 32b653 “ and similar inquiries can receive cost for a touch, having refused only one inquiry “ the TV “, we receive displays that all the same it is more, than the number of displays only on demand “ the TV “. This strategy of use of a large number of model inquiries perfectly approaches for the Internet - shops of electronics and household appliances where a large number of goods from different producers is collected. Think, maybe, it is worth refusing such inquiries as “ the refrigerator “, “ the washing machine “ etc.?

At any strategy including for the Internet - shop, it is necessary to consider two factors - regional popularity and forecasting of demand of users.

The special attention needs to be paid to of regional popularity the chosen inquiries which is that Yandex by a number of inquiries (geodependent) in various regions shows the local websites in delivery. Can happen so that demand by this inquiry seemingly essential, but not in your region, you as the advertiser will spend time and funds for advance of this inquiry, and the predicted inflow of target audience will not happen. The companies which want to expand the markets of the sale in other regions need to consider it, first of all.

of Another not to exchange important indicator forecasting of demand of users. For example, in drawing it is possible to see above that the peak of demand of users on demand “32b653 “ falls of Samsung on December - January, but it is visible that interest began to grow since May.

But what it gives and how it to use? It is just that example when inquiries become outdated and, eventually, demand for them to aspire to zero. Usually the inquiries connected with new technologies - computers, equipment, electronics etc. are doomed to such death. The large-scale advertizing campaign of the producer on TV and other offline channels (radio, billboards) which provoke interest of users in this product and on the Internet is started anew. Further retail distribution networks with the advertizing are connected. This interest is stirred throughout all time of carrying out an advertizing campaign, it is just visible that on New Year`s Eve demand becomes maximum that is perhaps connected with purchase of these goods as a gift at a discount. Further the advertizing campaign comes to an end, the goods become outdated, and demand for it begins to fall. The period of life of this inquiry about half a year, further the producer releases replacement of outdated model, and history repeats again.

If you a retail distribution network of consumer electronics also know that to be available for sale soon new model of goods and the producer it will be obligatory to carry out an advertizing campaign, then it is necessary to announce as soon as possible the page with these goods on the website even if it is not on sale yet. In advance having begun advance you will avoid excess costs of the subsequent advertizing and fight for the user against competitors, here the main thing to be the first in time so far demand only begins to gain steam.

The main problem in strategy of involvement of buyers through Yandex is the constant analysis and elimination of hundreds of dead inquiries, forecasting of demand for new goods with the choice of the optimum channel of involvement of buyers for the Internet - shop - advance by inquiries, a contextual advertizing, Yandex. Market, banner advertizing.

One more obvious example from other subject is tourist inquiries of a look “ rest in Turkey in August, 2010 “ demand on which it is possible to predict long before its maximum peak. Often the advertiser chooses for advance inquiries like “ rest in Turkey in August, 2010 “ when on it there is already a considerable reduction of demand. If in time to predict increase in demand and to reveal the greatest number of such inquiries, then it is possible to begin works on advance and optimization of the website before competitors and it is essential to save time and means. And cost is the main moment for the advertiser.

of ROI (Return on Investment).
fast return on customer acquisition since it for successful development needs to type a certain number of orders is very important

For the young company and to calm down, process clients and again to start advertizing for further development and expansion of the company in general, and image and big coverage of audience, t is important for the company which settled long-term. e this company already has regular customers and can wait with return of investments throughout the long period of time.

Each owner of the website and the advertiser has to understand that publicity expenses have to pay off. But how it is possible to understand and choose the most profitable advertizing media on the Internet? What the most important for the website - to be in a top of a search engine on keywords? Perhaps, but positions it is only the intermediate stage in a chain the user - inquiry - a traffic - the website - sale . You sometime thought of that how many users, visiting to you the website, become clients? And how many is not present and why?

A big and constant traffic on the website - it is good, but the most important consists in achievement of definite purposes for each organization. For the majority of the organizations it can be increase in sales or the income from the carried-out advertizing campaign. For others, it can be advance of concrete goods or service on the market. An important point in SEO is granting not just a traffic, and granting a qualitative target traffic which can perform certain operations on the website (to call or buy). Well thought over of SEO of strategy will help to receive clients, ready to purchase.