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Let`s talk?

... The people at us are surprised that it “does not understand“. It is in my opinion quite logical what does not understand, nobody, nobody, and nothing; and to understand why, it is possible just looking from outside at own behavior. Whether somebody is only able to look?

People are divided into two big categories. They are divided into

A) of those who are sure that all have to it,

B) and on of those who will contact with other beings ONLY if to it to pick up the password... the password in this case elementary - it is necessary to exorcise

A to this representative of the second category correctly.

Ya representative of the second half of mankind. Because on the child`s question (and is more often than the adult) “and how much is a horse?“ I in all seriousness will answer: “Three thousand euros“. Also it is not necessary to run supposedly I to you am rude - that was asked, received. Ah, you wanted to drive? Here it that..... Well also ask: “How much is to drive on a horse?“, and the children you learn to talk CORRECTLY. If you are not, be not surprised then why your children leave with a hysterics after conversation with the representative of the aforesaid second half of mankind - yes because I will seriously not talk to the person who through the word speaks “OK“ and “yes“, writes on the Internet the word “of course“ through “and“ and “ô“, puts a neutral gender where it is not necessary and so on, well you understood me. Let`s not moralize - and to laugh here... When it is ridiculous, then it is not terrible.

And what to demand from children when they have before eyes an example of parents? If their own mother is not able even elementary things politely at all and to ask correctly. Konno - a sports complex, I stand on a parade-ground, I conduct occupation. A call from a parade-ground protection: “Girl! And you do not know, how much?“ You ponder upon a question. Well where to disappear. I turn: “I do not know“. It from - for a fence begins to tell something about “normally there it is necessary to answer“. And you normally ask at first. In - the first what I to you the girl, in - the second, how much is THAT specifically, in - the third, “you do not know“ all - it is necessary to use appropriately. And that is not visible - I stand in the middle of a parade-ground and I tell something to the rider, rysyashchy around me, there - well I know nothing! So, incidentally came. In gaiters, in spurs, in a working prikid, with a scourge and kordy in a hand.

No, of course, it is possible to object what answering carps. That he actually understood everything, just here, the infection such, clings to words.

Yes, understood, and yes, carps. Matter in the following: people perfectly distinguish a spontaneous emotional question (“oh and as so“) from the question directed (“and what is it?“). That is the pupil driving, the first time in the city, one second prior to a vletaniye in a traffic light rack, the uttering “Pancake, and where????!!!!“ - it essentially differs from the pedestrian who stopped to ask the militiaman “Oh and where here this that with curve turn on the left?“. And to formulate “And where to me to find Kukuyev Street?“ it is necessary just to think and formulate second. And that the militiaman for the sake of a trick will send you to the neighboring area to look for there curve turn on the left.

The same can be told also about communication in a network. Why to roll barrels of claims for the moderator who deletes your posts for the reason that in them there is no comma? Whether it is simpler to throw the text in Word, he will correct all mistakes. It will be - precisely! - quicker, than to prove to the moderator that he - here a reptile! - clings to words...

And then “do not understand“.

Fortunately - I dare to hope - the second category of people slowly nevertheless grows. Because it is already impossible to read all those dregs which fill a network, to listen to talk in some curve language on streets and to remain indifferent. Perhaps, and the culture of communication of communication with it at us though a little bit will grow.