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Stretch ceiling: in what pluses? Modern construction technologies relieve convenience of available innovations

of excess cares not only result after repair. Originality of rational decisions allows to make even process of repair fast and imperceptible! Stretch ceilings - evident to that an example.

Level of complexity of execution of stretch ceilings the most different. Whether it be the simplest option of a ceiling in the room of the small area with the built-in dot lamp or a multilevel stretch ceiling in the huge hall - effect is equally good!

Stretch ceilings are issued in the form of polymeric films. Most often on sale it is possible to meet polyvinylchloride stretch ceilings, however abundance of other qualitative polymers expands a possibility of the choice.

PVC - ceilings as a product of unique chemical synthesis possess those necessary properties which cannot technically be received at arrangement of a classical ceiling. Ideally plain surface without the slightest defects is noticeable advantage of a stretch ceiling at once.

Of course, quite really to invite crew of skilled professionals and to make a similar, but traditional ceiling … Difference only that installation of a stretch ceiling takes only several hours and is not followed by noise, dust, the mountain of garbage and dirt.

By the way, feature of installation of a stretch ceiling allows to use favourably space between a basic and new ceiling. Here it is easy to lay communication elements - an electrical wiring, air-channels, fire extinguishing system connectors, telephone and modem wires. The air layer over a stretch ceiling in addition heat-insulates the room from climate outside.

It is fully difficult to imagine the choice of color and impressive scale of stretch ceilings. For detailed acquaintance it is better to use the catalog and to choose what suits you.

It is possible to pick up a stretch ceiling under any interior with such opportunities! And the interior can be the most different, these ceilings meet the European standards. It means that installation is allowed both in a nursery, and in kitchen, and in sanitary rooms, and even in the conditions of some is industrial - customer services!

For reliability of a stretch ceiling it is not necessary to doubt - a guarantee of producers more than for ten years more than inspires trust. Operation even in severe conditions does not change appearance of a ceiling and its properties.

Durability, moisture-proofness, protection against a mold fungus, micropore of the “breathing“ polymer of a film do a stretch ceiling by a harmonious component of a healthy microclimate of the room.

Cost obvious advantages of a stretch ceiling is not so expensive as it can seem at first sight.

The price of ordinary PVC - a cloth of a stretch ceiling will make from 230 to 550 rubles for 1 quarter. m depending on a brand of the producer.

Unusual decisions in the form of a varnish stretch ceiling or stylization under suede, polish, a metallic will go about 1 500 rubles beyond 1 sq.m

the cost of metal profiles and other adjusting and additional equipment - for example, dot lamps is added To the designated prices that will average from 1 000 to 2 000 rubles.

For comparison count in how many traditional repair of a ceiling will manage.

Installation and delivery are usually included in the price of a stretch ceiling though additional payment can undertake the stipulated conditions of complexity of installation.

should be told about difficulties of installation separately. For the person who does not have experience with stretch ceilings even simple conditions of installation can become excessive. There is an uncountable set of subtleties and trifles which knowledge comes only with professionalism in installation of this type of ceilings. Hardly there is a sense to establish independently bought stretch ceiling in the absence of skill and a necessary set of the specific tool. The result is predictable - you will spoil an expensive ceiling before you manage to establish it.

Trust work to experts and be satisfied with result. Let the stretch ceiling please you with perfection and a practicality, innovations come just to improve our life, becoming its part.