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How “The nightmare on Vyazov Street“ was created?

at the beginning of 80 - x, after an exit “Fridays, 13 - e“, in a genre of a slasher came the temporary calm alternated by frequent repetitions, “reflections on a subject“ and frankly foolish hand-made articles which names safely sank into oblivion.

And here unexpectedly for all to the film market there was a little-known studio New Line Cinema which released the mystical horror film “Nightmare on Vyazov Street“ in November, 1984. The former university professor Wes Craven for whom at that time several projects of different degree of success were already registered became the director - the director of this film hit: “The Last House on the Left“ (1972), “And at hills is eyes“ (1977) and “A marsh creature“ (1982).

“Nightmare“ was the real break for Craven, having brought the whole series of direct continuations to life and having made the main anti-hero, Freddie Kruger, one of the most recognizable film villains for all history of cinema. The performer of his role, the former television actor Robert Inglund, became suddenly a genre star, and Craven at last gained recognition among colleagues from shop.

The first working version of the scenario of “Nightmare“ was written in 1981, and the main subject line is thought over even earlier. Once Craven came across a note in LATimes telling about group of the Cambodian teenagers who did not have visible communication with each other, however seeing similar nightmares. In a note it was also noted that a little from them died in a dream subsequently.

This story awakened interest in a subject in Craven. He devoted several months to studying of a question, paying special attention to the nature of a dream and nightmares. The illogical, incoherent structure of dreams became the main subject of the scenario though the director perfectly understood that one of this you will not entice the viewer; it extremely needed a bright rascally type which had to direct all round dance.

Being a child, Craven was strongly frightened once the tramp who stood near their house and stared at the child in a window. Every time when Wes came back to look out on the street, that still stood on the place as if enjoying the frightening effect which had on the boy. Approximately at the same time Craven clashed with the schoolmate by the name of Fred Kruger whose name he named not only the main villain of “A nightmare on Vyazov Street“, but also the leading antagonist in the debut tape “The Last House on the Left“. In addition, exerted impact on a generalized character of Freddie and Peter Vudkok`s crime, the famous Canadian serial murderer of the fiftieth arrested in 1957. In 1982, later quarter of the century, Vudkok officially replaced a name, having become Michael David Kruger.

Satisfied with a final version of the scenario, Craven began to offer it to various studios, but the majority let it go whistle until eventually the head of the company New Line Cinema, Robert Shaye, agreed to meet the director and to discuss a plot. Till 1982 New Line was engaged only in hire of foreign movies, then Shaye issued the first original project of studio, the horror film “One in Darkness“ (1982) which director was Jack Sholder (later the headed sequel “A nightmare on Vyazov Street 2: Freddie`s revenge“). Robert Shaye so like Craven`s ideas that agreed to enclose practically all means which were available for it in this project. Thus, if the producer did not dissemble, the success of “Nightmare“ was vital for it because the picture failure automatically meant bankruptcy of its film studio.

Meanwhile Craven who received green light closely was engaged in casting where he succeeded more than ever. The role of the main film villain the movie, murderers of teenagers in Springvuda, the State of Ohio, by the name of Freddie Kruger, as a result departed to Robert Inglund. At 36 - the summer actor at that time in a track record there were already about 30 television tapes, low budget movie theaters and participation in series “Night Court“ and “V: Last fight“. Despite persistent work, Inglund was a working horse, the imperceptible actor, without name and glory. Nevertheless, its magnificent impersonation of Kruger in many respects became the reason of broad success of a picture. Inglund made the character incredibly charismatic, terrible and menacing what, unfortunately, completely disappeared in the subsequent numerous continuations.

The most skilled in a cast can consider the veteran of cinema John Saxon who behind shoulders had already more than 70 movies, including series “San Street - Frantsisko“, “the Dragon Exit“ with Bruce Lee, “Black Christmas“ (1974) Bob Clark, “The electric rider“ (1979) Sidney Pollack and “Shiver“ of Italian Dario Argento. Little-known nineteen-year-old Heather Lengenkemp got the central role of Nancey, the main character resisting to Kruger.

One more actor, whose film debut took place in “A nightmare on Vyazov Street“ is a well-known Johnny Depp, then still the beginning guitarist who came to listening to encourage the friend Jack Erli Haley. On strange combination of circumstances 26 years later Haley everything is managed to be attached in a picture, more precisely in its remake of 2010 where he played already Kruger. And then, in far already 1984, producers decided that Depp suits them much more and offered him a role of the best friend of Nancey, Glen Lantts. It is honest to admit, his character was remembered to the viewer only by the effective death, being drained in in a bed with the subsequent fountain of blood.

The final scene of the movie became the main reason of disputes between the director and the producer. As we remember after Nancey won against Kruger reality, she wakes up in the morning and finds out that all her died friends are live, whole and safe again. However when she gets to them into the car to go to school, suddenly there is Kruger and drags off in the house her mother standing on a porch. In spite of the fact that Shaye swore that he and in thoughts does not have to do a catch for the sequel, it`s a no-brainer, that the similar open ending was conceived in order that in case of financial success of the movie easily and just to remove continuation. The similar decision did not suit Craven, but he consoled himself in thought that the movie everything is is finished.

Shaye managed to come with a ready picture to a film studio of Paramount Pictures as which favourably in the market with a slasher “Friday was already succeeded to act, 13 - e“. However Frank Mankuzo Jr. who recently held a post of the chairman of the board of directors of the company refused to buy a tape for hire, having motivated the decision with unwillingness of the audience to watch film about some dreams. Pomykavshis, Shaye decided to be engaged in hire of “Nightmare“ independently.

“The nightmare on Vyazov Street“ came out the American movie theaters on November 16, 1984 on 165 platforms, having earned more than 1,2 million in premier days off. dollars that paid back practically at once the budget. Total collecting the movie in the USA made 25,5 million that New Line Cinema in the highest league instantly removed. Unfortunately, the subsequent continuations of a picture which officially there are six pieces, could not repeat heat and frightening effect of the original. Absolutely silly, though effectively shot picture “Freddie against Jason“ where the Hollywood film figures, suffering a total shortage of fresh ideas, brought together together two most popular film villains 80 became deification of the franchize - x.

In 2009 long resting Craven, being an owner of “Nightmare“, at last was given and agreed to bless a picture remake which was not slow to appear in April, 2010. A big event the new “Nightmare on Vyazov Street“ of Samuel Bayer did not become though in the financial plan it was very successful.

Nevertheless, most of the viewers admit the responses that the original of 1984 could not surpass a remake.