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Whether it makes sense to legalize prostitution completely?

If strike the state demand for intim - services, but not the offer, then positive shifts in a solution of the problem of prostitution it will become available. But where pluses, on the other hand, loom also problems.

In the absence of the offer from prostitutes different perverts, maniacs and just those men and guys who have no constant girlfriends / mistresses / wives become more active. And the nature will demand the. If earlier perverts had an opportunity to experiment with “moths“, then with prostitution disappearance they will be deprived of a similar opportunity. Maniacs who work without witnesses (went on the route, picked up the prostitute, left unnoticed) will be switched by in a mass order to ordinary girls and women .

Part of men and guys who satisfied sexual requirements with prostitutes earlier will be forced to make violence against ordinary citizens. Part of citizens, those that not “shy ten“, will show to tyrants rigid resistance. Thus, the general crime rate of heavy structure (murders, rapes, drawing a heavy beating) will go up considerably. As if to society not to choke in a stream of this blood . As we see, and here everything is difficult.

Then in order to avoid similar to “big blood“, maybe, to arrive differently and to forbid nothing, and on the contrary, “to release reins“? Can it makes sense to legalize completely prostitution ? As already made in the Netherlands, for example. Girls, that are busy there in sex - the industries, pass regular survey at doctors. As law-abiding citizens pay taxes. Present, as if it looked in a civilized way at us!

You come to a brothel, choose the girl as a dish from the menu at restaurant. Further in the list sex - services you tick off near those points which you wish to turn with the maiden. The computer calculates the total cost of the order, you pay it. The pimp or the souteneur beats out the check on the cash register and gives him to you. If you demand, then will draw you also the standard cash-memo. The name - girls / girls. A unit of measure - piece . The price with the VAT - such - that.

Perhaps, the accounts department of your enterprise will even pay this bill if the campaign in a brothel took place in business trip! And if you reached on a trip good business - results, then why to the employee not to relax? The front lines conceiving in a new way heads will give a green light to payment of similar travelers. Moreover, time you officially buy service (in our case - the body of the prostitute), is held by you commodity and cash checks, operation of the Law on consumer protection extends to this transaction . The rule of return of goods or money in case goods or service were not pleasant to you, nobody cancelled.

Those two weeks, and in special cases - and more. Thus, it turns out that at low-quality service from “moth“ or “a night moth“ (for women), you can demand to return money. Or to replace as it is told in the Law, “goods of inadequate quality on similar, similar in the characteristics“. It turns out that official organizers of a brothel, say, of of LLC Babochki i preziki corporation, will be obliged to provide you other prostitute or to return money if you remained are not satisfied with quality of the rendered services or characteristics of goods. In case of refusal LLC Babochki i preziki corporation to accept your claim, you can refer to regional inspectorate for consumer protection. If you know the rights, then as practice shows, will meet requirements of you.

All this will be possible when fixing prostitution on a legal framework of the state. Human rights activists will support a similar step of the authorities (prostitution legalization). I believe, the reason is available here: the free identity of the free country has the right to make the decision in a question whether to go it on the panel or, say, to sweep streets. But on the other hand, the following turns out: on which such state which “washes hands“ in a problem of moral self-determination of the citizen / citizen is necessary! Why such state which speaks to the citizens: “You want on the panel? Please! You are a free identity of the free country! We even created you conditions for successful work!“.

And all! It is not necessary to bring up anybody, to train, somewhere to direct. It is not necessary to think out national idea of identification of the people. In the USSR the person was a builder of communism. In the USA - the money hunter, the businessman, the businessman, the cool guy. Right there more and more simply - be whom want, only leave alone the authorities! You wish to be a birdie? Climb on a roof and jump down, only previously pay bills of municipal services, funeral bureau, janitors, gardeners, doctors, militias and other. That is all people who will participate in elimination of damage from your suicide. For example, to scrub away your remains from asphalt.

No, as you can see, full legalization of prostitution - too not the best exit . But here if to combine legalization with powerful propaganda activities among the population where the postulate (in - the first) will become the rod moment that prostitution, even legal, it is bad, harmful, dangerous to be engaged, also all is not prestigious in such plan. And in - the second that it is better to have a family, any work (even if to sweep streets), to raise children - all this more naturally to the woman. In - the third - the man removing the prostitute risks health, reputation, psychological comfort too.

At such massive attack to consciousness of ordinary people legalization of prostitution is represented let and not ideal, but nevertheless a big step forward in the solution of this most ancient problem.