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How I grew thin? All last year I carried out

to the USA. As all know it is strange people, to put it mildly not the small size. Why so?! Likely because the power supply system, namely the well-known fast food is very developed, and, above all by all it is very loved. Having appeared there, I could not keep and try different cafes, compare at whom hamburgers it is better and to understand that a fast food symbol in Russia - McDonald`s not the best institution where it is possible to try unhealthy food.

After fast food I began to try kitchens of the different countries of the world, new to me. And naturally later such investigations and tastings I began to grow, by leaps and bounds. For half a year I recovered on 10 kg. For me it it was impossible and to admit to himself it, too there was no wish. But the result of my stay in the USA was on the person and it is unambiguously not that result which I wanted. Therefore I began to think of different methods of weight loss. Found a set of councils for weight loss in the Internet. But frankly speaking they did not help. Therefore I remembered that the main thing in this case Not to guzzle! On this way I also decided to go. Namely: I limited the portions twice, ceased to eat after six (it is banal isn`t that so?) and just cleaned sweet and farinaceous food from the diet. At first I was very much pleased by result, the tummy decreased in the eyes, cheeks as well as did not happen, but legs everything did not want to grow thin in any way. It depends also on my constitution, legs at me grow thin in the last turn, and the worst is the fact that very slowly. Therefore simple restrictions in food began not to be enough and my weight just stopped. It was necessary to go to the hall, in itself I am very lazy, but what you will not do for the sake of achievement of the purpose, especially such purpose!

does not promise you to dump my method of weight loss on three kilograms, lying on a sofa. It is necessary to sweat, running on a racetrack or swinging a press! It what I did. I began from 15 minutes on a racetrack and 50 stomach exercises 25 on the top chats and 25 on lower. In two weeks I passed for 30 minutes of run on average the mode and 100 exercises of a press. The main thing that it is for this purpose not obligatory to go to the hall. It is quietly possible to swing a press at home, and to run on the street, prsoto to maintain speed.

That I can tell you the first week the most difficult. Because in one week as promise announcements on the Internet, to grow thin it will not turn out! Even forget to think! Month at least, but it of course depends on the weight which should be dumped! But of course will power to refuse to itself in many respects what atk got used to, also in that to force itself to be engaged is necessary, and the main thing not to get behind an additive during a lunch! But I am sure that at you everything will turn out as it poulchitsya at me and I dumped 15 kg!