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REASON, MEASURE and money...

it is Infinitely possible to decline various parts of information on itself, the world - also as it is possible to consider each branch on a huge tree and to draw an own conclusion about its structure, a form, number … the Infinite number of opportunities and experience is opened by

to our perception … Only one question passes

from generation to generation, from one time in another - who we and where we go are. … And the answer to it for the majority recent will be removed in darkness of night more and more. And not because they are stupid and silly but because they do not even ask such question …

Today for the majority are already even not a question, and so - a vicious entertainment for boring philosophers who have nothing to do from poverty essential, here they also toil …

the World changed …. The world changed so that it is already impossible to tell anything deep without you were not carried to number of boring and poor clever men.

Business captured all live and lifeless. Business held down minds and pierced hearts still once, not so long ago live and fighting in unison with the rivers, the seas, rains, birds, friendly views, warm words, joyful smiles, fresh flowers, delicate aromas to matins - dewy herbs and is noisy - smoky evening fires … Today the majority is almost strongly convinced by

that business is the truth and the right of life …

I if accidentally you where - or you will object apropos: money it … And will not allow to finish speaking you that! Why you consider that money - it is bad? You became outdated! Money - only energy! Money - only energy which moves everything! If you deny energy - means, you deny life! Such is a life formula today. … So much books about it are written, it is published so much … You read: about the Rich father? Esteem! Both buy and sell … safely. It is good. Money - it is good! …

I would not start so unambiguously judging money and their noble role in this our life, but I also do not hurry to abuse them as I, of course understand that money it is only paper in our hands. But, if I have a reason, I can ask a question - who and when they were invented and what for?

Ya not by the critic of modern society and its values. I just want to understand what is reason and what is intelligent life …

Ya I want to differentiate initial concepts of time, energy, space - to see in it the primitive picture of life. In it, in this picture I will be able to define the highest major quality of life for myself and it is possible for others too.

I if I know, thus, the highest criteria of life, I will be able precisely to define influence of energy of money for us. Positively it or to a large extent nevertheless is harmful. And that to learn it, it is not obligatory for me to read all these best-sellers about money …

the Space is the world in which potentially there live ideas, thoughts, images as plant juice

which did not prove on a surface in the form of a flower, a leaf or a fruit … yet the Space is separated from time, a transition phase. Time is relative, the space is absolute. The transition phase - from an absolute state in relative and vice versa - is energy. And if it so, - that is juice in a plant, is also a fruit on a surface and there is an energy which showed this juice, having created from it this sweet juicy fruit. The nature mechanism is so simply arranged. So, eventually, also we are arranged. But whether life everywhere around us is so arranged? What the organization of the live environment in the nature differs from our public organization in?

Where in this natural mechanism the place for money? Today say that money is an energy which moves everything to lives. Perhaps, also moves something to lives. But life hardly. If we look at a thing and we consider it valuable to ourselves - this thing to become practical, it serves us. But notice - it is we, our attention, energy in us made this thing valuable.

If someone once looked at piece of paper on which the figure was drawn, and made this thing valuable to himself, and then convinced of it others - it does not mean that paper became energy, it simply means that this security on service of people.

Energy and remained in us, in the person. Energy of life which moves everything.

So, there is a space - the person, energy in it and time - paper which became a means of exchanging and serves the person. At first sight, nothing in it bad - purely natural mechanism …

We can return to our tree and sit under its krone. When it happens, thoughts are built in accurate links of one chain, everything harmonously and easily begins to follow the turn. … It is called meditation.

Everything in wildlife moves consistently and to interrelations with all the rest. Therefore - from juice at first the gentle small stalk is shown, then on it bark, then leaflets, then flowers and only appears then fruits appear and ripen. When these fruits grow ripe, break them or they fall down and from them, from their seeds new escapes of a plant appear. The cycle of life of one tree is connected with cycles of life of all community of trees. So in the nature - nothing superfluous, everything serves one, and one serves everything. there is no

anything conditional or average, on the qualities everything is equivalent rotates around the idea to grow.

Concerning energy - time - paper, it not absolutely so. Money has conditional size. We got used to consider that 100 it is more than 1, and it is purely formal intellectual, it is possible to tell - not natural party. I will explain. For the nature one small peach, is also valuable, as well as one hundred big because the stone from a small peach can grow in a peach tree, and stones from one hundred big peaches can not sprout at all. And it will not be loss too for it since they will become part of humus for growth of other plants. So in the nature concerning everything. In the nature there are no ours socially - conditional divisions: it is more - less, it is better - worse, more beautifully - more ugly etc. For us of course 100 dollars are more and better than 1 dollar. But for the nature everything is equivalent. Each small insect or a blade serves as food or fertilizer in the nature for something bigger. Everything is cyclic and everything is valuable. In a case with money is absolutely not so. At all neprirodno. Unnaturally. Artificially and formally. And all of us know it. Also we continue to use and support this fiction, for the sake of. … For the sake of what?

This legalized fiction, we will call it so, is temporary convention, or deception which was accepted by society, for simplification as separate individuals of this society are expressed, the socially economic relationship that allegedly serves society in general. I.e. speaking more simply, the formal public principle is extolled over the natural law of the nature or as still sometimes speak: lie - in rescue. Well it and is clear for those who stood at the origins of acceptance of this white lie, or for those whom is to whom to educate. … But for other part of society - all this a dark. What is directed allegedly for service to society - turned this society into a dark with cruel laws of a survival. Why?

As opposed to this convention - we will take such conditional situation. All know that the car moves thanks to the fact that inside, under a cowl the powerful engine in interaction works with all knots and units of this car. Therefore it quietly rushes on the highway, sometimes changing the direction and speed of the movement. But if suddenly this car is fond of a stream in which it is and will begin to move, interacting only with other cars carried away by their inertia and speed. … It will proceed some time, but for the car it to end with nothing good.

When the person, forgetting about the power source, begins to pay the most part of attention to formal energy - to conventional units and it is supported by most of people in society, without appropriate education is and is called a crisis situation.

It is only one of the reasons to think of what is money and about their influence on us. whether

we are Always adequate in relation to money and to all volume to what they serve? Whether always we are practical so that are not taken by others interests and ideas? And whether we are always sure that foreign monetary ideas carry away us in the right direction, but not in a bog where, having come to be once, we will learn to justify any dirt? There are a lot more reasons to ask themselves such question, and many various mechanisms of transformation of energy of money are offered. But before speaking about a possibility of transformation of energy of money or qualities of time - an external factor, it is necessary to find such unshakable pure environment … a flask … space which will serve as the base for such transformation.

Someone thinks that, earning “dirty“ money and giving part from them of church or to orphanages etc. - it resolves an energy transformation issue? You look what the church and what attitude towards children in these “children`s“ houses turned today into! Church by and large, same formal public structure subject to inertia of money, as well as any other structure. What to tell about all charitable organizations where people more gathered poor and surviving on deposits and sponsorship … Transformation of rough energy does not happen at the rough level.

Processes of the real transformation happen in depth, on thin standards of living. It can be only environment where there is a net energy for transformation. Such environment and energy its direct source - the person having the unlimited internal creative potential of own consciousness can possess.

In the ancient Veda it is told: Yoga sta chicken pocket: Having been established in Yoga, in purity of own field of life - make actions. whether

is in the world of the people who settled in this field of purity Much ready to undertake energy transformation?

Today`s person, first of all has the right to know who is he is actually, about that energy which in him, about an opportunity to operate this own energy or attention, being in meditation to learn space, time and symmetric sizes by own experience. Know about macro and a microcosm. About the quantum theory of the Uniform field. About theories of supersymmetry. About Langranzhian`s theorem. Then, and this it is conditional - a single white lie - and all this marketingovo - information education with the laws of the jungle will not create from society in which we live this dark and terrible wood with the unknown tomorrow. When tsar - existence the Reason, occupies the primordial throne in our mind, then all servants become in the places. But so far on its place money … good do not wait - ahead only for crisis.

For life - the measure is necessary. But on me so, it is better to learn to measure approximately and not to be mistaken, trusting itself more, than to use the spoiled public scales with greedy dealers. Always there is also a possibility of a direct exchange or barter as it is accepted to call it now. Generally, decide - that there is a reason and that money … Shanti`s


Siam Sundar