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Whether it is possible to cure a depression physical exercises?

In the Western world call a depression plague of the 21st century. Well, it at them with fat. Everything is excellent, and suddenly something not so, and all - run to the psychotherapist, the benefit, at them these psychotherapists - as at us stray dogs. Unlike the West, depressions are not so widespread in Russia, and concern no more than 10% of the population. But it is all the same unpleasant. It is necessary to treat.

Depressions cause, first of all, daily stresses and an overstrain which collect, without receiving a discharge. At a depression - an oppressed intellectual state - rest for the head is required. But rest does not mean physical rest for mind at all. Rest and a dream are required after physical activities, and the best rest and a discharge for mind consist in tension of muscles. Muscles earned, there was a cheerfulness, and together with it - intellectual energy.

Thus, the muscular discharge in the form of physical activity can be one of ways of a discharge from depressions. Not for nothing Japanese entered at work special places where the employee can beat his rubber copy or at least a rubber pear instead of hated shape of the chief.

Generally if the person is busy and keen on any interesting business, the depression is excluded. But not all are so lucky! As one our blogger told: “When to me work privalivat, the depression vanishes, - work brings in the income!“ And that it is necessary to the rest - to accept antidepressants? Fortunately, the alternative is revealed. And here we are forced to address miracles of the American science again. In America discovery is made that physical exercises can treat depressions . Psychotherapists on number concede it in America only to lawyers.

Generally that a depression it is possible to treat physical exercises the American scientists learned absolutely incidentally. They noticed that in 25 minutes of fitness classes (too the American invention) at the person the mood improves, he ceases to be nervous and becomes more vigorous. It appeared, at not really strong susceptibility to depressions physical exercises can quite replace drugs which are not harmless to people at all.

At university of the city of Dallas experiment (it after opening that fitness cures depressions) was made during which one part of volunteers of 150 minutes a week received moderate loadings, and other part - for 75 minutes the strengthened loadings. Also it turned out that the strengthened loadings worked against a depression better, than moderate. Thus, fat should be driven moderate loadings, and to drive away depressions - the strengthened loadings. And a combination of that and another, probably, it is possible to achieve both results (it is my own conclusion, it is necessary to check on mice).

In the different western countries within 30 years, since 1980 - x years of the XX century when depressions proved especially strongly, observations over different groups of the people subject to depressions were made. It appeared, as among the people who are regularly doing morning exercises, depressions meet many times less often. And if happen, then pass easier and quicker.

As found out scientific, active physical exercises have the same properties, as the medical supplies protecting people from a depression. People who daily at least on half an hour rode the bicycle went on foot, swam etc., practically did not complain of depressions. Generally, sport, hobbies different there and communication with people around - the best depression medicines.

So we will strike with physical exercises chagrin, depressions and other unpleasant states! Practise, practise and once again practise, and everything will be good!