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Whether it is possible to graduate from School of Life with the Gold medal? “A century live whether a century study …“

It is possible to graduate from School of Life with the Gold medal? “A century live, a century study …“

the Question not idle, not rhetorical. Not one thousand years, generation behind generation, people study, study and study … to what they study? At whom? When it comes to an end? How to estimate knowledge? And absolutely very heavy question - for what?

If in your consciousness there does not live the such sverbinka haunting you in life if you have no feeling something very big, you unexpressed, not sung, not played, not drawn, etc., accompanying your life; if you do not believe, that you can, if very much want to fly, for example, (not very well how) far beyond not only visible, but also imagined, then do not read further better, do not stuff the head - go down stream of the standardized thoughts, do not try to understand anything, expect, hope, grumble on destiny, be surprised to the casual victories and defeats … About what the speech will go here, these oversized for thirsty gold and money of terrestrial hell, thought and corresponding to them Thin energy of the highest orders, not for you.

In our life a lot of things depend on how to treat this or that event. The most convenient, unsubstantiated frame of reference - is religions. At the same time, all religions as in a mirror reflect in themselves public processes. For example, religions differ from each other as the nations and nationalities, and show unity and conflict of opposites and this with the fact that all people are a consequence of the same process proceeding to this day in the Universe as in the biggest, on present concepts, restriction of human consciousness.

It is possible, including people irreconcilable enemies, to adjoin the consciousness how a bayonet, one of the organizations confronting on Earth including to religious, and to give the energy and life to fight, and even war, with neighbors in the planet, and it is possible, including contrasts of people unity, to give the life and energy for the Mankind unification - there is a difference?! And that, and other scenario of life on the planet is real - the choice for people who, in fact, all seek to operate external conditions of the existence, creating and I improve an autonomous environment of the dwelling. There will be no unity in Mankind yet, it is impossible to come to the new level of management of the Universe - a cycle behind a cycle the Universe will update structure of Mankind until one of a set replacing each other Tsivilizatsy executes mission and will not unite Mankind for an exit out of Earth limits, for management of universal processes. Why to make ours to Tsivilizatsy of the last in series of such attempts?!

There are people who think of categories of the highest universal energiya, and try to unite themselves contrasts of human beings. I was lucky to recognize one such person is Maria Karpinskaya. There will be enough energy of this woman that, in compliance with the Law of the Uniform Universe to take the only place in the Universe, to execute mission and to become happy individually. But M. Karpinskaya, from height of the vision of a true essence of the movement of people and stars, sees what occurs and sacrifices the vital energy which is almost successfully realized to the people creeping knee-deep, and who and up to a throat in dirt of the human relations that they learned where wait for them to whom they are necessary.

Naturally to create unity of all people on Earth it is difficult - all the lowest, low energy will hate such creator and the unity created by it depriving which - whom local, private advantages. Nevertheless, despite rigid counteraction, future Mankind, as germ of the new Universe, in a unification which can be perceived now, not differently as a miracle. To make the unique miracle, for itself and to calm down is not the purpose. The person who decided to extinguish the generosity fire of the scorching heat human passions risks - very few people managed to leave it safe. About Karpinskaya as about one of the few, it is possible to tell - it everywhere and it anywhere because its essence “soars“ highly over entities of those who run the bloody show on Earth and define what is good and what is bad to whom to live and to whom to die. It is possible to call an essence of its activity creation of energiya of a special look, it is possible to visit labels and to hold up to shame for disagreement with the existing orders on Earth, but not to notice new space without borders which Karpinskaya tries to construct it is impossible. Ideals always served as reference points of life of people.

The mankind is capable to unite only in the period of global cataclysms and accidents and if it, God forbid, happens, Maria Karpinskaya`s ark - the only haven to Mankind because for all the history it did not manage to protect itself. Maria Karpinskaya`s world has to be huge that to find room for all, and she tries to capture the energy the whole world, creating unity unprecedented still from contrasts of aggressively living people. She knows how to organize a unification at all levels of integration of universal matter, especially in that its lower part where people, literally this word, perish for a filthy lucre. They go all out to have more, than at other money as the substantiated human work, but do not know how to use these energiya. savages!. There, God grant, in the taken place future, through one thousand and more years, will be rich people too and to differ they from the others only ability will be better than others to operate energiya of the substantiated human work, i.e. money or any other equivalent. During this historical period there is a natural selection of people for a role of the meaning elements of new universal system which is born at first in fancies, and only then in realities. In the future, the rich people who are not fitting into a universal order - greed, greed, absence of balance between concepts of the words “take“ and “give“, by means of not only physical indignation of space of dwelling will disappear from the face of the earth, but ekonomichesko - political will destroy the casual people with big money who did not manage, despite obvious preventions of the nature, to change and become necessary elements of the Universe. In the future will be rich not the privilege of the elite, but a hard work of the elite. Future society will change so that not all will want to be the rich - on our concepts this miracle.

What is the miracle? If to consider this question from the point of view of the Theory of the Organic Structure of the Universe, then it is possible to receive not only interesting, but also very useful result. And so, by miracle it is possible to consider process which many times came to an end earlier with one result, i.e. there was about one scenario, and in this ended with another, as served as the reason to so call this event. Thus, by miracle call unexpectedly changed circumstances which change reason, for any reason, to be exact, because of absence of knowledge, is unknown. It turns out, the event is called miracle or natural reality depending on quality of knowledge, i.e. the miracle is not category of real matter - it is only the image which is given rise by human consciousness. Images of miracles during the different historical periods different - the it is less at the disposal of the Civilization of knowledge, the bigger quantity of miracles happens in life of people. In connection with the increased level of knowledge, in life miracles began not to be enough for modern people. Partially this hunger literature, cinema and television, and in general satisfies, art, and partially, people think out what actually does not exist.

Sounds fantastically, but a conclusion thrust by itself: miracles occur at the request of people. Miracles as consequences of confidence of people in own knowledge, have an opportunity to be shown in reality, and, being unaccounted reflection of reality, as well as all real, are divided by categories, depending on the considered level of integration of energiya. For example, a certain number of people on the sky wanted to fly as birds, or without animal-drawn animals quickly to move on the ground moreover lying on the furnace, i.e. without tension of the forces, - there did not pass several honeycombs of years as this miracle became reality. What happened? Why the miracle stops being miracle? What is criterion of the realized and not realized miracle? Whether it is possible to catalyze miracles artificially? Eventually, live matter has property to be improved. Information which “sat down“ in consciousnesses of a large number of people as potential energy, has an opportunity to be transformed to kinetic energy of fruits of reason, and, in fact, it works wonders, and this concentrated coherent mentally - information energy of Tsivilizatsy uses fruits as as natural achievement - to planes and cars not to consider number on Earth.

It is easy to notice that a necessary condition of realization of miracles is the birth of mental energy as there is nobody an information field, and necessary - creation of conditions for its realization in physical energy of real space. Couple of this power field of real and unreal energiya, various by origin, form unity of energiya around a quantity of people, to unity electric and magnetic water similar, around the conductor with electric current. Unity of real and unreal energiya which, by the way, cannot exist separately together form Universe space in which find a haven all of energy, so, and their carriers, real people and their unreal, but power reflections. Very probably, in the whole Universe any events take place according to the same scenario. A task of people of all generations for ages and the millennia - reduction of intervals of time from origin of thought before its realization in reality. Already it is much made, the Mankind brought a leg and is ready to step into the way conducting to absolutely new reference points of the movement i.e. to the new direction of development. Means of communication communication, information transfer turned into new quality - now wins, not that who has information, and the one who will be able to find the first in its massifs necessary wins.

The world including real space of a set of the Universes as well as the terrestrial world, is multilayered, and the relative movement of layers - levels and the fact that in them, and there is a unity essence as conflict of opposites which we, people, have an opportunity to feel. Along with nearby power layers the “low-vibrating“ metric, physically, remote, and also comprehensive power areas whose vibrations incommensurably exceed the frequency of light energy, so, and velocity of light take place. This comprehensive energy have the highest extents of integration corresponding to real matter, but they are directly inaccessible to our five feelings, and, unfortunately, interest us less, than several layers of our Universe from which, only it seems to us, we depend more, than on others and only because we are in proximity, direct from them.

If without forgetting to postpone until the best times the highest causality of the human being, at the same time, that over us there is something what all of us very strongly depend on, then it will be much easier and more effective to be engaged in the solution of pressing problems, both global, and local, and personal. Only standing on a steady fundamental position, it is possible not to worry for own safety including for mental. The matter is that mentally ill people differ from normal people, by and large, in lack of reference points concerning which they define the position in space, in particular, and in society. Claustrophobia - a special case of loss by the person of local spatial orientation. Without assistance, it is very difficult for such people to resist to external living conditions. To live in infinity, i.e. without restrictions, is the same as to be a madman. For this reason TOSV limits the Universe not to metric parameters (microns, meters, kilometers, parsecs), but functional corresponding to the most difficult statistically very heavy Law of the Uniform Universe with which to compliance the Universe also moves.

Life is so arranged that each live organism, each person at the same time both a game, and the hunter. Who is so reasonable that can estimate from outside the situation in this world, for us uncomfortable, that understands about what the speech. The child, and in general, any organism was not born yet, and it has already whole set of the enemies, and deadly, and not really, but forcing it to perform certain operations, i.e. to arrive specifically. All live organisms are built in consecutive chains of food, and, in fact, - a peculiar line for existence energiya. Many organisms live at our expense, and we for them. How to find and occupy the own, most pleasant and safe place on this holiday of life - a question on which it is possible to look for and not to find all life of the answer.

Thousands of years the dwelling space, by means of invariable laws of the nature, “forces“ us to learn to anticipate undesirable events and to create desirable, but, apparently, this doctrine to people not for the future - “school students too slowly acquire a training material“, and not Uda as preventions after which mass exceptions of life for poor progress can follow became the most widespread assessment of School of the life functioning under the auspices of the Universe. Generation behind generation of gold medals receive unit from billions of pupils in each historical cycle. It because the public living conditions which are permanently reduced by a lag effect of the real movement did not allow to realize the mission not only to seldom born geniuses, but also most of rank-and-file members of the Civilization whereas, both those, and others, all together, have to provide progress of the Civilization. Here in what the reason of low rates of development of science and the equipment which are lagging behind rates of aging of the Universe. Who is guilty of such low interest of progress of the population of Earth? Teachers bad or pupils confused? Teachers, i.e. the nature with the laws, is invariable initially, so pupils, their parents and primogenitors are guilty. But, actually, responsibility lies on interpreters of laws of the nature in public life, on scientists.

History knows examples when Life was for a long time closed. You judge: by the beginning of the 16th century the average level of knowledge of Europeans did not reach even the level of knowledge of Archimedes who died in 212 B.C.! It was what is the time missed! - 1500 the Mankind marked time, waiting for maturing of the public relations. Who has to watch compliance of level of knowledge to the public relations? It is thought, this imperative of life belongs to modern Sociology. And what would happen if Galilee, kopernik, newtons etc. made the discoveries earlier?. And if later? Here also it turns out that a delay in receiving new knowledge - trouble of Mankind, and acceleration - the great benefit. Nobody learns what heights the Mankind could reach for a long time if everything, to the geniuses who were ever living on Earth, did not prevent to create!. At Sacred inquisition worthy followers - changed only methods of fight against dissent, became izoshchryonny.

For a long time, simply, the New Planetary Science uniting, the coordinating, and existing scientific thoughts, and all others, including, considered unscientific is necessary for people, in one uniform space representing powerful ordered it is information - the power field capable to rationalize activity of the Civilization and to stop inappropriate use of people of Earth as expendables for service of the artificial theories which are not giving to people of advantages in fight against the nature. Modern information technologies already allow to make it, it is necessary to make some efforts only.

So far Organic system under the name Science, protecting the local, backward interests, promotes reproduction only of own similarity that is characteristic of any Organic a sistema, nothing good in life of the Civilization is expected. Science as the organism should be “destroyed“, reallotted i.e. to make it part of an organism of the Civilization, its necessary body which is carrying out concrete function of anticipation undesirable and synthesis of desirable events in space of dwelling of Mankind. The world science how an independent organism, stamps own similarity in the quantities exceeding necessary and lives in clover at the expense of ignorant people to whom it is so much same in science, of course, it is not necessary - at them what, spare cash is on the content of inefficient scientific symbioses?! People need all new and new knowledge, but not useless reproduction of analogies, camouflage special terminology (that nobody guessed)! The workmanship era sank into oblivion stories for a long time. The era of information wars, storms, cataclysms and revolutions came - at whom information is better systematized, that quicker than others finds the solution of problems, that and the winner. Now the Person can use the knowledge archived by the nature, - for this purpose he needs to know arkhivatsionny function (it not really difficult, but demands scientific research of Organic essence of the Universe), the Organic structure of object of research and skill of extraction of information, in fact, is peculiar, but all - computer software, the archiver. It is not ultraboundary, but one of quite real purposes of New Planetary Science which is capable to provide the Civilization happy future.

How many officials from science declared the aspirations to progress, on the way of ingenious thoughts and ideas they will always build the temporary fencings and shelters directing all new including progressive, at best, in archival settlers. In such conditions, the ingenious thought can be realized, but very much and very slowly, through the number of the interested people which is capable to overcome the mass of artificial barriers and to turn into new quality. From - for artificialities of the solved problems so slowly to people knowledge comes, and every year it is more and more dangerous also nepredskazuyemy there is life! Us, all Mankind is, actually, forced standardly and it is uncontested to think, depriving of information if it though is capable to engender in any way doubts in the validity of officially cultivated outlook and to cause damage to the existing system of scientific values as though this system is ideal, and modern knowledge - a final wreath of development of reason! The civilization, without effective management, only squanders time, being not able to accelerate progress. And the missed time is the missed benefit, the missed possibility of people it is good to live.

People cannot change laws of the Universe, but they were from above given the chance from a cycle to a cycle to change, to adapt to living conditions, but they is stubborn, a century after a century continue practice of declarative purpose of truth and a waste of time on coordination of this artificial truth among themselves. As a result, the simultaneous solution of a set of problems uncoordinated among themselves, the Civilization is not able to keep necessary speed progressive development, and people receive less from life that it is necessary for them, continuing to suffer in the 21st century. How many such physical destruction of the population of the planet which is written off for accidents can continue?! Deliberately or irresponsibly, but one people prevent others to pass into the following class of School of life, to the following step of development!

Or perhaps as they say to spit, all conventions knocked into our heads since the early childhood and, having received more degrees of freedom to the consciousness, in a short space of time, external, to graduate from this School of life to manage on full to enjoy life! It is option! But … each cricket knows the perch and is afraid for the place which, as we know, is not be empty therefore does not lean out is sacred … Yes - and. the fear … fear is a very heavy anchor to your means, swimming on life. Everyone swims on the, at someone on life it is the passenger liner who has a military battle ship at whom - the rocket carrier, the from above got a fishing seiner, a coma - a coasting tow, a coma - the tanker, a coma - a high-speed speedboat, a coma - the rubber boat with oars to whom a canoe and to whom … - a raft, but everything, despite security with watercrafts, have identical chances to reach the coast of the dream, to become happy. Chances chances, but the movement lag effect, and also thinking, does not allow to receive another, than determined by the initial direction of the movement, result.

the World of people is integral

from reason,

But governs it the expected fear.

It during a decisive instant will become a pause,

the Anvil in the raging temples.

Something will tremble in a breast it is perceived -

easier to float on a watercourse, -

But fight, as well as life, unceasingly,

to All barriers terrestrial contrary to.

And a victory over inertia force -

the victory of over itself,

Over the lower sincere commerce,

Promising sweet rest Is.

V. Trofimov

Listen to the grown wise teacher of School of life - it is necessary to study and take examinations at School of life surely external. Speaking to language tovarno - the monetary relations which run the show on Earth, the external studies of School of Life, by means of the Theory of the Organic Structure of the Universe, - the most favorable investment of the spiritual capital, the most favorable offer for all history of Mankind. It is all the same that an opportunity to receive from life no more, no less, what was received less from it by all people living, at least, within several millennia to you. Really, quite good prospect … - it is possible to manage to live not one, and several lives! Now, that desires began wonderful, for profane persons, image to come true, it was necessary to want it, at least. You did not get used to such statement of a question, to you so littered brains that you are sure of freedom of own choice, but, actually, in modern society your desires do not belong to you. Owing to the desire to have a certain public status, you are obliged to submit, obliged to arrive quite definitely, i.e. from you wait for actions which in advance, roughly telling, are pre-paid, managed to get at you. Therefore to have not only the opinion, but also own desire - the privilege of the elite understanding a structure of space in which live and such people lived at all times, and for knowledge of the future they needed neither machines, nor computers, nor system of the organization of receiving scientific knowledge … Modern public conditions aim desires at the same time all at achievement same, in fact, on in advance impossible result, naturally, arranging those who made the advance payment veiled by various conventions. Actually, each of people the hostage of many including artificial, systems, and nobody is free something to wish at own discretion! To step through such economic - the politician - the psychologist - a social barrier in power only to units from billions.

Close eyes to a second, you will output the consciousness in an open country, in natural silence and natural rest, break from yourself a hypnotic veil of the modern urbanized reality, distract from infinite attempts to receive in private use what others have, from constantly climbing in the head, besides your will, stamped images of all types forming your desires! Remember that as a part of the unity called by the Universe, each person is individual. Feel free, independent soaring over ordinary daily occurrence, look from outside, than the people surrounding you are busy, compare this movement to the movement of stars, the lowest life forms on Earth, etc., then you will have a chance to understand the highest sense and the, and the real movement, the main thing that by means of such simple reception, you can learn to coordinate the movement on life. If interested you read, you already on the way to the Rubicon. And here to solve, to pass to other coast or to remain on the, to cut the Gordian knot connecting you with thirsty always same the illusory world of people - animals or not whether to be exempted from fetters of modern life whether to create for itself new safe system of life or not, it is necessary to everyone independently.

TOSV assumes to you the most effective real system of self-defense and lightning formation of the strong personality as a necessary condition of happy, fertile life. Textbooks, techniques and the other fiction applying to be called truth in penultimate and even in final instance, on this subject is written much, but if to observe actions of distributors of this knowledge from outside, it will appear - all of them carry out someone`s order, in other words, try to enslave your consciousness whereas it is necessary to submit only to the supreme, not made by hand laws of the nature, i.e. laws of the Universe. This, no more, no less, new quality of life, practical, effective solution of the sharpest and painful modern problems for person. Having stepped into a way of continuous synchronization of the actions with actions of the nature, you forever cease to be afraid of uncertainty and get feeling of own importance in that space, in that society, in that Organic system in which your mission is initially concentrated. It will not be possible to receive absolute result, of course, but so the world - pioneers of new knowledge about Organic, similar is arranged to an organism structure, space of the dwelling will get essential advantages before the others. But also those who will be not the first will not come off the loser: the future is the changed continuation of the past, and it should be created at own, but not foreign desire!

Life is means of receiving knowledge and skills, necessary for creation of own happiness. The main thing not to drag out training process that, to manage to use the received knowledge, i.e. to enjoy life. The only complexity is that one recipe for all occasions does not exist, and it will be required to each applicant of personal happiness, without hoping on any help, most to understand everything. Here, in it there is also a sense of the real, but not counterfeit School of life. Will offer you many various knowledge, calling them School of Life too, but at such “schools“ everything will write out the same recipes of happiness, harmony and health, against desires of all people same, and it also is a sign of substitute, not true, at best, highly specialized knowledge.

Know, the structure of Mankind, in each of consecutive cycles of reproduction of the Universe of own similarity - is a natural nonrandomness. Such cycles really exist including a cycle of reproduction Mankind of own similarity. Each person for happiness needs only, only in the Universe, the recipe of happiness which you can only make he - universal formulas of happiness, there is no health, success and pleasure, - there are relatives on subject of the recommendation whose use can be useful, and only. The matter is that your manumissions and involuntary nomenclature and self-made teachers and spiritual mentors in this life have no place to learn, but also it is not favorable that you knew that each of people - argument of the function corresponding to the Law of the Uniform Universe, and to the Person it is not allowed to learn this law, it is the Creator`s form, and people only its perspective, but similarity.

The biggest danger is that the majority of Mankind zombirovano expectation of future happiness which, allegedly will come only after occupation of the place which is already employed in the operating system of values. Not without reason speak: “It is better where we are absent“. That`s it, the desire to take others place also is the reason of public disorders, wars, revolutions and other undesirable events. Someone, very fairly clever, skillfully, using our defects, forces us to live irrationally. It turns out, it is impossible to trust anybody, even himself. But without belief, without reference points in life of People it is incapable to exist therefore it is forced to choose from what is offered, as they say, … from two evils smaller, and in practice - not from two, and from a set of the evils in this connection, the probability of wrong actions sharply increases.

Unfairly, in fact, and terribly on consequences the fact that from people true knowledge hides hide true Organic structure of a structure of space of dwelling, and it is the whole Universe, and it deprive of people of the right to live quietly. It is interesting to everything to know - deliberately or on ignorance people, significant for destinies of the Civilization, do nothing, almost, free of charge to improve life of people, i.e. not due to redistribution of cash flows, and due to management of society, in compliance with natural laws of the nature, the nature is mistaken much less than the person overwhelmed by terrestrial passions? Obviously, power structures of society are afraid of changes, and, just in case, not to lose control over desires of people, try, as long as possible anything to change, to operate herd understanding nothing, so, the people trusting everything - animals, it is much easier, than society of the reasonable individuals allocated with the individual reason capable to unite in public.

For now on Earth the scenario of the most low level of development of life, i.e. by means of use of animal instincts is carried out, all who feel like it operate our desires, appointing us idols, the false purposes of life and objects of desire. And what we? We, as well as it is necessary to animals, slowly we study not as strangers, and on the mistakes and already many centuries we continue to wish same - bread and shows.

The space of total deficiency - can so be characterized living conditions on Earth - forces us to want, to hate and love only what is favorable to one, to the detriment of others. An ideal condition of human society (of course, unattainable) when everyone wishes the fact that others do not wish. Than closer society will approach this ideal, that it will be stronger, steadier, and people - are happier.

We want it or not, but the majority of us - goods. Nominally, nobody wishes to be goods, and in life all should be it, and us wholesale and retail repeatedly buy and resell. Life is a sequence of events of which is result, in compliance with modern outlook, it is unknown that and just because there is no standard concept “meaning of life“. “Nature abhors a vacuum“, and on it creep from all directions, climb from all cracks and dark shelters, dive from the sky all eager to profit for someone else`s account: each in his own way, offers the recipes of happiness, harmony, prosperity, success etc. Offers, simply, sea, for every taste! What to us only is tried to be vtyurit, on the quiet, as meaning of life! But behind all these offers there is quite concrete desire, namely: to use our vital potential, our energy for realization not of ours, and foreign desires. In fact, offers, type: create yourself, create the life - there are virtual goods decorated with epithets, the most widespread of which - happy, beautiful, fine, rich, carefree, high-spiritual, full, necessary, useful etc. So, you, wishing to correspond to these offers, actually, make the act of a purchase - sale - buy by a pitchfork on water written promises to make your life corresponding to colourful epithets and pay this immaterial, ephemeral purchase with real time of the life, i.e. act specifically. Isn`t that so the successful transaction for those whom it is safely possible to call the owners of our lives dictating us the desires!?

Not without reason, on a joint of the millennia was outlined quantitatively - high-quality growth of the organizations and certain people offering for sale, allegedly unique spiritual and physical methods of life. As mushrooms after a rain, are born various doctrines, schools, techniques and trainings, spiritual patrons spin networks invisible to an eye and conduct “stray“ as herd, to bright future - it is spiritualI a component of society became unstable, and to it there is a reason. Actually, discrepancy of practical knowledge to fundamental conducts the Civilization to a disorientation, and consciousnesses of the people deprived of reference points, feverishly, at random look for limits on which it would be possible “to operet“ the future, to look round around and to understand what occurs. Not otherwise, as you will not call such position of the society which lost reference points in dwelling space madness. From the point of view of the fundamental Theory of the Organic Structure of the Universe which is guided, only, by laws of the nature, but not on creations of human consciousness we are expected by very big changes. To find adequately all structure of the Civilization such unpleasant way out moreover at random, it is impossible - the relevant system of an exit, and surely not made by hand is necessary.

Negative ions, anions, lack positive cations, to a minus charge - energy plus, the man - women; is not enough for small big, and big - small. All not only on Earth, but also in the whole Universe always lack something! The hypothesis of existence of the Universes in which all surplus, and such redundancy also defines special characteristics of such Universes though surplus of the lower level assumes the same shortcoming, but top-level matter integration is reasonable, i.e. everything repeats, and, apparently, such structure of energiya is real property of all Universes. If to reject any inovselenny and terrestrial pathetics, then it is easy to notice that in our Universe real objects of space and Earth aspire to same, namely: to a condition of rest, i.e. to balance of moving energiya has nobody, same concerns both human society, and each of people.

Analyzing the nature, and only this way, people consciously and irresponsibly borrowed it everything that have, and everything that they will create in the future will be a nature prototype. But people for some reason consider all achievements of the Civilization - so was moved - achievement, only, of the light reason. Ability to take and take away - is not ability to create! The condition of the creator is the divine category inherent in the nature, and people only creators, in the best a case, the Civilization, and usually - everyone the autonomous, local world. Only some of billions of earthlings manage to carry out communication with the highest reason of the real movement - the others, without having before eyes anything, except the nature, very ineptly “follow an example of it“, i.e. try to create, being at such low level of development that, without fundamental knowledge of structure of the Universe it not so much is impossible how many it is dangerous.

It is very difficult to learn what or who is not enough for you and to what or who lacks you it is a cornerstone of your attempts to learn the future, the and that Organic system as which you rank yourself. It is necessary not to shun in any existing ways of definition of your past and future - the probability of the correct conclusions depends on quality, and in most cases, on quantity of various ways of a prediction, it is necessary to think over - under a lying stone water, as we know, does not flow. Anyway, conclusions should be drawn after the analysis of all received results.

It seems that structure of Mankind this casual confluence of several billion circumstances, and, actually, Mankind - the harmonous, self-sufficient system providing with the existence the whole Universe the material changing its functionality. Apparently, the reason in our Universe is introduced, and its fight against living conditions - is reaction of the Universe to a foreign matter in its organism. The mankind is, skoreevsy, inovselensky, but not alien, material of conception of the new systemacity, new, affiliated, the Universe because there is very konfliktno a Mankind in space of dwelling which the functional Universe is. If the reason was generation of this Universe, it would “know“ how to provide necessary compliance of physical and spiritual bodies. For continuation of the existence the Mankind has to “prove“ to our Universe, its immune system that it has the right to it before it is destroyed as a foreign proteinaceous matter, as a harmful microbe. What here unclear? Everything is clear, as noonday! In the Universe there is nothing that had not Organic, not similar to an organism, structure, i.e. everything, from a microcosm of fundamental particles to a macrocosm of the Universes, is similar to an organism, in particular, and to human.

If to Mankind, so, to the majority of people, despite of internal obstacles, it is possible to learn the main lesson of life - not to go across the reason which consequence life on the planet Earth is then it will be possible to hope at least on happy, with the increased probability degree, continuation of life. Otherwise, “punishment“ will not keep itself waiting - laws of the Universe are passionless, and punishment for their ignoring is inevitable for any organism, for any Organic system, especially that which, having got a false idea itself the creator, will be, without regard to preventions from above, will be active to subordinate to the functionality universal space, in other words, to impose to the highest forces, by means of aggressive introduction in the nature, the will.

The animal beginning is inherent in all people, and I, despite obvious humanity of my mission on Earth, catch myself on thought that already now I gloat over, and then when certain people, the states and the whole nations which did not listen to my preventions and continued service to low feelings of animal superiority, money-making and thirst of the power are cruelly punished by the nature, i.e. will suffer physically and spiritually for the thoughtless easily fidelity, I, to put it mildly, will not be feels sorry for them.

The cycle behind a cycle occurs absolute rotation of Mankind - the new generations which are continuing dull existence at the level of concentration of bank notes in one hands, not wishing nothing except ephemeral advantages before sebepodobny are born. In fire chambers of passions, concerning quantity of money and other not true universal values, lives which mission to work good and real miracles burn down. Someone has to stop these cyclic processes of senseless destruction of Mankind!

From where undertake energy of creation of the new Universes? Not that to create the Universe, comfortable conditions and that are able to afford not everything! Here the matter is that in terrestrial community of people natural desires to create new types of the energiya promoting progress are replaced with artificial desires, simply, to have. As a result, the Civilization materializes in large quantities energy of money-making, envy, greed, hostility, energy of humiliation, hatred and death, having nothing in common with mission of Mankind, and such situation on Earth repeats from a cycle to a cycle many millennia. Production of “dirty“ energiya will last until some, critical, the number of earthlings at the same time will execute everyone the mission or, at least will support by coherent synchronism of the thoughts general distribution of the creative, creating energy.

By and large, happiness, in modern conditions, is similar to a miracle. Therefore the first step to execution of desire “to be happy“ formation of a community of people - creators whose actions will correspond to the most rational in the Universe to the Organic principle of the movement is.

On Earth not only separate animal species die out, but also new appear. To replace the short-sighted, envious, greedy, living under laws of animal pack Homo sapiens goes new, more adaptive and rational, a look or subspecies of the person, Homo sapiens knowing, the Homo sapiens knowing. This new species keeps at a distance in the Universe, causes and effects of the existence, commensurates the opportunities with desires, and, above all, flourishes during life, according to immutable laws of the Universe. His predecessors slowly if there are no global cataclysms and social disasters, type of the last world war, will die out and will become for descendants the fossil proof of absurdity of a social order which could not, even not create, and, simply, to organize in itself unity for fight against contrasts of external environment.

The most available opportunity to grant desires, i.e. it is good to live, - to learn quickly to find compliances between personal, public events of life and the natural phenomena. Something similar was presented to the world at the beginning of the XX century by Alexander Leonidovich Chizhevsky - his supervision over the Sun allowed to define the result of battles in 1 in advance - y to World war. Then there was neither Theory of the Organic Structure of the Universe, nor any other explanation of monotony of scenarios of interactions of objects of the Universe therefore great opening was safely forgotten, and the genius, having improvidently become part of Organic system under the name “Soviet Science“, instead of further researches, finished the scientific activity by GULAG. And K. E. Tsiolkovsky dissuaded the young researcher from defense of a thesis on the ground that his opening contradicted theories of recognized authorities of science (for example, K. A. Timiryazev was an opponent of new vision of the world) - alas, the belief in justice of the world is peculiar to youth. Even now, after nearly 100 years very few people know that all events in the social environment of any society correspond to the movement of objects of a space that on any of sacred books of any of religions, of course, with different degree of probability, but it is possible to define the future of certain people, the states and all Mankind because all of them describe relationship of people which is objects of the Universe.

Each person, initially, lives at the same time in two spheres of life. We are interested more internal, spiritual area of consciousness where there is neither masses, nor speeds, and only the lag effect of thinking reminds of the second area of life, of reality. The ideal case for realization of mission is a full coincidence of internal life of the individual with external. Only in this case the resonance of creative energiya can create, on our present concepts, miracles; only such people are capable of great ingenious opening, and only such unity is a necessary condition of stay of the person in a condition of happiness. Cases of truly happy life are rather rare as ingenious opening are rare, and most of the population of the planet created, certainly, for happiness is forced to compensate shortcomings of one area of life by means of another. The state, society as elements of violence over the personality, force the person to work in reality not on for what he is created, and over what is demanded by artificial system of the organization of life. Thus, a cart of human problems and nowadays there, and it is necessary to compensate a lack of pleasant feelings of reality by means of acquisition of spiritual food which, in fact, and art as a special form of harmony of space is. Structure of the state, and in general, any association of people, corresponding to the Universe structure, - the most optimum, over the adaptive, self-organized system, an image of future Mankind.

In the Universe, in particular, and at people, life proceeds not differently as cycles which true sense to give, from the beginning of a new cycle, chance not to repeat past mistakes. Days, nights, lunar months, seasons, years - natural cycles, and weeks, decades, semester, trimesters, quarters, centuries, eras, the millennia, etc. - artificial. Subordinating the actions artificial cycles, the Mankind subjects people to tortures by uncertainty, and wastes precious human resources on service to nobody the necessary vital reference points. Until functions fundamental the bases, type of the Theory of the Organic Structure of the Universe, people of Earth should not expect anything good from the Civilization, it it is necessary, it is rather to be afraid because people are capable to give to the artificial creations artificial, not true sense, and then to include itself in artificial game of reason, creating itself and selflessly overcoming artificial problems. Such Beautiful Mind - harmful passion of Mankind, global fetishism and a narcissism. The speech, eventually, goes that each inhabitant of the planet has to protect himself from the conditions which are incidentally created by short-sighted actions of the bosses who took the responsibility for destiny of the Civilization, but did not manage to dispose adequately of the power independently.

Ignorance of the reasons, and is frequent also consequences of own actions, does not allow to operate future - in it the true reason of all troubles! Each person is forced to fight independently against the nature for the better life, for a survival, hoping only for himself, but not for the fruits of public reason which did not ripen for all history of Mankind. To both the certain person, and any association of people operating, as everything, i.e. not allocated it is, almost, impossible to achieve what is wished along with it by others, - for execution of such desires it is necessary to have, at least, the extraordinary frame of reference on reality. These qualities can be received easily, focusing the actions on the nature, and as the intermediary to use the Theory of the Organic Structure of the Universe. It appears, for receiving knowledge and an exit absolutely necessary for people on new, qualitative, the level of the relations with the nature, neither exact tools and devices, nor modern infrastructure of the scientific organizations are necessary, for this purpose it is not even required to study long … - it is necessary, only on everything, to want to consider space of own dwelling with another, unusual, the parties. It is the most probable that ancient Inca, in particular, nask which high standard of knowledge causes bewilderment of modern scientists received practical skills in the natural, Organic way; their tactics of knowledge of surrounding space, in some measure, coincided with some concepts of the Theory of the Organic Structure of the Universe. It turns out, the modern science irrationally uses time and artificially slows down processes of receiving new knowledge, paying for the inertial slowness with the most valuable, life and wellbeing of vast majority of people of Earth!

Whatever over - the science and mass media treated to original theories, hypotheses and sensational opening people, the Universe will continue to extend, grow old, and on Earth there will be changes inexplicable from the point of view of the existing outlook. People do not know a lot of things and only because many events, in particular, connected with aging of Earth and the Universe, take place once during reproduction of the internal contents by Organic system, i.e. neither Earth, nor the Universe can be nominally learned from - for impossibility of experimental confirmation which, as we know, is criterion of modern scientific truth. It is, seemingly, easy to understand it, but to modern science at the head of which any action historical traditions and strict observance of the rules promoting a certain productive thinking which monotony became an absolute obstacle in a way to improvement of quality of life it are put will be in power only after reorganization of Organic system under the name “Science“. In this regard, does not exist, in principle, scientific methods of anticipation of the far future - it is officially authorized to people to know only the close future, and it is, actually, refusal of peaceful, quiet life of all Mankind and each of people. A problem of New Planetary Science to meet this lack and to give to people new reference points. It turns out, irrationality of management interferes with modern science to carry out the main appointment, namely: to serve to people as the predictor undesirable and a synthesizer of desirable events of life. The new Planetary Science is and there is that «a point of support“ which was not enough for great Newton to turn Earth.

If to look in a deep essence of human life, then everything that created, creates and still will create Mankind, in the nature already exists, but in another, implicit, a look. Not without reason say that all ingenious is simple. Synthesis of ancient and modern methodologies at the solution of human problems can yield the result blowing the mind is the real break in uncertainty, to violence of the realized imaginations, to future prosperity of each of people and all Mankind. But … categories of the Universe it is not accepted to think, and even to dream therefore a cart of human problems in many millennia and nowadays there!.

Coming back to a subject of miracles in our life, there is a wish to remind that miracles - are a consequence of insufficiency of scientific and other knowledge. As for the miracles connected, for example, with wonderful healings, clairvoyance, a levitation, etc., realization of such miracles is most difficult as it completely depends on a possibility of the certain person to concentrate big energy and one desire here obviously will not be enough. In such cases high-quality power processes which are hard for synthesizing are necessary. On most - that business, the person was from above given the chance to think, i.e. to make the corresponding energy which will transform real space so that in life there was nothing impossible. And it is valid, it is all about ability to concentrate special property of energy, capable to operate, in reality, the huge mass of matter of universal scales, as is a perspective problem of Mankind. Time, concerning the considered object, is criterion of a miracle. Too long processes of realization of a miracle create conditions in which the miracle either becomes irrelevant, or stops being miracle, in connection with growth of knowledge.

We will look that the main thing will be farther … that the premiere of the concept “Organic Universe“ took place, and in the numbed consciousnesses of people overflowed with advertizing illusions of happiness and pleasures grains of the real wellbeing expected not through thousands and millions of years, and, just, tomorrow fell - it is only necessary to want it, strongly.


lack of impartial interpreters of life from among scientific brotherhood, creates serious difficulties to training at School of life and forces applicants of “rank“ of Homo sapiens knowing to gain independently knowledge and to pass examinations without attending lectures.