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To join new collective? Not a problem!

So, it happened! You get a job … And at once set of questions, concerns and experiences … and all in vain! Believe, in life there are things much more terribly. So just read all councils which are given below, after all they are written on the basis of own life experience.

So, let`s talk about how to join new collective. For a start remember: if “slantwise“ looked at you or showed roughness, it not with hatred (as it seems to much), this natural attitude towards new people in collective. They understand that they should see you now every day therefore their subconscious requirements to you are very high.

In - the second, himself does not need to set the purpose from the first day: that you were admitted to new collective. Adjust yourself better for honest work for which you, actually, and will be estimated. Nobody loves lazy people, and having shown himself the person interested in work, you will only add to yourself plus. Besides, any work in collective cannot just do without communication therefore do not hesitate and be not afraid to ask - does without questions or the one who knows EVERYTHING (and it is improbable), or the one who does not work (and this is already absolutely undesirable).

In - the third as soon as people to you look narrowly, will begin constant requests in the help. If you have the work, just softly refuse! Otherwise you will not manage to do the work, and it will cause the mass of discontent from the chief and other employees. Besides, if people not silly, all of them perfectly understand, and no offenses and disagreements will exist and if is not present … even better, silly friends at work to you it is perfect to anything!

In - the fourth - remember: leave all personal problems at home, but also workers home too do not drag! To your employees it is perfect to anything the nobility with whom you quarreled yesterday or who took your “lawful“ parking lot near the house. As well as relatives will not be eager to listen in the whole evenings as someone does not work absolutely, and you stick for three.

One more important rule! To support gossips at work and the more so it is extremely undesirable to dismiss them! If you want that to your words, opinions and offers belonged seriously, talk at work only on business. Nobody will want to trust the gossip (and, by the way, will have on all this the reasons)

I several words about clothes. “Accept on clothes, and see off on mind“ - a good proverb, but in this situation it is necessary to pay attention to its first part. If you it is good and with taste are dressed, people will involuntarily have much the best opinion on you, with you will pleasantly be nearby. Do not dress the calling squads, they can be incorrectly interpreted and even to lead to the conflict with the administration, but also it is not necessary to dress a skirt to a floor or the baggy sweater which got out of fashion long ago - at anybody will not be desire to communicate with the bore (to what you will surely seem in such clothes).

Also you remember, any collective is good if to it to find the correct approach. So be not frightened and be not upset (if suddenly something does not turn out). The main thing - that was pleasant to you in what you are engaged at work, and the rest (including friends on work) will come over time.