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Novelties of cinema. What to watch during week-end on August 7 - 8? “Schoolmates“, etc.

Neither more nor less, the whole ten movies on August 5 left in the Russian film distribution. A half fresh, a half last year`s so it is quite possible that part of the viewers already managed to get acquainted with debutants of this week in the alternative ways, passing movie theater.

Alas, the delay often occurs for many reasons therefore to blame us, the audience, that we wish to see new cinema while it still has the right to be called “new“, probably, it is impossible. But it is a subject of separate conversation for now we walk in more detail on beginners:

1. “Schoolmates“ (Grown Ups). Dennis Dougan`s Comedy, thanks to the Russian name, at many is associated with the social project of the RuNet of the same name, however at the same time has no relation to it. What pleases. As well as a cast of this tape where Adam Sandler, Kevin James, Chris Rock, David Speyd, Rob Schneider and Salma Hayek entered. As we see, the most part of performers are constant residents of a TV show of Saturday Night Live, popular in the USA, so in respect of humour to “Schoolmates“ is what to lean on. The budget of this “easy“ comedy makes even 80 million from which only 25 send as the fee to the main star - to Adam Sandler. It also appears among screenwriters and producers of a tape. In America the picture started in June and managed to pay back costs of the production twice. As for a plot, he draws a standard situation of rest of old schoolmates which already recently, the truth much not more successfully, was operated in the tape “Time Machine in a Jacuzzi“. A typical American komedka under beer.

2. “Ghost“ (The Ghost Writer). the Last, today, international project of distressful Roman Polanski in America where so persistently local authorities tried to extradite the director, passed almost imperceptibly, having collected sluggish 15 mln. dollars. Nevertheless, to the European viewer a story about the literary Afro-American performed by Euan McGregor writing memoirs being the prime minister - the minister of Great Britain (Pierce Brosnan), was to the taste. On a genre the new movie of the master - something between the drama and the thriller though personally the trailer did not impress me, having left some muddy deposit. However, advertizing of the detective is always connected with danger to shed light on fundamental subject peripetias or, God forbid, the identity of the main villain therefore, perhaps, the most tasty scenes just and were not included in the commercial. To learn whether so it, will be able only the one who this week will attend a session of this tape. That - that, and Polanski`s thrillers are always skillful to be shot skillfully.

3. «Brothers“ (Brothers). the Military drama of Jim Sheridan last year was very favourably accepted by the audience and critics, having deserved numerous positive responses and the nominations on the Gold globe. A fine actor`s trio (Jake Dzhillenkhaal, Natali Portman, Toby Maguire) perfectly play an atypical love triangle. In the USA the tape already managed to come even to DVD, and at us here only - only appears on screens of movie theaters. The drama about human relationship is always a difficult genre for film distribution, but I assure, it is worth looking at this picture.

4. “Collector“ (The Collector). One more last year`s “beginner“, the thriller - Markus Dansten`s horror film tells about the thief Arkin (Josh Stewart) who that is called appeared in unnecessary time in the unnecessary place. Being going to clean a cottage to improve svoyematerialny situation, he will come across the family which fell into clutches the sophisticated maniac - the sadist (the famous Latin American film villain Juan Fernandez). It is the first director`s experience of Dansten who is a constant screenwriter of the franchize “Saw“, since the fourth part. He decided to embody the unhealthy thoughts this time independently so be ready that this film work from the category “not for the faint-hearted“. Respectively, you will to decide a dilemma “look or not“ independently.

5. “Heartbreaker“ (L’arnacoeur). the French anti-option of Hollywood “Heartbreakers“ from Sigourney Weaver and Jennifer Love Hewitt. If in the American movie of his heroine tried to arrange the private life that not only to derive pleasure, but also a decent gain, then the French professionals in the person of the ladies` man Alex, on the contrary, earn a living, breaking others hearts under the order. In the first cine work of the director Pascal Chomel in one of leading roles we will be able to see Vanessa Paradis who on the screen appears infrequently and reluctantly. The excellent romantic comedy for viewing together. Or four together. Generally, the main thing that the number was even.

6. “Monkeys in space: Retaliation 3D“ (Space Chimps 2: Zartog Strikes Back). To the great shame, having seen figure 2 in the name of this animated film, I thought that I do not know about existence of the first part, especially, who such Zartog who is going to strike back. However, target audience of this three-dimensional (yes!) animation tape which children are mainly, answers to these questions are known much better. The original which appeared in 2008 in hire turned out a complete fiasco, having hardly paid back the budget therefore need of the sequel before expansion 3D - fashions and came to nobody to mind. The fact that continuation, most likely, will repeat destiny of the predecessor at me personally does not raise doubts. But it is pleasant to children. And it in this production the main thing.

7. “Bodyguards and murderers“ (Shi yue wei cheng). Teddie Chan famous only for a weak tape with legendary Jackie Chan “The casual spy“ of 2000, presented last year to severe spectators the historical kunfuistichesky fighter how the Chinese revolutionaries struggle with imperialists. With all that it implies. As they say, only for admirers of a genre and sympathizers. By the way, data say that in world hire rather strong 42 mln. dollars obeyed a picture. What already in itself is quite good advertizing.

Besides the above-stated movies, also this week in the Russian hire leaves gollandsko - Belgian whether the drama, whether the comedy (it is rather, all gradually) “Flemish still lifes“ (De helaasheid der dingen) about “heavy“ life 13 - summer Gunter and his teenage dreams and experiences. Close the list of debutants the Spanish drama “Etudes three together“ about young loveful artists and the South Korean drama of “Hakhakh“ .

Despite so impressive list of film premieres, a question of the cruel competition and chaoses at film cash desks is not necessary. The bulk of the audience predictably will visit in output sessions of the American comedy “Schoolmates“ which has every chance to be beaten out in leaders. Some cash desk will be brought together by both the new thriller of Roman Polanski, and “Collector“. Other pictures need only to wish the filled cinema halls or presence of the audience in principle.