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Power vertical - a fallichesky symbol of Russia?

the Power vertical - what is it? the Pyramid, with placement on a top of the First Person, are proud the kingdom inspecting borders - the states. And made from numerous “what you will desire“? Other applicants who entered a party for the sake of a karabkivaniye from below up, in passing pushing away hands and legs.

Or it is the same pyramid, but turned head over heels. And the First person who is pressed down by all vertical already itself also does not understand how to it from there to be chosen. And not it operates the country in this case, and small clerks.

Or the vertical is as the slender young lady in pass - bikini. Or a searchlight beam in the dark sky. Or imaginations of the First Person during erotic dreams. Most likely - the last.

We have no vertical in the country and cannot be. We have a set big and small vertikalek. Each khan (Asia - c) builds the nuker as to him will take in head. But at the same time pretends what submits to the owner of all Horde.

At us are created by Vertikalki both in policy, and in business, and in art, and in private life.

- The wife, bear to tea and fresh socks, - the owner of the small vertikalka consisting of it, the spouse and two spinogryz orders.

- The lieutenant Ivanov, by the evening that at me on a table 100 protocols for 50000 rub and as usual lay! - It is already a vertikalka of GAI - shny.

- Elvira, serve the client according to the highest category. It just from the Duma. Accepted important state decisions very much that decided to have a rest on - to the adult. - It is a vertical political. Here all the friend under the friend lay down and all are each other given.

- Governors, you are obliged to give to the people …, - and it is a vertical from the sphere of leisure. It is necessary to give to the people, vzbuntant. And there is nothing to give. Davalka came to an end. Crisis, a budget deficit, children grew.

- And now we will watch the 383rd series of the movie “Damned Love“. Sasha learned that Masha is pregnant. His uncle from Taganrog got to bandits who were at first cops … is a television vertical. It is very similar to a leisure vertical. Have millions of TV viewers on this vertikalka. And those trudge, trudge.

- Sochi 2014. - Alpine skiing vertical. - All officials are obliged to pass it. As they were lucky that Putin not the fan beys - a dzhamping. Also does not jump on a bungee. Also does not climb to the real mountains. On the real vertical. So, beautiful slalom under movie cameras.

- Polecats, blya. Who`s next? - it is a cops` vertical. In modern Russia - saw the cop - run and hide. And who did not hide - it is not guilty. Because you are a polecat, and do not whine.

- How many I from it will have? - it is the biggest vertikalka in Russia. Such fallichesky symbol of the country. Without answer to this question in modern Russia, to a great regret, even shit on pipes will not run. Members of this vertikalka are very numerous. Also are for some reason sure that only they are owners of the country. Also are not afraid to be included in textbooks of history as the small businessmen who destroyed the huge power. Or as the spermatozoa which came to light not at that time and not in that place.

Perhaps will be enough in the country to build everyones Okhta - the centers and power verticals? We will also burn down everything on fire absolutely unclear on the logic and power of the fires a little more. And builders of verticals, and those whom in these verticals have.