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How it is correct to make the family budget?

“As are correct to keep the family budget?“ - wonder usually young families when to a pay still far, and money in a purse remained - next to nothing.

We with my spouse found the answer to this question for a long time. No, we did not thumb through abstruse books on economy. Did not listen to lectures of associate professors and candidates of science. To conclusions we came a trial and error method on own experience. Allow to share the knowledge and with you, the reader!

Correctly to keep the family budget, it is necessary to know the most important rule. The family budget is planned in advance. For the month ahead. Still before on hands there will be your salary.

It is necessary for the correct maintaining the family budget (not to shake an empty purse in search of the overlooked note):

1. The nobility what income you will have in this month. At first sight, it sounds absurdly. Surprisingly, but many families do not know exact figure of the salary in a month. Advance payments, awards, full calculation, friends repaid a debt etc. It is necessary to sit down and write down the income of your family on a leaflet. Everything is detailed. What finally income (salary, award, debt). Its concrete sum.

2. To count all your approximate expenses and payments. By the way, expenses share on: obligatory and optional. It is possible to carry to obligatory payments: payment of utilities, accounts on the credit, payment of kindergarten and so forth. That is those expenses which will need to be paid. Therefore first of all we write down them in a leaflet. And, at last, optional payments. Here it is possible to carry expenses on service of the car, on food, purchase of clothes etc. of

So, wrote down all the approximate expenses. Now it is necessary to subtract the sum of expenses from the sum of the income. If some sum of money turns out as a result, then everything is very good. What to do from the rest, we will understand the following paragraph. If at you the negative number turns out, then it is necessary to cut down the expenses. To think what expenses can be cut down and what to refuse at all. For example, to refuse a connivance to the addictions (alcohol, cigarettes, sweets etc.) It is quite natural that you will reduce not obligatory payments. If, say, not to pay the credit in time or not to bring payment for kindergarten, consequences can be not the most joyful. Or even deplorable.

For example, at my acquaintance at work detained a salary, and he delayed credit payment for three days.

As a result a sum more in the form of a penalty for payment delay was added to this payment. My acquaintance paid a penalty for the unwillingness to call bank and to agree about a payment delay for 3 - 4 days. Though on this money could buy something tasty to the wife and the son. Or - or.

3. So , you subtracted expenses from your income. You had still some sum of money. An idiotic question that with them to do. Truth? As my family life - not absolutely showed. Usually young families cannot brag of the bank account (of course if they do not receive the appropriate sponsor`s assistance from parents). Therefore …

If you only begin to keep the family budget, then instead of waste of the remained sum of money, and she will leave very quickly, it is better to make here that. Save this money for the bank account. Let lie there. For several months you will be able to create the stabilization fund. Such grist for rainy day. With a financial safety cushion it is much easier to live and raise children, than without it. Isn`t that so? If in a family, God forbid, there is an interruption in the income (for example, one of spouses lost work), you will be able to correct a situation this money!

P. S. The family budget is ALWAYS formed on a family council together with the spouse!!