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August 9 - International day of indigenous people of the world. Back... in the future? On August 9 the UN called

day of indigenous people of the world. First of all, it is attempt to draw attention to the rights and problems of the small “native“ people. But to each person, regardless of size and the historical past of its homeland, it is essential it is necessary to understand in what features and merits of its own people, the original national spirit, character and force inherent in it.

In this regard large nationalities are even in the worst situation because it is not obvious at all that their culture needs to be kept and restored too, and it quite so - from any nationality is forced out its originality and uniqueness. Not only the small people are endangered to lose the unique national spirit , but also the populous nation which assimilates others loses the originality, is exposed to the strongest influence and washing out. It seems that with culture of the big people everything is all right. But at the same time it is absent already just. All suffer at the same time.

In a showdown and degree of sufferings of participants of the fruitful solution of this question, of course, cannot be. The first step to revival - in refusal of direct rivalry and recognition of value of historical experience and richness of culture of each people. Each traditional culture brings in planet life unique strokes of own experience . And shortcomings of any character, including national, are counterbalanced with advantages because both that and others - only variously and not always in the best way the realized originality.

And though it is not always easy to understand other culture, it can push away the extreneity, in it, at the same time, both new prospects, and a new view are covered . Not without reason designers derive from national culture inspiration and new ideas and artists - often force and power are obvious in foreign culture, it bewitches exoticism, unknown spirit. But same healthy, judicious, kind recognition is necessary also in relation to own culture . Which, being fond novel, we sometimes leave in oblivion which wealth and wisdom unreasonably we blame which we leave secrets in neglect.

True patriotism - in development and improvement of history and culture of own people, but not in thoughtless denial or aggression in relation to others . In kind acquaintance, cooperation and mutual enrichment. When we study each other, not thoughtlessly adopting, and reinterpreting achievement and good luck of others. In order that to develop own talents and to realize the mission .

The statement that each culture, regardless of the size of lands and number of the population of its people - an invaluable source of inspiration, an originality and beauty can be the motto and an essence of day of indigenous people by right. And original revival of national spirit in its best manifestations - improvement of national character in a modern context, but not the organization of reservations for preservation of exotic wonders and production of souvenirs for visiting tourists.

Not without reason the definition of “indigenous“ designating the name of a holiday translated to Russian and enshrined in the name of a holiday as “radical“ means not only “native, local“, but also “natural, congenital“.