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- but not drugs it is necessary to Think of the nature of the dependence

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Drugs - here in general and and - as it paradoxically sounds... there is no

in society a definite answer to a question Today: Dependence is good or bad and whether there is an admissible “measure of dependence“?

All know that the person depends on food from water from air which provide its activity, and also all know that the person sometimes is dependent on other people, from circumstances in which of Wednesday he lives, from material values, and even - from religious and spirituality in which is engaged - and he wants from many forms of such dependence will get rid or to minimize them.

We speak about a drug addiction because, it is that extreme form of dependence which is simple is OBVIOUS and by the majority of society is perceived as negative. Is also that form of dependence which SHOWS before society a specific question on the NATURE of the dependence, per se. Simple words is a NAIL in one public PLACE. … And today it is one of those problems which is not solved, and moves society on a background, on boondocks of public life and at what not “otvorachivaniye“ from a problem as it was at the time of the USSR - where at us it is simple:“ sex and drugs“, and just defective approach and actions in the solution of this problem was not, and it only aggravates a situation.

Yes and not to solve it, there is no unambiguous understanding of the essence of this problem yet! What there is a dependence, in fact, and whether it is good to DEPEND on something in general?

And the real purpose to answer a question, and not only for children and teenagers, and for itself, expensive: who do I am is actually - such here little man and what it is natural to me to depend on? And whether it is natural, or it I calm myself so day from day? I will tell you - it is important: If the drug-addicted teenager being in hospital or houses, not important sees, usual, simple dependence of the parent or doctor on a cigarette, on tea or even from food or water - this sphere of consciousness, this vibration stimulates and induces it to think of drug again. And where you saw absolutely not dependent parents or doctors?

Only then, perhaps we will begin to learn the main ways of disposal of dependence which not only exist in the theory, but also are very effective and are used as technologies of yoga and even in today`s world are very pertinent and practical when we are influenced by elements of influence of yoga as CONSCIOUS key to formation of society.

We can quite consider also various - degrees and qualities of any forms of dependence if they are inherent in us including narcotic, but this is not the purpose of our description. The purpose to show importance of change of the relation to ancient tools and levers of yoga which was applied as a form of formation of society, but not as a set of meditative or abstract exercises as it is understood in society today.

And still, the purpose to point that owning technologies of yoga or being just trained in them - we can neutralize, the fact that it seems and is perceived in today`s society by most of people as “inevitable and incurable“. You have to know it at once - incurable and inevitable forms of dependence do not exist, also as well as diseases. There is only one most harmful form or a condition of the person - Ignorance.

Of course, no, also there cannot be an unambiguous assessment of the dependence for the modern person. The modern person, “îáùåñòâåííàÿæèçíü“ so complicated him itself various “levels“ that there is even a saying of type such - “what is good for Russian - for the German death“. However, when the speech comes about such, “a natural form of dependence“ as food, water, air, a dream - everything that supports activity of a body of the person: the majority will be unambiguous - it is normal and it is necessary to leave everything as is. Or, when business concerns dependence on people, circumstances, material values, not to mention drug, alcoholic and nicotine addiction - here too many will meet. And of course, will want to have more freedom from such forms of dependence.

But besides - as it paradoxically sounds: in itself, DEPENDENCE, is convenient it to us or not, we got used to it or not whether it is accepted by society or not, it brings in us the income or does by beggars and patients - an ESSENCE of this phenomenon, is opposite to true nature of the one whom we call - the person. Here what we have to realize - before to teach the children to the fact that DRUGS - it is bad!

We do not say now that dependence is the evil, a negative, a problem or something like that. We do not intend to think and argue in categories of a market. We are not dealers. We say from a position of scientists, and only what is actually, actually. And it is the fact: Dependence is opposite - Freedom.

Also we realize that from a position of the essence of the natural phenomena, contrasts - are natural, they are elements of one balanced and complete system which we define as life.

I Will repeat, we allocate these positions not for an assessment, and only in order that the mechanism of CONSCIOUSNESS of the person which main function - the CHOICE was started. His leading vital motivation on which degree of his unfreedom or freedom in turn depends depends further on the choice of the person.

However, - dependence, as well as freedom, is always, but under certain conscious conditions of contrast only strengthen each other, doing existence more shown and significant. Under the return conditions - they fight among themselves, mutually exclude and neutralize. Understanding of such choice - already does the person to more free. And when there is an understanding of the reason - then things are easy - behind means of neutralization of side effects. And it is already in general trifles. In yoga - it only a trick. And it is not unfounded. Ourselves coped with all this and we can train in it others. The desire to go to a meeting is only necessary from you.

Good luck all.

Sergey Leonov

of Shanti