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Volunteers. How to spend the time with advantage?

Known determination of conscience: “Conscience is when nobody sees, nobody learns, and I all the same so will not make“.

The most certain way not to solve others problem - to pass by it and not to notice. It, certainly, will not be solved by itself, just there will be a kind person who will undertake this mission.

Otgorazhivany “some“ call it a self-preservation reflex. Just “some“, probably, it is favorable to this to close eyes to own indifference and cruelty. Not the hard time made us such cold, ourselves chose a way of smaller resistance for the sake of own tranquility and wellbeing.

Life always was difficult, but it never prevented the kind person to help other people, to voluntarily spend the forces and time for advantage to society in general or to separately taken person. The people needing assistance incapable independently to overcome the difficulties, much, unfortunately, it is much more, than those who are ready to come to the rescue to them.

There is no wish to speak about the reasons which bring the person to critical line and do vulnerable, about the public services incapable to give real support and help, about callousness and callousness. Better about unselfish volunteers - so-called volunteers.

Bright examples of assistants, the charitable organizations - sisters of mercy, timurites, pioneers, the social movements protecting the nature, monuments of architecture, art and cultural values are well-known.

The main thing that always united such people and unites now - noble idea, importance and adherence to principles of their activity. Of course, you should not speak about monetary compensation. Where money governs, morals and morality, alas, often sleep heavily.

Charity as it paradoxically sounds, - similarity of a boomerang. It helps to realize a personal need to be necessary, to feel the usefulness. Besides, perfectly compensates a lack of communication. It is interesting to be near those who understand you. Always there is an opportunity to find other, non-standard way out of an impasse, to prove, get new acquaintances, to deserve respect, to prove all the solvency and a maturity. Younger volunteers are involved also by surroundings of actions, trainings, exhibitions and competitions. And it does not do their help to less significant. They with pleasure participate in collecting and distribution of information in the social environment.

The volunteer any person can become more senior than 13 years. Such volunteer can work as the participant of the charitable movement 1 day (month, year), and also longer term can. In an award he will get trust and enormous experience with people. It is not so important that it will do: to plant flowers, to help aged people, to look after disabled people, to feed street children, to dress the homeless, to protect animals or to be engaged in promotion of a healthy lifestyle, it is important that it has a kind soul.

Time can be spent in two ways - with advantage and without. Volunteer activity will help to derive benefit from the spent time.

To find adherents, to find a way of realization of own unindifference and keenness does not make special work - look around …