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What is the gadgets and why this loveliest wild animal on light?

In general about fenek should be not told, and to show pictures, words not to describe as far as it is lovely and nice and ridiculous wild animals.

I do not remember when I for the first time heard about a feneka, the tiny fox living in the desert in North Africa. I heard and did not become interested at all, even when my friend reported that he thinks to get a fenek of the house (if it is honest, I just thought that this madness to get a wild fox of the house). But for the general development I decided to find out about fenek.

Gadgets is a tiny desert fox (by the size of a cat), with huge lop-eared ears and a beautiful sand color. Feneki live in the north of Africa, in the Sahara, for example, in Egypt they meet in the desert and they can be seen during a safari. Gadgets on - the fox, from here Arab means and the name of this species of animals went. Gadgets the most tiny animal of family of canids, its sizes on average do not exceed 1,5 kg of weight.

Feneki - social animals; they live family groups, the number of individuals in which reaches to 10. Clans usually consist of one married couple, their posterity and, perhaps, several senior children. Sometimes several families lodge together, in one den. Feneki “are very talkative“: bark, whine, grumble and howl. And they do it very ridiculously, voices of fenek can be found in the Internet.

Feneki unusual animals, they monogamous are also betrayed to the family and the posterity. Feneki is created by constant couples, parents possess own territory. They choose one female, lodge with her together, establish a family and once a year bring posterity. The senior children of fenek sometimes remain to live with parents and help them to raise young posterity.

The marriage period begins in January - the fevarl, and in March or April the posterity is born. In a hole with a soft laying appears from two to six puppies who weigh only 50 grams. Within the next two weeks the female remains in a nest with the cubs, and the male brings her food. Mother does not admit it to newborns therefore food of gadgets - the father puts at an entrance to a hole. For the first time kids risk to leave a den at the age of five weeks. About three months they develop the next territory, and then begin to make farther sorties. Just at this moment at a female milk ceases to be produced.

Gadgets it is omnivorous and digs out the most part of forages of sand and the earth, generally they eat small vertebrata, eggs, insects, drop, roots of plants and fruits.

One more feature of fenek - mobility and a spring ability. With the modest growth they can make jumps 70 centimeters high!

In some countries of fenek try to cultivate, full domestication with these animals cannot be, but there are many examples when fenek hold and part as pets.

By the way fenek not so already are also unknown. The Firefox browser is called in honor of a fenek. And also in Antoine`s book Saint - Ekzyuperi “Little Prince“ is mentioned a fox - gadgets.

But to understand what is fenek, it is necessary to see them in life, they ridiculous and incredibly lovely. Look on the Internet of their photo and the good mood is guaranteed to you!