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To understand itself? Carry out inventory of soul! Let`s glance

… to you in soul … what we see there? Emotions, memoirs, feelings, experiences, dream and the purpose … something is a bit too much everything so let`s focus the attention only on the last two points. For a start we should understand them. Whether many of us try to obtain what not everyone dreams … of. But why? What disturbs us? In what a difference between dream and the purpose ? Give about it and we will talk.

For a start it is necessary to make something like the table, with headings: “I WANT“, “I AM ABLE“ and “I WILL“ be and to try to fill it. Further in this article of the word I want, I am able and I will be are the main, and it is necessary to pay more attention to them. So, it is interesting what at you turned out. What column contains more points? And why you do not carry out also of a half of what was written?

Now there are many circles, sections, trainings, and very many people visit them, study something. But, unfortunately, efficiency of these trainings leaves much to be desired. So why all want, can, but do not do of anything

I Will cite as an example usual morning exercises. Whether many do it? Absolutely not. All of us know that morning physical activities cannot be replaced with anything. All of us are able it to do, in everyone couples hands - we will be able precisely to wave with legs. All of us want to be healthy, except of course psychologically “healthy“. So in what a problem? Why all so diligently ignore morning exercises, and having told about its advantage to children, safely forget about it?

All the matter is that charging brings us a lot of health, we are happy with ourselves, but whether it gives us to joy ? Here in what the main problem … the person has to do what is pleasant to him that gives it joy and not that it is simply imposed by public opinion, or an urgent need.

It concerns practically everything in our life. What we do has to bring us pleasure, satisfaction. And even if we understand as it is necessary, all of us will equally reach for volume as there is a wish . And differently, why we do it!

I will give one more example. The child who learns to go. He wants to learn to go, and it it will do . But it cannot it do, and it will be its purpose. And all because such fast movement gives pleasure to it (in comparison with polzka), besides the child sees as parents awfully rejoice to each his step. As a result he will achieve this objective because it causes in it the real sincere pleasure and satisfaction. But if the child does not want to learn to go, and will only begin to do it when faces such need, and is forced to learn, it will not give any pleasure and will turn into torture.

I think, you understood that I try to tell. If you entered something at the same time in columns “I WANT“ and “I WILL“ be, can safely start execution! Also be sure, at you everything will turn out if you make some efforts. If you mentioned something it is already not just the purpose twice, it is already closer to dream, and the closer you to it, the you are happier!