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How to throw with the state net on “moths“? A Trinity a female - a male - a leg of a pangolin

If “moths“ fly, then with it something should be done. We more - dealt with the reasons, prostitution sources less. And here is how to fight against it? Whether it is necessary to do it in general? Or let maidens of easy behavior decide as far as to be readily available?

No, nevertheless intimate business - a public affair! This process concerns everyone, so to speak, “a pestle and a stamen“. To shed light on ways to prostitution restraint, we should be had to our ancestor to the Neanderthal man and a fried leg of a pangolin again.

As we remember, the male - the Neanderthal man with appetite havat fried, just from fire, a leg of the predator mentioned above. Now we also fry hips of chicken in the wood. And the young neandertalka was devilishly hungry and with desire looked at how appetizingly the male burst ham of a pangolin. The first act of conscious prostitution happened between Neanderthal men when there was an exchange of a female body for the smoking leg of a pangolin. In this chain - a female - a male - a leg of a pangolin - the first point - the female - will want to eat all the same. Always.

Therefore if the authorities try to strike the party of the offer of prostitution, then this step is doomed to a failure. It almost the same as to issue the decree forbidding to part of women to want to eat. To refuse, so to speak, a fragrant leg of a pangolin. Unpromising way. In our sequence (a female - a male - a leg of a pangolin) it is also impossible to strike to the authorities the third point - a leg of a pangolin (food) . Hungry masses will sweep away at once any government and to them and will have a snack. Not those now times.

It turns out that only the second point of our chain - a male - can become a target the state influence. That is, having struck a male and having entered punishment for purchase of the prostitute, the authorities can nullify large-scale prostitution practically. There will be no demand from - for fear of punishment - also the offer will disappear. Law of trade! For example, what producer - the seller independently will bake, carry, say, cheese cakes, to sell them if the trade inspection officially forbids trade in cheese cakes? Yes any will not become!

To what at a loss to itself to work! Moreover subsequently and “the sky in a section“ it is possible to see. No, and once again not! The cheese cake completely will disappear from counters and only somewhere, in a deep underground, shady characters with the running eyes occasionally will risk and bake cheese cakes tiny parties, and even by the piece.

And with prostitution: having struck demand it is possible to drive this phenomenon into a deep underground and even to eradicate in some regions of the country. Pluses in this deal, of course, are. Tens of thousands of girls and women of easy virtue will come back home, to parents. And it is frequent also to the children, husbands! Perhaps, part of seductresses, and, I hope, the best part, will get a job. Because now there will be no income from trade in own body!

At last, to whom will “go“ for pigs in the village, to milk cows . City little girls from the panel will be able to fill up much office plankton which thinned as a result of crisis. And what? If they for so many years of work as “moths“ everyone, esteem, night agreed with the client and not with one, then you represent what of them great homebrew psychologists turned out! Yes they are capable to sell “the bald devil“ to the client! They will leave enviable sales managers, clients specialists, office - managers and directors of public relations, PR - experts, public and even politicians.

But there is more to come. Noticeably epidemic of venereologic diseases will decline. AIDS will also reverse. Will improve, and it is very considerable, a psychological situation in families. Men in the absence of prostitution will already have much less occasions “to mow“ with a look and the case “on the left“. They will begin “to mow“ directly, that is on own wives, and even to the right - on wives of strangers. But those wives have husbands. Therefore, “it will be much more difficult to have a bit on the side“ to the man , than to “moth“.

Someone, of course, will shake towards change with foreign wives, but the majority nevertheless simply will more attentively look narrowly at the spouse, the mistress, the girl. Men in relation to them will become kinder, galantny, more nobly. From this man and the woman will begin to love stronger and more often each other, with hunting bringing children into world. From love often the posterity happens. Thus, cardinally will improve a demographic situation in the country and by that Russians will support an appeal of the president and parliament “to give birth more“ and more willingly. The morality of society in general will rise by new level. Literacy of the population will increase.

I understand that many girls of easy behavior, we will softly tell, do not differ in education. Do not watch purity of Russian. Behind another - that language that in a mouth, they look after constantly. Poloskat it after clients mint liquids. Brush teeth and that is important, scrub the language a rough surface of a toothbrush. Eventually, this language - one of the most important working tools of “moths“.

A here the literary language, communication language, very often at them is sick . For example, the girl answers the innocent question “You Like Horse-radish?“: “If standing, then - yes. And if trailing, then - no. Still it is necessary to work with it!“. And it besides that the question was asked at small small restaurant where to cold pieces of beef tongue waiters put two types of horse-radish on edge of a plateau table. One - with beet, another - pure horse-radish. I meant usual table in the question. Some concepts are so sometimes distorted at maidens that it becomes offensive.

And own a mat of the girl sometimes not worse than the loader in wine shop. And everything, why? Yes life drove them from a student`s bench at school, college, institute and drove on the panel. Look at the announcement about intim - services and you will see how there are a lot of following typical lines: “Students, 18 - 24 years. Leisure“ . Same how many young talents instead of grinding away at the studies, sorry, taste absolutely other things!

If prostitution manages to be liquidated, then all these girls will return to study. Very young, and sometimes and not really, girls and ladies with diplomas of pedagogical higher education institutions will go to work to school, but not for the panel as it happens. So, intellectuality of society in general will raise , there will be less mat, foul language on streets if in the state scales considerably to reduce prostitution level.

On a legal framework of the state we will talk about accurate fixing of prostitution in final part of article.