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The birth of the little person

Main - is pure!

A at this time the midwife prepared for the next ceremony - “zmivka“ - clarification of hands. Brought not used water in the woman in labor hut, displayed a cross - crosswise in a trough a guelder-rose, a carnation, oats, mint, filled in everything and set up a vessel in the middle of a hut. Then invited the woman in labor who watered with her hands this water three times, sentencing: “Ti meni, babunyu, cleared soul, and I tobi clear hands“. Then newly appeared mummy beat three bows before images and handed to the grandma seven pies and a cover on the head.

Then occurred clarification of the woman in labor. After the delivery she was considered as a dirty and could make contact with a devil willingly. Therefore for the time being it should disappear from public eyes at home. And only after the priest will say over it “the clearing prayer“, the woman “got on in the world“.


Out of harm`s way

the Main care now - to christen the kid. Until the cub is christened, adults tried to protect a krovinushka from encroachments of dirty: sprinkled with holy water a pelenashka and near its bed put a knife - preserved against demons. Up to a baptism in a hut before images the candle burned. and members of household tried not to remember the devil. not to swear, not to quarrel and avoid sinful acts.

To a baptism of mother should not feed the child. Therefore tried to acquaint him with “Christ`s army“ as soon as possible. If christening was for one reason or another postponed, to the kid invited the wet nurse - absolutely foreign woman.


Here and baptism behind. Spiritual parents came back home and handed the precious child of mother and to the father. Meanwhile in a hut neighbors, native, familiar gathered, bringing with itself harch. Owners laid tables and the feast began...

After a nourishing lunch the midwife distributed to guests grapes (boiled apples or pears) and flowers (in the winter - bunches from cones of grain cereals, and in the summer - bouquets from branches of a guelder-rose or cornflowers) in order that the kid grew healthy and strong.

godfathers three times exchanged after that kisses, and all honest company congratulated heroes of the occasion and went home. And the little man meanwhile began the life...

... Of course, it is differently possible to treat this or that ritual. Today something will seem to us also hopelessly outdated. However there is no doubt: be at us the choice, many women would prefer to modern maternity hospital “hut“, to present some midwifes - the good, kind midwife, and to those words that sometimes it is necessary to hear from doctors and nurses, - poetry of ancient plots...