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Why Russia burns? “For the Homeland! For Abramovich!“

the Red rooster pecked Russia in the top of the head. In the center of the country there are, in fact, military operations. The fiery storm evacuated the dead and wounded. The confused administration forced to leave to the people and the furious fire victims promising to suspend the management for the causal place. Howl sirens, a rumble of the planes dumping water, and a smoke, a smoke, a smoke... It seems, it already everywhere. Eyes were tired to see surrounding, and outside still under forty.

And still, despite the deafening African heat, there is a wish to ask an eternal Russian question: who is guilty that Russia burns as burned last time, probably, in the Great Patriotic War?

The first that occurs - the Ministry of Emergency Situations. Ministry of Emergency Situations. It would seem, the name says that this ministry and has to be engaged in suppression of the fires. Here did not guess. Under the new forest code tenants of the woods have to extinguish wildfires. That is - businessmen.

Arrived. There is no place further. You sometime saw the GAI officer distributing money to drivers? Or the official who is tearing off a blue flasher from the car. Or the president who is hauling up on the carpet for shortcomings of work the prime minister - the minister.

The fact that tenants will not extinguish the wood is clear even to the child. At least because are not able. What turned out turned out. The wood was left without owner and without supervision. And when it flashed, there were neither fire-prevention glades, nor towers with observers, nor foresters, nor specialists in suppression.

Therefore now the wood is not extinguished. Now rescue settlements in which about 50 dead are already found. Interestingly, and how many it is not found yet. Why people were not evacuated in time? This question already to the Ministry of Emergency Situations. To you not to Haiti to develop it up-to-date hospital. However, villages of the Central Russia never used attention of the authorities. Zone of risky accommodation.

Perhaps, our government which adopted the new forest code which destroyed forestry is guilty of the fires. Exactly thanks to it the wood from federal property went to municipal. And from there to the numerous tenants who often are not understanding at all what with it to do. Exactly thanks to the forest code from the wood expelled foresters. Present that from the crowded bus the driver in full operation disappeared. The motor transport service decided to save on the salary fund.

Numerous reorganization killed both forest branch, and, in passing, forest protection. But our government acted this way proceeding from good reasons. Like, the wood had to have, at last, an owner! It seems that in Russia, as usual, two troubles: roads and its government. The result of its unreasoned actions is seen now by each Russian.

When natural, the word fashionable now, the fires will go out thanks to the nature (fall for the present nobody cancelled), searches of guilty persons will begin.

And if you think that tenants of the woods (and - Jure is so) will be appointed extreme, then deeply you are mistaken. Tenants are the large finance corporations closely affiliated now understand with whom.

Our management is not similar at all to the widow who secht herself. Therefore, most likely, inhabitants will be found guilty. Partly it is justified. In the wood we spoil, zhzhy, we litter. All Russian villages wallowed in garbage cans. Houses are under construction without fire-prevention gaps. Somehow. About wells, hoses, hooks in general I am silent.

At us everyone lives in the country in itself and escapes independently. But the majority is sure that Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin has to rescue it personally. What that quite successfully does from screens of TVs.

Now you ask: and at what here Abramovich? Since the time of Yeltsin it is known that Chubais, and at all not Roman Arkadyevich is guilty of everything.

It is simple if old appeals do not work any more, it is better to save Russia under some new slogans now. If we still have no uniform national idea, then we need to think up new slogans. And Roman Arkadyevich Abramovich - the brightest figure in modern Russia. To stay at the same time the owner of Chukotka, the oligarch and the English gentleman, it it is necessary to manage.

The fire is almost war. Therefore all we go for rescue of the Russian land. With banners and banners. We take hooks and with shout “For the Homeland! For Abramovich!“ we run to extinguish the wood. Yet not all Russia burned down. Or all? Behind a smoke it is not visible yet.

“From the southern seas to polar edge

our woods and fields Were stretched.

One you on light! One you such -

the native earth Stored by God“!

River of S. In the text words of the anthem of Russia are used. Georgy Alexandrov`s music, Sergey Mikhalkov`s words.