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The bride it is not fated to become

Flew on the plane from Moscow to Riga recently. The full plane, all places are taken, polite reception of passengers. In salon there are a lot of Russian tourists, probably some group - the people were rather young, mood holiday: jokes, loud laughter, real-life communication. Stewards and stewardesses spoke three languages - Latvian, English and Russian.

It was thought that the world becomes uniform that horror stories about aggressive Russians consign to the past more and more, people go on the world, communicate and convinced that all people are identical at anybody they on the heads of a horn do not grow, at all two legs and two hands and so on.

One of stewards, the young guy, it was a little bit drawn, he obviously liked to be in the public eye - he constantly turned to and fro, shot eyes, admired by itself as though it had such advantages which at others was less, and even was not. A certain affectedness from its party was felt. But he the performed work especially as Russian tourists began to order wine and snack at once, generously leaving euro and dollars. I, of course, bought nothing as I flew after holiday home, and in a pocket already nothing ringed and rustled.

From Moscow to Riga only one hour with small to summer. And bought very much that two stewards hardly managed to pass all salon, offering drinks and snack, then began to sell souvenirs, but were not in time - there passed only a few rows. The plane came in the land, and they needed to carry out other duties.

Three Russian tourists sitting in the row, next from me, after a landing and a stop of the plane, got up, got the bags from the top shelves and put before themselves, preparing for an exit from the plane. Restless Stewart, having addressed them, told that their bags will prevent passengers to go out of the plane as their row appeared at an exit. Dialogue between the steward and children who some minutes ago generously bought from it small, but very expensive small bottles of wine, and same small, but too very expensive sandwiches began. And dialogue ended with the fact that the steward told that all are afraid of Muscovites. Children answered that they not from Moscow. And on a question why to be afraid of them and what relation it has to their bags, Stewart could tell nothing distinct.

Dialogue was very short, only several phrases. I did not understand how from bags our steward could pass to expression of a cave stereotype about aggression of Russians. The logic was not any here, his statement was so absurd, inappropriate and tactless that all three guys, and it was years on forty, looked on it a revolving object - a cockerel, as at such misunderstanding for which at them even words were not. They in general answered nothing its attack. I saw their look - it was bewilderment, surprise and pressed close to the foolish. In my opinion, they so at it also looked, how at something defective and inadequate. Really, the bases for such attack from the steward were not any. Adults behaved very tactfully, culturally, politely. It was felt that they not for the first time travel and saw a lot of things.

When we went out of the plane, underwent procedure of passport control, and then received baggage in Riga, it turned out that the Russian tourists flew not to Latvia, and transit to other European country, by us. Our steward was in vain drawn, showing the importance and in vain he was puffed up, trying to tread on corns of Russians. Everything appeared in vain because it is necessary to nobody. It is time to understand, at last, that we, in Latvia, are necessary to nobody and furthermore to Russia and Russians. They have the huge country and there is all necessary and even much more to live well. They will not forgive us just like that all our dirty tricks. Time when we behaved as the bride on vydan, ended. The bride grew old, at her teeth dropped out, hair turned gray, the person became covered by wrinkles. And beautiful it is not fated to become young again. And in these conditions to expose itself the bride is already dotage.