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Why optimism irritates. Or With the charter do not go to others forums!

At once I want to warn and ask readers that strongly did not beat. Because now I will be, it seems, how to teach, and itself, meanwhile, I have experience of communication absolutely korotyusenky - slightly more than a year. Though any more and not poor - on the websites and I am not in blogs of the Internet where only - I fill cones, I gain experience, samopiaryus, I advertize others.

The forum is, in general, what - that the autonomous region practically on any website. It as a room of the mother-in-law into which the husband`s relatives come with gossips of her girlfriend also. God forbid, there to blurt out something not in a subject, or in a subject, but it is too categorical. And, too, upas My God, being on the website a beginner, to debut at a forum as the fervent optimist - jolly.

And though area - that autonomous, and “you want to know that for the website, come on a forum“ - for some reason exactly here users in all beauty prove to be: also swear, and frankly are rude, and all crowd amicably “pick“ bones of the beginner.

And the moderator as the driver with a whip, runs from time to time that to calm all. But sometimes and nothing is impossible to it, and then it the power closes a subject which here - here is ready to develop into a fight.

Moderator. Its role here most important. The policy of a forum and in general policy of all website depends on living position of moderators. If it was lucky, at a forum warmly, comfortably and cheerfully.

If is not present - remember who you are on a nationality, to religion, God forbid, you do not bryaknit that your figure is imperfect that you are what representative - nibud minorities that your husband is more senior or is younger than you for about ten years … You will not manage to escape!

If you, without having nosed out policy of the website and a forum, without “having calculated“ at once who rules and who at the moderator - the right hands, ran in on a website / forum and bryaknut cheerfully and at once: “All hi! And I here which - that composed, I think, will be pleasant to you! How to you?“, wait, the pack already flies! You in plumage? Better you samooshchipitsya though it will be not so sick.

Immediately receive an assessment to yourself, darling, at once and wholly. And it is even unimportant that you there still, except this verse wrote - without reading all the rest, you will be told, than follows you “vashchshche on life to be engaged“!

I, having hardly looked round in a network, came to joyful conclusion: My God, what our women good fellows! Well, men are programmers and business businessmen, clear. But women?! How many here my coevals (and I was born when also TVs were in wonder!) and what they are talented: also kulinarit, and show the creativity, and write novels, both songs sing, and programs create moreover and the websites both create, and administer! And I thought, I am one such “abrupt“!

I right there on one breath wrote something like a greeting or the ode to us, women Russian moreover and called this creation simply, in Russian - “To you, the average Russian woman who is online now!“.

About!!! What here began! By means of this short miniatyurka I now as a thermometer, I feel the new websites, blocks and forums!

On one - praise, rejoice, congratulate me on that, as I am such woman normal, Russian, simple and active! Who on behalf of the mother tells “thanks“, who - on behalf of the daughter, on the contrary. Priya - I - I - yatenko!

On another: “Presently, me it seems, “woman“ makes negative sense … the word “woman“ should be replaced on “woman“ or “lady“, in old times, in the village - quite another matter … we not in old times live, and, on bolshest, not in villages …“.

And here all girlfriends of the commentator stand up: “Who dared me the woman - to call that?! And who such? Here it! From Belarus, and about the Russian ladies it writes! We have no women at all! They at Nekrasov only were!“

I angry from the moderator: “Or the word “woman“ in the name of article change, or I delete you from a forum! Replace “woman“ on “woman“, “madam“ or “lady“.

I collected belongings and a pochapal of wons … I there will never get accustomed any more … I am a woman, I even when on heels and at parade, even when super look, I cannot tell that I am a lady, and I do not want to be the woman. I would not refuse “madam“ … And where to take?

When in Rome do as Romans do. Indeed. Before lodging in some new virtual state, it is necessary to study attentively its charter, rules and mood.

is my main rule of communication Now on the Internet what and to you I wish!