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How to live, but not to survive? When finance sings romances

“I became much happier because learned to live without money“ - my acquaintance told me once. At that moment he already just waved a hand on their eternal shortage and just ceased to worry in this occasion. But its phrase set me thinking on how to learn to live, managing those means that we have, without prejudice to quality of life.

As we know, the wealth is given not high to the income, but ability to dispose competently of expenses.

I do not urge to break sharply the foundations, switching over to a rigid regime of economy. But, I hope that after reading of article you reconsider the relation to money and expenses to yourself for the good.

The home accounts department is familiar to the majority of us. Many write down the forthcoming expenditure in a special notebook. On the Internet without problems it is possible to download electronic versions of programs which help not only to count, but also to analyze expenses. There is a lot of options. Choose for yourself the most convenient form of maintaining expenses! the Accounting of expenses is necessary for

that the question “Where the Salary Got to?“ always found the answer. And the answer first will surprise you. Because often it leaves “in anywhere“, on a trifle. In few months you estimate importance of these trifles, will treat more reasonably their purchase.

Accurately to realize the true requirements, besides an emotional rush, time and the clear head are required. the List of desires will be able to help with it. I write down the necessary or pleasant things There. If after any time I want a thing with the same force, then I come back behind it to shop.

As practice shows, at revision of this list I delete about 40% of things, and I postpone acquisition of another 20% for later. Sometimes I think if to put the cost of all unnecessary trifles in the apartment bought spontaneously - it what solid sum would leave!

Working with the List of desire, you place the priorities as their acquisition and more objectively estimate their need. Thus, and the house we do not litter, and we protect a purse.

Many people, living from a salary to a salary, cope with the expenses - but no more. Often we envy those who have savings on “rainy day“, and sincerely we think that people with high earnings can afford it. However can create the reserve with a plus everyone.

Postponed - and forgot. Magic 10%. the Abundance of financial literature on acquisition of wealth provides a set of ways of increase in the income. But often they can be followed, having own business, deposits, holding sophisticated financial schemes in the head.

For me and, probably, for most of citizens we accept option of 10%. It gives the chance of accumulation of money without prejudice to the current budget and is absolute with any level of prosperity.

With receiving any kind of the income lay off from them 10% to yourself for the special account or just in an envelope. Where it is necessary for soul - it is your personal money! Do it right after receiving money until they dispersed. And 100% of the income you will not feel a difference between 90%, and will create the reserve and will increase.

And never spare expense for the personal growth . The expenses enclosed in your hobbies - from visits of sports and dancing sections to courses of the photo, sewing, will return to you if not in the form of additional earnings, then in the form of excellent mood, health and feeling of sense to lives.

And this most important! I wish you the growing welfare and you remember that true happiness does not demand big money.