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Slaves - all this are we

If you happened to test happiness to become mother and shock because that your child is irreparably sick. If you passed with it through fear of the general anesthesia and operations - since the day before yesterday his life. If you rejoice every day to the fact that it has a normal complexion and he told the new word. If you changed all the habits, did not lose courage, did not fall by the bottom, and continue to live, work and rejoice. If you celebrate with it birthdays also cease to notice that towards your child tynut the gaper`s finger on the street ….

That. Time in two years you should pass re-examination for confirmation of the status of the child - the disabled person. And in our country does not matter - armless you, the blind person or you wet the bed since the birth and up to old age - time in two years collect all references on policlinics and - welcome to the physician - social examination which will make sure that you did not recover. Also will prolong disability for two years, probably, optimistically hoping that for these two years you will precisely recover - the new hand will grow, you will begin to see clearly from water of life and dietary supplements, and will cease to wet the bed at last not to trouble the state delivery of free pampers - the state has tasks and become serious.

They are the known truth. But today about what you still, perhaps, did not know. To pass MSE in branch No. 47 of the Main bureau of the physician - social examination across St. Petersburg, pediatric branch where direct children from our area, it is necessary not only to collect references in several policlinics and to go on Gastello St. to stand turn and to receive the invitation to the commission. It is necessary to arrive in due time and …

on July 27 there was an intolerable heat. That, abnormal. From the street and nearby Moskovsky Avenue in windows of the old building heat clambered - climbed in windows, cracks, is lazy wandered about ladder flights.

A tiny corridor in which parents and children - disabled people wait for the turn. Here - turn for obtaining the invitation and delivery of documents. It is inconceivable, why such small room. Perhaps in hope that in St. Petersburg there are few children - disabled people?

To wait in turn it is intolerable. There is no air, the people are. Heat. Call our surname, and we pass in an office. I do not know how to express it in words, but in the office divided into two parts - viewing and tables for registration of papers - are even hotter. It is impossible to breathe. I am afraid for the child and if it is honest, still I am afraid to faint at the most inappropriate moment. We wait for

. At last we are examined by the doctor. Then he reports: “wait“. “How many?“ “Half an hour. Understand, to ourselves it is unsweetened here. “

We leave, and it seems, are rescued - in a corridor more cool! But, of course, it is deception. I avoid people - being closely to someone`s body from turn, feel a bigger heat. Adults cry. Children have fun. To someone it becomes bad.

There pass forty minutes. I am called to issue the treasured “pink coupon“ and told: “wait for the program of rehabilitation“. “How many?“ “Half an hour. Understand, to ourselves it is unsweetened here.“ I say that in half an hour the program of rehabilitation is not required to us any more. Then take away “the pink coupon“ from me. That was not indignant. I wildly look around on the only fan at a table and I leave.

Again there is time. Those who have such opportunity give children to the family, they take away them. The others continue to sit. At those who leave, the hopeless and exhausted persons. For some reason nobody is happy with verdicts of all-powerful MSE. Through heat rustle history one more sadly another. Do not prolong. Again for two years. Too expensive drugs. Free of charge do not give.

At the son the nose tip becomes blue.

I am called and explain with some magic image why my son with inoperable heart disease and organic damages of the central nervous system is given disability only for two years again. I otstranyonno admire talent to speak and not to tell the truth at the same time. I so am not able. However, me for a long time all the same. The main thing that we can go home. While watch the exhausted eyes of the chief of MSE at me, I represent myself, carrying on hands the Lorka on a platform of Leninsky Avenue. Electric train. Wind. Air and trees behind a window. The Peterhof. I turn the head ….

We lived three and a half hours of the life in this room. To recover, we needed several days. It was too cruel test for our health. But we courageously passed it. For the sake of what? Once again to show itself and you that we have a remarkable country. In it think of future Olympic Games, Sapsans, superzhdeta, innovative technologies and other ways slantwise so to be promoted before the world. In it there is no most important sign of the civilized country: human attitude towards the old men, children and patients. In it there are no banal comfortable rooms with conditioners for workers of MSE. No, probably, computers that they ceased to write, eventually, each piece of paper by hand. And therefore I cannot still recover. In me as though something broke from this heat. Somewhere inside I began to feel like the slave deprived of civil rights. Only because I am the child`s mother - the disabled person who in the eight years wets the bed and is not able even to go.

P. S. From that day our life changed. My son from exhaustion and a heat tried in an electric train... ice cream. Up to this point he refused flatly everything that it is capable to soil, and did not eat from a spoon. Now we began to eat porridges, mashed potatoes and &ndash cottage cheese; we began to eat from a spoon and from mother`s hands...