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Valery Akishin: he is an acrobat, he is a clown and just laughter?

In its native Murmansk were not the boy who would not dream of the sea. And Valera “raved“ … circus. Having graduated from school, got a job in local circus a uniformist. Now Valera for days on end vanished in circus, studied at skilled actors to skill.

And in two years together with friends at a town house of culture organized Arlekino circus. When their collective was entitled “national“, the young man decided to go to Moscow, it wanted to study. So, absolutely incidentally Valery got to the famous circus director Mark Mestechkin who directed studio of a clownery.

Valery went over with success a competition, studied excitedly, but soon for “unsuitability for a profession“ was discharged of study in studio. It returned to the hometown. And only after service to armies Valery returned to favourite business. At first Akishin got a job the lighter in the Tashkent philharmonic hall, and was admitted to Circus on a Scene collective a bit later. Here what Valery tells about that time: “Very much dreamed to do a bit of traveling over the country, to try different quality on an arena“ .

The Circus on a Scene group with success went on tour on the cities of Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan. Valery undertook any work. He juggled, acted as the cycle figure skater, was a clown, the acrobat. Vottogda - that was also born at Valery thought to create acrobatic number “Cheerful Jump Ropes“. The idea of the actor was supported by friends Victor Spirin, Yulia Akishina, Alexander Fenyushkin, Timofey Yudnikov and Valery Sukhoparov.

“First everything was very simple, - Valery remembers, - acrobats jumped, holding multi-colored jump ropes in two hand, then in one hand. Also jumped with jump ropes together, three together, four together, standing on shoulders each other“ . Valery constantly complicated performances on jump ropes. Actors from Akishin`s group one after another jumped on jump ropes on a ladder. Then repeated this trick, but already with a doggie.

At the All-Union competition of young circus performers Valery Akishin`s number was noted by judges as one of the best. To Valery the award of Lenin Komsomol was awarded. And in 1990 number “Cheerful Jump Ropes“ in Monte - Carlo at the World festival was conferred an award of “The silver clown“ as at acrobatic numbers of Valery there were almost always clowns.

By this time Valery Alekseevich Akishin ended study in GITIS, at faculty of direction. “In 90 - e years, - the actor told, - in our country it was very heavy. All the time was afraid that my group will collapse, and with it and number. And here we are invited to Munich for shootings in TV program of “An arena star“ . Akishin undertook all efforts with signing of the contract for one and a half months for what he was reprimanded by Rosgostsirk`s guide. But actors all - departed to Munich.

After Munich Valery Alekseevich moved to America. He dreamed of this trip still the boy. First at Akishin everything developed not bad. So, two of its numbers were included in the Clowns Are Envoys of Peace program which was directed by our compatriot Pyotr Dubinsky. When the program was “fulfilled“, almost all actors, Akishin`s friends, returned home. Valery did not hurry to leave.

He created new group, and soon he “Cheerful jump ropes“ was seen by the audience in parks of Florida. Besides, Akishin`s group made the Comic Acrobats program. Still studying at institute, Valery got acquainted with the head of the All-Union workshop of variety art Leonid Maslyukov which with hunting the experience transferred to young actors. Leonid Semenovich often spoke to future actors: “In art there are no trifles, it is necessary to give all the best to the last droplet … and so that the audience of it did not notice“.

It is the rule to this day remains main in work of the honored artist of the Russian Federation, the winner of various competitions Valery Alekseevich Akishin. The famous circus actor Akishin is the person who is fond. In its Moscow apartment on shelves there are toys, masks, various home decoration with the image of clowns.

But most of all Valery Alekseevich values the unique collection of clowns which he began to collect with the beginning of the circus career. Here what is remembered by the actor: “My first clown - wooden, unpretentious, unsightly, but very much for me expensive. It - the first in my collection. All also began with this clown. Bought something during tours, something was given …“

Today in Valery Akishin`s collection clowns about 3 - 5 centimeters in size are, is in human growth. Clowns are made of different material - from iron, ceramics, porcelain, glass, a tree, rubber, rag matter etc. Now in Akishin`s collection about 5 thousand clowns. All of them “are busy“ with business. One laugh or cry, others ride motorcycles, juggle, train doggies, start up soap bubbles, play musical instruments.

For many years the collection of the actor was stored in his apartment. And in 2009 Valery Alekseevich gave part of the collection (2,5 thousand clowns) to the Tula circus for creation of an exposition which causes a great interest in the audience, especially in children today.

Valery Akishin always wanted to create the House in which it will be possible “to lodge“ clowns. Perhaps, and this his dream will come true as once dream to become the circus performer …