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Factors of the choice of the designer of a cottage of

you decided to build own house, the house of the dream. What to begin with? Construction of any house begins with study of the architectural project of the house (cottage). Reliability, durability and safety of your housing are put at a design stage. It is very important and most responsible stage in creation of a cottage of your dream. The main characteristics of future housing are put in the architectural project. Of course, during construction of the house the qualified builders will be able to make changes to construction process, but, as a rule, it leads to increase in cost of construction and increase in terms of construction works. To avoid the subsequent unforeseen expenses, it is worth approaching very after careful consideration process of creation of the project of a cottage or the house, and, especially, the choice of the company to which you charge construction of housing. It is very important that the project of the house was developed by the pro, competently and carefully, only in this case you can be sure of quality of future construction. How to choose the contractor how to determine the level of its professionalism how to avoid mistakes?

Today the market of architectural design of houses and cottages of Ukraine is presented by a set of the companies, firms, architectural bureaus and design organizations. Some offer sale of ready standard projects of houses, such which were developed earlier, as a rule, for neighboring states. Others offer an individual approach to development of the architectural project; in this case, the project of future house or a cottage is developed from scratch, on the basis of your requirements, wishes and features of the built-up site. There are companies which are engaged only in design of houses and cottages, others will offer you both construction, and an interior decor, that is creation of exclusive interior design, and even services in landscaping and gardening of the territory. What option to choose - to make the decision to you; whether to charge each of stages to the certain contractor, whether to approach in a complex the decision to a question and will trust in one company which will create the house of your dream, beginning from development of the architectural project, and finishing with delivery of turnkey ready object.

Sometimes it is heavy to client to make a choice, it is difficult to it to understand the level of professionalism of the company in this or that business, to separate the facts from fiction.

Better to estimate quality of the offer which to you is done, to make a competent choice of firm, it is necessary to remember the following things.

In - the first, the companies offering certain services have to have the license for providing the corresponding construction services or works. If future contractor is not ready to provide you the relevant documents, it makes sense to exclude at once it from the list of applicants - developers of the architectural project of your future house.

In any other field of activity experience is one of the main criteria for evaluation of professional level of the company. The more in its arsenal of the developed projects of houses, hotels, industrial facilities, the bigger length of service in this sphere and, respectively, experience and skills. However you should not pass the young people who recently entered the market, the companies. Often, for the purpose of customer acquisition, such firms offer more reasonable prices and not less high-quality service. The brief experience in design of houses or cottages at the particular legal entity - does not mean nonprofessionalism of each of the staff of the company separately. On the contrary, today, again opening companies are ready to fight for highly skilled employees, are ready to pay them big money for a wide experience which they introduce in new business. Therefore even if the company cannot brag of a huge number of already realized projects, it is worth taking an interest about the level of professionalism of employees with whom you should work, learn about practices of the specific expert, but not the company in general. If you plan to develop the individual project of the house or a cottage, then you should face what will create your project of the house not the abstract person, but the specific person with whom to you it is necessary to communicate very densely and closely fully to reach realization of your ideas.

Very important factor at the choice of the contractor is his specific experience. At first sight many companies offer the same services - architectural design of houses and cottages and their construction. But by more detailed consideration of experience of the company, you will see that the part of them has a wide experience in construction, say, of wooden houses, and you plan to build the house of slag stone. Reflect, it does not mean at all that the company having an extensive experience in constructions of wooden houses also perfectly will cope with design and construction of the brick or block house.

Factor of cost of services. Before making the choice, receive the price offer on development of the project. But you remember to estimate price policy of firm, it is necessary to provide accurately formulated and concrete characteristics of future structure. Otherwise the proposal which to you will be made can be abstract, conditional and very approximate. Only on the basis of equal and accurate starting data you will be able impartially to compare the prices at various companies.